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Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00B6YP6HThis book is recommended for ages 19 and up due to language gory content and sexual situationsAfter finding out who really killed her sister 19 year old Ana Still goes looking for revenge With the help of her new love Simon Ana looks for any information on her birth parents thinking this will help her defeat them Ana and Simon soon have to team up with others to kill the creatures that lurk in the night and lust for Ana's blood When Ana realizes that someone close to her she once thought was dead is still alive she must figure out if they will be a tremendous help or hindrance in getting her vengeance and ridding the world of the flesh eating creaturesExcerpts from Ana Be Still Book Two“So it’s not just regular vampires we have to deal withit’s zombie vampires now too?“I have accepted that I may not make it back alive with Simon Or that I may not be able to save him at all But I can’t lose you toonot again It would kill me if anything happened to you” I told him with a shaky voice and tears in my eyesHe pulled me in close to him and instead of trying to make a move on me in Simon’s absencehe hugged me“We will bring him back alive and we will kill those girls” He whispered softly in my ear Then he pushed me back to look him in the eyes and cupped my face in his warm hands “But we will do this together”

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    This is the second book in the series and oh my goodness is it amazing The intensity of emotions that the words make you feel is astonishing I cannot wait to read the next bookAna is on her journey with Simon to figure out who she is and who her parents were They come into contact with zombie vampires along the way realizing that there is new troubles brewing At her adoptive parents home they find information that sends them to her birth mothers home And while there they run into Eric and other seekers who take Simon and Ana back to their compound and lock them up But after a day they all talk and begin working together to fight the new monsters Ana is near death than once and is still struggling to figure out who she really is having visionary dreams and odd encounters foreshadowing what will come Many fights ensure and some lives are lost along the way but new friendships also arise Each chapter brings to light new information and new issues pulling you through to the end where you are left to wonder what is coming nextThere I admit it I love SimonLook all I know is that he said this was necessary to have the girl on our side that her blood was going to be powerful than any of us put togetherSam has grown on me He’s like the brother I never wantedLook I just killed two birds with one stoneHe looked as if it was the proudest moment of his life For once he wasn’t afraidUnfortunately they have to learn the hard way and find out that the normal vampires are the least of their worriesI thought I could hear her calling me It was in the middle of the night She kept whispering “Ana be still Ana be still” When I finally got in her room it was silentBut now I cry feeling guilty for treating Christopher like crap and he was my own flesh and blood The only blood relative I had left and now he was goneIt’s the same way I felt when I first met you I loved you as if I had loved you my whole lifeI reach for the railing trying not to faint because I know this has to be a ghostHe doesn’t need special powers to know we hate each otherI’m always trying to help someone It is who I amYou will save mankind You will restore the world back to its natural state You will do all great things But only through peace can this be achievedIt has to be you and it has to be now Good or bad it is youBut I couldn’t have been wrongI’ve never met anyone like Ana I can’t let her go without a fight I’d die for herYou are Ana Still my friend No matter what happens you can’t forget that Please Ana Don’t forget thatBut I can’t lose you too not again It would kill me if anything happened to you

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    Ana Be Still Book two starts off right where book one left off And just like the firstI loved itIt has everything you want from a good vampire book action blood romance and this one even has zombie vampires you can’t beat thatI love Ana she’s strong sassy and is pretty creative In the weapons department I was crushed when Sam went to help Ana grab her bag and he jumped out of the truckWHYI didn’t like Callie and the way she kept digging her nails deeper into Eric Don’t get me wrong I love Simon He’s so sweet the way he worries about Ana and her safety But I’m just not ready to let Eric go I’ll wrap this up by saying go out and grab Ana Be Still books one thru three That way when you finish book one you won’t be disappointedI’m already half way through book three

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    The continuation of Ana's story is just as fast paced thrilling and gripping as it was in the first book These characters are fantastic I can't wait for the rest of the series Highly recommended to fans of paranormal romance novels