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My spirit was shattered by the time I was four years old Beatings and verbal abuse were a normal part of life for me By the time I understood what death was there was no doubt in my mind that if Mother could have killed me and gotten away with it she would have done so But the abuse didn't stop with her two of my brothers decided that I was their personal sexual plaything I had no one to turn to no where to run This is my story of survival

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    This Book was so sad I was waiting for something good to happen to this girl but nothing stands out to me as good I guess the ending is good but it should not have ended like that unless there was a part 2 to follow itNever the less it was still a good book

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    WOW I'm speechless I might have to come back to do this review Right now I am shocked at my feelings of absolute hatred toward her Mother father and Jackugh

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    As the author of course I'm going to give it five stars because I lived the story and survived it So my review doesn't count