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A Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure Victoria Robinson was alone She had no friends her brother Nate thought she was a conspiracy nut and their parents were never home Then she stumbled across a cache of alien technology in their basement her brother went hand to hand with a zombie and their parents were kidnapped with a ballistic teleporter Things got a little crazy after thatThe teens soon find themselves facing a mysterious enemy and forging a tenuous alliance with a top secret government agency in a race to rescue their parentsand save the planet Along the way they uncover pieces of their parents' past and become unwitting pawns in a dangerous and elaborate game A gripping adventure story you'll absolutely love

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    Love Aliens ? Then this is a book that you should definitely read I loved the cover design designed by Anthony Manes its very creative and cool looking The characters and plot were amazing and I got instantly hooked into the book so much so that I read this straight through in one day which is rare for me to find a book that is that good I love the cover design and am definitely looking forward to a seuel It was really cool how a top secret government agency was involved and the fact that the main character's Nate and Victoria had to try and rescue their parents Nate and Victoria are really cool characters and I like how adding a government agency added a twist to this book I loved the story line and there was a lot of cool technology involved in this book the spaceship scene was so cool and I liked how one of the devices made a person be able to see through walls There were so many twists and turns throughout this book which was really good because it made the book a lot interesting For instance throughout the book I thought that a certain character was actually helping Nate and Victoria and then in the next second that character was actually doing the total opposite The main characters last name Robinson reminded me of the movie Meet The Robinsons which is a favorite movie of mine For information and an author interview

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    I won this book from the Goodreads giveaway by the author and I'm glad I did I really enjoyed this book and it's a great science fiction young adult novelThe basic premise is about two teenage siblings Nate and Victoria Robinson who suspect that their parents are aliens especially the sister thinks so after they are mysteriously kidnapped The siblings get entangled with adventures that have to do with the paranormal and eventually team up with the military that are a 'special unit' and deals with sensitive issuesThe book kept me interested from start to finish and I was really intrigued by the technology that was described in the book The characters deal with alien technology for example Victoria finds this pen object that writes down what you're thinking sort of like a 'psychic' pen It's really cool I also liked the incorporation of science in the book like the description of teleportation another gadget that is used and also there is a teleportation device near the end of the book I'm not a science person at all but the details surrounding those aspects were really fascinatingI can't wait for the seuel and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction young adult or adventure novelsThanks again to Michael for the giveaway Really fun book D

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    The Robinson's Dark Matter by Michael RaymondI really loved this storyWhen I first started reading it I was thinking mostly Juvenile Science Fiction The main characters are fairly young and still in school Their parents are working parents and the children are left home alone a lot They discover a strange door in the basement that leads to a room where gravity is shifted Since Nate is your typical older and protective brother it devolves to Victoria to be the one who believes in conspiracy theories and aliens as in Roswell So this room is Victoria's biggest vindicationIt is a bit troubling that it might point to them as being the aliensThis is the Robinson family and I couldn't get my mind off of references to Lost in SpaceThis book hooked me right from the start no matter what I might have expectedThere's an element about the mysterious aliens that reminded me a bit of Buckaroo Banzi so when Nick ends up in a band it doesn't surprise me as much as it does him There are also elements of Howard the Duck in here with portals or wormholes to other worlds with waiting armada's of space invaders This makes sense when we work out that there are two no maybe three different alien groups working hereMost interesting and perplexing though are the references to Indiana Jones and that franchise of films It's like a running joke that can only be understood if you've seen all the films and it intimates a possibility of those in different generations who may perceive differently Especially if someone missed that first movie You'll just have to read it to understandWhen Nate and Victoria's parents are kidnapped by people infected by some alien mind control they have to delve into the secrets in their basement to help save their parents They uickly learn they can trust no one not even the military who have apparently come to the rescueWith a little help from friends and a mysterious AI they slowly unravel the secret of their parents lives and their own As they go they pool together their resources to break into a place their parents have been keeping secret from everyone They don't realize that throughout it all they will be watchedTo say will really spoil things but the most interesting part of the story is the building of the characters and the telling of the story so you can't go wrong with this oneThis has a well put together plot with even pacing and some neat speculative scienceFor all fans of SFF Science Fiction Fantasy Great start to a promising seriesJL Dobias

