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New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell returns with a delicious new series The Brides of WishWhat happens when a bride says maybe?She'd once been the toast of London but now scandal has brought her down Still pretty petted Lady Tara Davidson can't believe her new fate She had wanted to marry for love but her profligate father has promised her hand to none other than Breccan Campbell the Beast of Aberfeldy and laird of the valley's most despised clan Well Tara may have to marry him but Breccan can't make her love him can he?What happens when the groom insists?Breccan Campbell is nobody's fool He knows that Tara is trouble Yet he's determined to reform the Campbell name even if it means forging an alliance with the arrogant beauty There's no doubt that Tara is a challenge and Breccan loves nothing For he's vowed to thoroughly seduce Tara and make her his in than name alone

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    The beginning of this book was really strong and then it just kind of floundered into a mediocre ending The premise was interesting Tara is apparently very beautiful and that is the sole reason why Breccan maneuvered her father into forcing Tara to marry him Tara understandably isn't too keen on being sold off like a prize animal and wants to be known not just admired for her beauty Unfortunately I started to lose interest once it became apparent that Tara wasn't particularly interesting Breccan was at times either overly considerate or a complete ass I was hoping for some groveling which didn't happen Also there was also some oh my gosh I love himher mental epiphanies which I kind of always hate because they tend to come way too soon Show us don't tell us So this was a uick kind of unremarkable story but it wasn't bad it just wasn't that great either

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    I liked it just about as much as the first While this book was entirely about the hero and heroine and the first book was split up too much I still couldn't seem to like the heroine She seemed very young indecisive and fairly self absorbed I loved Campbell though of course Scottish rough huge tender love for me

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    Published first on Buried Under Romance Lady Tara Davidson was devastated By the time she realized she was in love with her friend Ruary a stable boy who was her childhood friend she had already thrown away her chance at happiness Not only did Ruary marry another but her own intended groom threw her over for her older sister all of which happens in the first book The Bride Says No And now she comes back to her dilapidated home only to find that her drunken father had sold her hand in marriage to Breccan Campbell to pay off his debtsTara was furious Breccan laird of the Campbells fell for Tara’s beauty at first sight and secured her father’s vows just to force her hand in marriage At first he saw her as a vessel of beauty a means of pride for Breccan was seen as a brute – he was not beautiful; he was large as a troll and marrying Tara would give him something to show off Tara on the other hand wanted a frivolous life in London away from Breccan’s wild Scotland and away from childbirth and childrenSo they struck a devil’s bargain Tara would give Breccan two sons and then she can live her life away from him as she wished There will be no love no partnership only this compromise Can a relationship that begins on such animosity have a future? And what will happen once Tara and Breccan falls in love?We sense early on that Tara and Breccan are than they appear Tara especially is a complex creature who is at once vain loving caring and inclined to honesty She has always been aware of her beauty and she knows how to wield it to her advantage yet she chooses not to for she wants to be seen for herself not as a pretty face or figure Her vulnerability regarding her inward redeeming ualities is central to her growth in the novel from that of a self absorbed lady to someone willing to carry the burden of giants for a loved one It is a fantastic yet realistic transformation a tribute to Cathy Maxwell’s fine characterizationBreccan similar to Tara has been fighting the stigma associated with his large figure and unhandsome face He sees himself as a troll unfit for beautiful Tara yet he craves her regardless His largeness only serves to contrast his gentleness his dependence as a laird his intelligence and care towards his people He too realizes that Tara is than he supposed and he takes the time to understand her truly forming a bond with the woman he boughtThe plot progresses smoothly for the first 23 in between charming anecdotes and hilarious conjugal mishaps However near the last 13 a villain suddenly appears to throw a wedge in Tara and Breccan’s relationship causing a Big Misunderstanding that betrayed Breccan’s characterization as he chose not to believe Tara after everything he’s learned of her This provided unnecessary frustration to their relationship and disrupted the hitherto flow of the storyIn addition another weak point was the way in which the central conflict was resolved – Breccan needed to win money at a horse race as he spent all on buying Tara – as well as the abrupt ending I felt slightly cheated that after all the characters have progressed in their relationship there should have been a chapter contrasting how their lives have changed post actualizing their loveIn spite of that I truly loved the complex layering given to the characters; how both Breccan and Tara were self aware of their faults and sought to change themselves was a testament of their dynamic growth and a resulting of their growing love for each other Cathy Maxwell write with a flair for comedic sensibility bring to life two characters who are perfect for each other in a sweet tale of love and understanding paying homage to “Beauty and the Beast” I highly recommend this story and am highly anticipating The Groom Says Yes the final book of this series Review copy courtesy of the publisher via Edelweiss for an honest review

