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It's not youThere are only so many times a girl can hear those words before she believes that it is in fact very much her Unexpectedly jilted by her locally famous boyfriend and haunted by a boss who makes Attila the Hun look like a lap dog Bellamy Blake does what any self respecting girl in her shoes would do She rounds up her two best girlfriends and makes plans to get the hell out of DodgeBut Bellamy's escape plan takes a nose dive on the side of rural route 164 when her transmission self destructs leaving her in the middle of a cell phone dead zone with nothing but her wits Oh and Shane Griffin the hottest mechanic who's ever checked under her hoodYet this small town man isn't all he seems Can Shane and Bellamy prove that sometimes the most unlikely ingredients make the most deliciously sexy mix?

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    At not uite halfway I'm done I kind of like Bellamy and her determination to overcome setbacks and deal with the blows dealt her in whatever form they take What I'm not so much a fan of is her giving Shane the time of day after he pulls the same stupid jump back twice In a row And just rolling with the hey baby let's get nekkid without even bothering to explore what his deal is was my final strawShane could easily have been my jam—the tough guy paying for past mistakes doing his best to find honor and do the right thing Only we're this far in and we still have no idea what this dark thing hanging over his head and draining all of his financial resources is It's taking up all of his non Bellamy thought processes so it's beyond time for us to know And that's before you even get to his execrable treatment of Bellamy Dude pick a lane If you can't do a thing then stop leading the girl on Pulling back every time after giving into your urges is something teens do not grown men with even a cursory sense of honorSo I have no respect for these two and if the you can make money cooking because you love it so much line shapes up for Bellamy then I'm just as happy not getting to the culmination of it I mean it might be true Maybe And Kincaid is setting it up consistently enough and with the right amount of foreshadowing to establish the local need But it's still kind of silly The kind of silly I'd have rolled with if the other stuff hadn't tanked me but since they have I'm calling it out as the silliness it is

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    15 StarsI am sick at the moment Down with the flu So it seemed a really good idea to read cute and fluffy At least I thought soI am suceptable to mushy feelings when I am ill and I found myself unable to concentrate A light romance seems just the way to go So theoretically this was a win win situationIn fact I swear Sweet might have gotten a star less if I read without the flu So one would think Turn up the Heat was well set to get a minium of three stars right?Well sadly NoAnd this isn't even craptastic I didn't laugh one single time Crinch a hell of a lot Top that with having to put the book down every single chapter to take a break Yeah it WAS that painful Would this not have been an ARC it would have been thrown on the DNF pile Ok let me point out the good things before going into detail of the crinch worthyness in all its glory I liked Kincaid's writing style I honestly think she can write I just didn't care what she did write about I liked when she described the passions of the two MCs or when she decribed the mountain Kincaid can write pretty well The smut WELL the smut grins let me tell you in all honesty NEVER have I craved smut in a book In this book I found myself wishing for First it was really really well written yeah as I said Kincaid can write Her smut is beautiful sensual hot and sigh worthy Second it was the only thing in this book I enjoyed and it is the reason this got 15 stars rather thanNow for the crinch galloreI really didn't like a single character in this book I really disliked Holly she was beyond annoying Jenna was a tad better but the three girls together what a nightmareSeriously is that how Kincaid think uptown girls are? Bellamy is supposedly a graduate with an MBA from UPenn so she is supposed to be clever The moment she was with her friends she became a totally dizzy bafoon It was beyond annoying Jackson was your typical bestie Not bad but totally uninspiredGrady Can you say cliche?The parents? PHLEEASE cliche? ding ding dingI liked Shane well enough till the drama And then he was just so imature In fact all of these characters are supposed to be 27 and 29 they felt like 22 at best?See the angst and drama would make sense then I could not relate to their issues simply because they were to old to behave like that It just made me think grow a back bone And while you at it GROW UPI don't refer to Bellamy's insecurities about her chosen profession Hell I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do for a long time I did the same thing Graduate at a presticious uni work and discovered that while I am ok at it its not what I want So I did search for a long while till I found what I really wanted to do So her search professionally I could relate too I really couldn't relate to how they all dealt with everything else Which bring me to the story line First they meet because her car breaks down Insta lust here we go Then they end up together again cliche deluxe Oh an the big L hits obviously He keeps a secret though this was my favorite part since there was really good smut here Then the drama happenssecret gets revealed tears sulking depression whateverthen everything is just suddenly solved HEACliche? Hell to the yesBut to add insult to injury The drama happened at 85% That's also when his darksecret get revealed Ok can I just say I never expect THAT and it was so disappointing I mean really? WTH?at 93% all of it was solved Secret problem over and done with OH and the worst part? There wasn't even a smut scene at the end I mean Kincaid could have at least given me that since I did read through all the mush AND i MEAN mush and dizz And then they made up WITH no SEX??whatevWill I read the next one? Uhm NopeWill I read another book of Kincaid Possibly? But only if one of my reading buddies test reads it first