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    Who are the aliens again?Follow a teenage mayhem with brother and sister trying to find out who to trust This has adventure and conspiracy for all ages A few typos

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    Review The Robinsons' Dark Matter by Michael Raymond I would like to thank Michael Raymond for generously sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe book focuses on Nate and Victoria Robinson two siblings whose parents are kidnapped by unknown assailants in the middle of the night Who is holding them captive and why? That's what they plan to find outVictoria is the smarter of the two Robinson siblings; at least when it comes to sheer knowledge She uses big words and seems to enjoy understanding how things work Nate is of the hands on type and finds it easy to pick up objects and learn how to use them without having to know how or why they work It is the typical duo of book smarts and practicality exemplified by the following passageVictoria muttered under her breath Sycophant What did you just call me? Elmer had stopped in his tracks and was casting her a dangerous look A sicko what? Victoria froze up inside and just kept walking but Nate turned around She said 'Sicko PANTS' because your pants are so ugly they make her want to throw upRaymond's love for technology really shines through in the book The author uses a mixture of real life science with a splash of made up alien technology that make it seem plausible While I love using technology I wouldn't consider myself a technology enthusiast My interest waned whenever one of the characters began to go into detail about something however there was enough humor and action to keep me readingOne departure from reality that bothered me was the way Nate and Victoria handled their parents being kidnapped While they did get upset I felt often than not that they were too preoccupied by things like cool alien technology and interesting locales It seemed that the parents were of a plot mechanism to force the kids into taking their adventureI also felt that several scenes in the book were too lengthy that a little editing could have made the overall plot concise I felt that some of the transitions between certain chapters were choppy as if they were almost randomly placed in the book While I realize the reasoning behind the chapters placements I feel the transitions could have been written differently or placed earlier in the bookOne important note I should make is if you like to read the afterword before starting a book Raymond gives away a big surprise right from the start don't say you haven't been warned I always like it when an author doesn't write the typical list of thank you's and Raymond does a good job of making it interestingThe end leaves you with a small cliffhanger that left me feeling curious than suspenseful I'm not sure where the seuel could go but Raymond hints that it will be darker than Dark Matter and I'm all for darkness Look for The Robinsons' uantum Entanglement tentatively set to release by the end of 2013While there were some flaws The Robinsons' Dark Matter was an enjoyable read Pick up this book if you enjoy aliens and alien technology mixed with humor and adventure

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    37 STARSLINDA'S REVIEWThe Robinson's Dark Matter is the story of Victoria and her brother Nate two teens who's parents are abducted very early on in the tale They are left in the hands of government agents and aim to find and rescue the adults I consider this book to be a very well written Sci Fi for middle school grade kids Although the teens of the story are supposed to be in high school I think they will appeal greatly to the middle school age bracket because it is really set up uite well for them The print is a bit larger and nothing about the manner of the writing will be intimidating for them I say this with some certainty because I have two middle school age children in my own home The cover is nicely done to attract a younger reader so if you have a young person in your life who is resisting the urge to read this could be a great way to interest them I liked the pace that MrRaymond set it was a steady flow of creative events without being overwhelmingly coincidental The characters are likable but once again they come across as younger than their depicted ages If you are a hard core Sci Fi fan this probably won't be enough depth for you I found it mildly amusing but not something that I could really sink my teeth into Of course this is another one of those times that I'm so glad I have kids because it makes me ever vigilant of which audience can best be served by a wonderful new book Review Disclaimer Book provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Eeep I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to read this book I have a special place in my heart for YA Sci Fi books and The Robinson’s Dark Matter didn’t disappoint Let me just say anyone who can who has a genuine love of tech like myself and who can write in a fresh entertaining way for the YA genre is a winner in my bookThe Robinsons’ Dark Matter is a fun fast fantasy read say that three times fast about a brother and sister who discover their parents have been kidnapped Thus begins the adventure and we are taken into a world full of hilarious uips super cool tech and of course aliensI loved the story line and can’t wait for to read the next book in this series I give The Robinsons’ Dark Matter 5 out of 5 stars