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    The Bride Says Maybe by Cathy Maxwell is a 2014 Avon publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This second book is the trilogy reunites us with Tara a young woman we met in “The Bride Says No” She was not the easiest person to warm up to and she got her comeuppance when the man she thought she really loved married someone else As this story opens Tara is still pining for her lost love but soon finds herself being sold into marriage due to her father’s gambling debts The lucky groom? Breccan Campbell – “The Beast of Aberfeldy” Tara manages to wrangle a deal with him which consisted of providing him with two children then allowing her to return to London and live the life she so longs for Naturally when two strangers move in together things don’t go as smoothly as they think it will Will Tara learn to love her new life or will she really abandon her future children for a life in London? Although Tara has only herself to blame for her single status she knows she is beautiful and could still snare a husband But under the circumstances Breccan is her only hope of having the life she so desires It takes her a long while to grow to respect Breccan but by George I think the lady has finally begun to grow up But Breccan is the one who stole my heart He was so funny patient and forgiving but also human given to doubts and a little outburst of temper He makes mistakes looks into his own heart and realizes his initial motives toward Tara were based on a few unreasonable illusions on his part and whole lot of lust All this takes place against a backdrop of hilarity especially when Breccan’s dogs are around The stories Breccan tells are poignant and funny and the banter between the couple was sharp and witty This is a very light hearted historical romance written the way it should be The language was right the customs were right and the dialogue fit the time period with only few slightly modern terms slipping through the cracks It was good to see Tara finally show some maturity meet her true love and have her very own happily ever after 4 stars

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    I threw a wish in the well Don’t ask me I'll never tellI looked to you as it fell And now you're in my way Call Me Maybe Carly Rae JepsenCathy Maxwell writes on the dedication page “I am wealthy in my friends” The perception of wealth is the basis of this book The heroine Lady Tara Davidson is short on friends A renowned beauty Tara doesn’t have friends to guide her through beauty’s pitfalls She grew up with her older sister substituting for her dead mother Her sister married but returned home divorced from an abusive marriage adding to the scandal that her father is a relentless gambling Although Tara met “friends” in London during her debut they simply envied her beauty and gossiped about her family Tara as a secondary character in THE BRIDE SAYS NO walked away from an arranged marriage after she realized she stood in the way of two people finding love She grew a heart ala the Grinch Maxwell recaps the events of THE BRIDE SAYS NO in the opening chapters of Book Two THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE Now it’s time to test Tara’s mantleUnlike Tara Laird Breccan Campbell is no beauty He grew up being taunted for his oversized hands and awkward bearing But he was comforted by a loving mother who has since passed away and supported by uirky uncles one served in the Navy a nod to the Navy blood that runs in Maxwell's family Breccan is mesmerized by Tara’s beauty He buys up her father’s debts to trade for her hand thinking Tara’s elegance will bring respect to his family Sadly his family is the poor relations within the notorious Campbell Clan Once again Tara is forced into a marriage that she doesn’t want to a bear of a man Still she bargains with Breccan – she’ll give him two bairns in exchange for a life in London after she delivers But she has to deliver living inside a medieval castle that has not been modernized to Regency standards Likewise she is greeted by a pack of indoor dogs who do not take kindly to her elevated status in their master’s heart The “wedding night” is pure fun with the dogsTara soon realizes that Breccan’s clan may not be wealthy with money but they are wealthy with love Over time Tara and Breccan fall in love recognzing that their shared passion is wealth enough Of course there are a few hurdles to jump and a villain from a previous series makes an appearance to stir the pot Maxwell delivers all that I love about Scotland – the rugged majesty the close connection with the land the endearing characters within a family and the realization that wealth is than coin I thank Maxwell for giving Tara the opportunity mature into a true Scottish lady and rewarding Breccan with a partner who makes him feel beautiful inside and out Recommended read for those who enjoy Regency romance Scottish landscape and a “Beauty and the Beast” themeI received an ARC from Avon for an honest review

