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Dads Be #1 for Your KidsWhat does it take to become a great dad? The uestion alone might overwhelm you but it's really simple than you might think It all starts with having a heart for God and a heart for your kidsIn A Dad After God's Own Heart bestselling author Jim George shares the basics for how to be a good dad with your kids includingletting your kids know you love and care for themlearning the keys to positive and effective communicationknowing the ualities kids need most in a dadways to encourage your children in their spiritual growthhow to build healthy relationships that will last for a lifetimeAs you commit to learning how to become the dad your kids need you'll not only draw closer to your children but you'll find incredible blessings in fatherhood

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    An encouraging read Very repetitive both inside any given chapter as well as chapter to chapter Still I found some insights uite worth exploring considering and applying