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Throwing Muses return with their first studio album in over a decade published as a book PurgatoryParadise is a 32 track album which is being released as a deluxe 64 page book containing the full studio album on CD photographs and artwork by Dave Narcizo and Kristin Hersh lyrics for each song stories and essays by Kristin Hersh to accompany each track instructions on how to download exclusive content The exclusive content will only be available with this special book edition

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    Five stars for the music four stars for the book I love Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh and the band's new album is a work of gentle power A shattered collection of songs and fragments You must listen to it from beginning to end to experience its charms If you want to read Ms Hersh's writing I suggest reading her memoir Ratgirl Even if you don't know the music of Throwing Muses it's just a great music bio But really you should listen to Throwing Muses

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    I finally stopped putting off finishing the book I've listened to the album dozens of times and flown cross country to see Throwing Muses perform in support of itNeedless to say I'm a fanThe music is just what I've come to expect from Kristin Hersh alternately loud and soft with unexpected changes and cryptic yet moving lyrics That's not to say it's predictable by any means Being able to study the lyrics and the accompanying essays brings depth to the album Some essays come close to explaining or providing context for the songs; others coexist alongside them offering glimpses of the songwriter's life with these wild beautiful creationsAlso my name is printed at the back of this book along with the many other Strange Angels who fund Kristin Hersh's work Money very well spent

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    Hersh isn't as good a writer as she is a songwriter but this shows it's a pretty close run thing There are little anecdotes about life on tour here that are as beautifully formed and perfect as the best prose poems The music is immense as well which doesn't hurt