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It’s been said the eyes are the windows to the soul What happens however when those windows crack? Tempe Arizona resident Greg Gnops is about to find outWhen an accident involving sunlight and a telescope alters Greg’s vision he suddenly finds himself with a strange new ability that drains psychic fragments of a person’s soul from their body killing his victim in the process Despite trying to hide behind a pair of sunglasses the slightest naked glimpse activates his power And the next available appointment for a visit with an optometrist is weeks away at the earliestMeanwhile Greg’s sister Ashley winds up spiraling out of control with a lack of a job chronic drinking and a boyfriend Flint Kyles who doesn’t seem the least bit interested in showing her any affection When Ashley’s best friend Dani Staras beseeches Greg to help her persuade Ashley to leave Flint and regain some life stability Greg’s efforts to lay low and avoid eye contact with people is thrown into perilTorn between wanting to help his sister and trying to keep anyone else from falling victim to his lethal stare Greg turns to Serenity Fleace a psychic who may not be what she appears Can Greg figure out a way to stop absorbing people’s minds or will Ashley’s latest drinking episode jeopardize Greg and everyone around him before he can get to the eye doctor?

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    You know the catch phrase if looks could kill? Well it takes on a sinister meaning for 20 something year old construction worker and basketball fanatic Greg Knops when after an eye injury he develops a strange osmotic power It's the ability to suck a person's soul from their physical body with a single stare a death glare to be preciseThis story has a host of characters and their intertwining relationships form the basis of the puzzle pieces uestions which plagued me as the story progressed Would Greg and his wayward sister Ashley be able to mend their on again off again relationship? Who is the outlandish psychic Serenity who seems so fond of Greg and always makes time for him? What about Greg's involvement with Dani Staras Ashley's close friend who grows closer to Greg as the story unfolds? Who is the enigmatic Flint Kyles? What does he want from Ashley? Is Greg's condition irreversible?The ending pulls all the threads together in a totally unexpected way via an e mail which is the proverbial 'cherry on the top'You'll have to read the story to find out

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    The story was fast moving and original it was easy to follow and as stories go I enjoyed it The author's word choice is right up my alley as I've said before any writer that uses cahoots gets respect from meThere were some uestions of character motivation but people are people even if they are characters in a work of fiction so The only thing that holds this story back in my opinion from being a five star book is slightly overly repetitive sentence structure