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    Tara is forced into married with Breccan the local laird to pay off her father's debts They learn to rub together well despite some mistrust at first I thought this was not as good as the first book but was a fast sweet read

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    I seriously disliked Tara Because of that I had a very difficult time enjoying this book

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    Lady Tara Davidson once the toast of London has been brought down by scandal Wanting nothing than to marry for love she had run from a brilliant match in London to come back to the Highlands to marry her childhood beau the stable master Unfortunately the stable master had fallen in love with a lady of his class and when she tried to get back with her wealthy fiancé he had fallen in love and married her sister Just when Tara didn’t think her life could get any miserable or complicated her dissolute father made an important announcement He was “done in” and in order to keep himself out of debtors prison had promised her hand in marriage to Breccan Campbell the Beast of Aberfeld and laird of the valley’s most despised clan Lordy she may have to marry the beast but she definitely wouldn’t love him or would she? After having read the first book of this series – THE BRIDE SAYS NO – I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Lady Tara after she had acted like such a brat towards her fiancé and sister However I was very pleased right from the get go that Breccan her new husband was no pushover a down to earth brawny Scotsman though I did have some concerns knowing how much Breccan had fallen in love with his lady wife Frankly THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE was a total delight In the beginning I was happy to see the Tara get her comeuppance but Ms Maxwell toned Tara down and before very long Maxwell brought forth in Tara a sweetness and innocence which gave me hope especially since by then I wanted to see Breccan happy Maxwell had fashioned Breccan to my way of thinking as the underdog no matter his ‘beastly’ reputation Breccan was a product of his environment and Maxwell described it well Being a very big man Breccan was not graceful and most would think him a big dumb brute However what he was underneath his gruff exterior was a very sweet and gentle man and not to be confused with a pushover He was far from dumb and he certainly wouldn’t be used As you read you can see Maxwell describing that gentle giant with honor caring and a deep morality It did take time for Tara to realize her good fortune and just when it seemed all would work out as it should a snake in the form of a greedy and nasty relative raised it’s ugly head to attempt to belittle and hurt Breccan and Tara’s new and happy life Bottom Line I loved this book I loved the care Maxwell took in fleshing out the leads and secondary characters Book #1 of this series was good but to get the full impact of how Tara had grown one really should read them in order Definitely a series I am looking forward to completingMarilyn Rondeau for wwwck2skwipsandkritiuescom

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    There is just something I'm not a fan about Annoyed with the main character and just not in the mood Okay I needed to leave this one alone for awhile In the end I did enjoy the read but it took me a long time to get past how much of a brat the main character was Of course she does develop over time and I finally finished this by reading just a few pages at a time I will read the next one I'm just not sure who it is about since the first two were the sisters

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    Bwahaha DNF at less than two minutes with apologies to the reader because“Tame me sir” is the first line and is followed by a man who just can’t help himself from looking at the main character’s breasts “almost against his will”I LAUGH THAT I EVEN THOUGHT I COULD READ THIS WITHOUT STABBING SOMEONE POSSIBLY MYSELFI believe the opening line was perhaps one of those first page teasers rather than how the author chose to start the book Why do they make the reader start with those? but I now have 0 interest in this bookI wish there were other books by this author available on e audio from my library because I hear her other books might be better Alas I may not be able to try again without laughing