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Can you believe that really happened Do you want to renew your amazement at how pets enrich our lives? Was recognized Runner Up in Memoirs category for Animals Animals Animals Book Festival 2013 and Honorable Mention in London Book Festival too This memoir is a privileged glimpse into the life of a charismatic and skilled veterinarian Personal and medical details paint a charming picture of the author's love for her patients respect for their owners and dedication to her profession America's Veterinarian Dr Marty Becker says Animal lovers will love this book

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    An excellent little book filled with simple heartwarming stories that will be familiar to veterinary staff member and insightful for pet lovers Dr Primm isn't afraid to show the heartbreaking as well as the uplifting moments in veterinary medicine Plus she does it in a way that pays homage pet owners who cherish their furry family members but also cautions them against some dangers their pets may face If that wasn't enough the proceeds from the books sale go toward a worthy cause

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    Tennessee Tails Leaves Them Wagging Tennessee Tails Pets and Their People by Kathryn Primm DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is a work that animal lovers and pet owners alike will cherish This endearing memoire gives a much needed glimpse into the lives and experiences endowing a veterinary clinic Primm’s book is an easy but emotional read Readers will laugh aloud one minute and be in tears the next The main thing that bridges the gap between reader and author with this work besides the engrossing writing is the true loving care that Primm feels for her patients and their owners Readers will feel an instant bond with Primm and her unwavering devotion to her clients even those not so easy to stimulate devotionThe characters of course are amalgamations of the many individuals gracing her animal hospital thus are so real that neighbors friends and family will be conjured with the reader’s mind As in real life some are sweet and endearing while others could be cartoon characters if one checked their actions closely Reality can be far entertaining than fiction at times; this is the case with Primm’s book The plots are easy to follow and the read is a breath of fresh air Readers will be invested in this work from the Preface which by the way readers should make sure to read It is added background and information straight from the author which gives the work a solid base to build on Primm’s writing style is fluid and flows across the brain like a cool breeze While there are few surprises the entertainment value is strong The one piece of advice I can give is for readers to have the tissue box handy fore even though laughs are hardy and do exist the gut wrenching tears will place a lump in anyone’s throat All things said it can be read again and again and enjoyed every time

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    Tennessee Tails is a series of short stories about events that really happened in the author's veterinary practice How many times have you wondered about the stories your vet could tell about his pet patients and their people? Well here is a behind the scenes peekObviously told from the heart Tennessee Tails is charming and often humorous Primm writes in a chatty personal style Almost immediately you'll feel you're having a conversation with a friendThe stories are fairly evenly divided between cats and dogs so devotees of either should be pleased Though ailments and diseases are involved Primm does an excellent job of making sure we understand the situation without unnecessary detailed medical lingoSome stories will make you cry; some will make you laugh You may come away from this book wishing you lived near Chattanooga and could avail yourself of Dr Primm's services I say that because throughout the book her concern for her patients and respect for their human caretakers shines throughI highly recommend Tennessee Tails Pets and Their People by Kathryn Primm DVM and look forward to of her tales from the heart in the futureAnother reason I loved this book 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this book in the first year will benefit The Pet Placement Center in Red Bank TN and the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga TN

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this short glimpses into the author's life as a vet I received this great little book through a GoodReads Giveaway and I'm so glad I did Each chapter is a story in itself and each story works together to give the reader a complete picture of Dr Primm I especially love how each one of the animals becomes a character all their own; and why not? After all that's the reason Dr Primm became a vet in the first place I think my favorite is the story of Merlin but I imagine each person who reads this book will fall in love with a different character

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    What a wonderful bookI just happened to start reading this the night before a person came into our home and said What's wrong with that dog It looks pitiful Is it all wet? Yes my eleven year old Golden Retriever is a little labored as he tries to stand with osteoarthritis in his back leg due to an injury when he was young before we became his forever home Yes he was wet He spends a little time resting in his wading pool morning and evening in this sweltering summer heat Most of his time is spent indoors with my husband and meI finished the book after our guest left It was just what I needed to read after hearing such a thoughtless comment We see our dogs through their love and perfections rather than what others perceive as their disabilities Kathryn Primm shares her experiences as a dog and cat veterinarian She not only treats the pet patients but also their caring masters When she described surgery she stated that Opening an animal's body is like entering an inner temple one where only priests can goAnother favorite comment from the author was As any pet owner knows the relative life span of pets compared to humans is one of nature's meanest tricks against which there is no appealI loved all of the stories but Manning Up was my favorite This was the tale of Manning the Dalmatian and his owners Matt and his wife What real dedication and love this family and Dr Primm and her staff showed for this wonderful family member Our pets bring such joy to our lives and teach us lessons that elevate them to the status of family Dr Primm's stories are heartwarming and sometimes downright amusing Pet lovers will want to share this title with all of the pet lovin' friends

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    For the love of pets and their familiesThis is such an inspirational book The author obviously loves her life and is dedicated to families and their treasured pets She has a real understanding of how much our pets are a wonderful addition to family I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who loves their pets Looking forward to

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    Very interestingEnjoyed reading about this veterinarian and the everyday life of a vet If you like stories about animals you'll like this book

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    uick readI thought this book was well written and interesting Read this before going to sleep and finished it in an hour

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    I always like to read memoirs of vets and this one is set in a country area where snakes and other wildlife can interfere with the smooth pet ownership of the people Kathryn had an early love of horses and from this moved to training as a vet then opening a small animal practice in a purpose built building Her day to day work included the usual spaying and neutering but also serious cases She was determined to do the best she could to help animals and their owners The nature of this job means that not all stories end happily Kathryn had her own brush with death which she describes at the end and I'm glad that she is now recovered from a serious accident My favourite story was about a young dog who was playing with her owner's two little boys She tried to alert them to a snake in the long grass where they were crawling but the boys did not understand her so to protect them she sat on the snake The pup got bitten and had to be rushed to the vet by the family Fortunately a hunt for antivenin was successful and she lived to play again The format and easy conversational style means that this book could be read by all the family I suggest however that the author needs to find a better way to show emphasis than using all capital letters Writing a book is not the same as writing a blog and even in e mails using all caps is considered impolite I hope Kathryn can share some future experiences with us and I wish her well

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    This book is not what you would normally expect when you consider the author is a veterinarian What it is the heart warming and sometimes heartbreaking stories of some of her patients and their owners The pets and people's identities are fictitious not so the stories Katherine Primm is not only a caring vet and human being she is a great writer who will immerse you in these stories involving you and drawing you right in to the laughter and predicaments only a person who owns a pet will truly understandIf you have ever owned a pet then I urge you to read this short book It took me less then an hour to read but I plan to re read it several times it was that goodTennessee Tails Pets and Their People