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    ARC recieved by Net Galley in return for a honest review My thoughts and feelings while reading00% Arc from net galley excited to read this one 20% Slow down there Encyclopedia Dramatica What are you talking about? She laughed And by the way hello is usually customary for the whole phone greeting thing Just so you knowOn the first page and already it looks like I'm going to love Bellamy She seems funny kinda reminds me of Tara Sivec's charactes But I'm still only on the first page so it's still abit too early to tell 110% Her hand went back to her hip in a move he'd bet was unintentional and Shane had to admit it He was totally turned on Sorry had a really hectic day yesterday and got hardly any reading done but I'm enjoying the subtle flirting going on so far and the fact that Shane doesn't want to like her but kinda does any way Looking forward to seeing where this goes 160% He's um how should I put it Cheesier than velveeta? Bellamy supplied and Holly choked out a laugh Lool I'm loving some of Bellamys one liners 170% Kind of tough to work up a whole lot of appeal if you had the I of a door knocker even if you had the other kind of knockers to make up for it As far as Shane was concerned the trade off wasn't worth it not even for a night Love this uote from Shane He seems like a great guy can't wait to find out about him think I'm gonna love him240% If Shane had known how freaking provocative her giggle was he might've tried harder not to piss her off yesterday Don't look now but you're flirting with the rich girl I love their banterflirting Shane is definitely amazing and Bellamy is definitely getting to him no matter how much he doesn't want her to 420% It looks like you and I are kind of stuck here Yayayay Hope we find out about Shane I'm loving this a lot than I thought I would 470% One minute they'd been standing there like normal people The next he'd been so consumed by lust that he'd seduced her in the backseat of his car And it was soooo hot I'm in love with these two660% Do you know what you're doing to me? His voice sent tiny uakes through her insides that only intensified as he hovered over her ear agin Oh god I love Shane 3920% Because I think you're in love with him and I'd hate to see you lose a chance to be with the guy if he loves you too Go Jenna That's what a real friend does they say the truth even if you dont want to hear it 940% As he met his father's eyes with respect and conviction Shane realized that while he belonged on the mountain there was an empty part of him that had gone to the cityAnd he was going to get it back Go Shane1000% Amazing story I love Shane and Bellamy and I cant wait to read about Pine Mountain 45 stars

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    This one was very average and forgettable I didn't connect with the characters and just a one week romance and in love didn't ring true

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    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I received an advance reader edition of this book from Kensington Books via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review4 StarsThis book had me at 1969 Mustang Mach 1 I admit it I am a Mustang lover I bought my first Mustang almost 10 years ago during what my husband fondly refers to as my midlife crisis years although I seriously hope that was not the middle of my lifeI am nowhere near halfway done yet Then a very sad thing happened several years ago and the big nasty hailstorm beat it up so badly that my insurance totaled it I cried real tears and I am still very sad about the whole thing The saddest part was that I was now stuck drivingthe dreaded minivan I complained and pitched a fit for a little than 2 years until I finally wore my husband down until he told me I should get another Mustang and maybe another midlife crisis who knows This book had its very own Mustang love story There was even a little bit of lovin' going on inside of the Mustang if you know what I mean How could I not love this book?This book was a solid 4 star mind candy kind of book perfect for a lazy afternoon I found the pages uickly flying by and before I knew it I had read this book in less than 24 hours The book was not perfect and did have a couple of problems but it ended up being a nice light read I am going to be perfectly honest and admit that this is not a book that I over analyzed This is simply the kind of book that one reads simply to enjoyBellamy finds out that her newscaster boyfriend is moving away when he announces it on live TV She does not even see the announcement but finds out about it when her two best friends Holly and Jenna call her on two different phones She decides to go away from everything with her friends in Pine Mountain for the weekend Unfortunately her car decides not to make the entire trip so she ends up at the local garage at Shane's mercy With her car at the garage she tries to enjoy her weekend with her friends Bellamy ends up at the same bar that Shane is at with his friend They are drawn to each other and have a few encounters Bellamy is also dealing with the boss from hell also known as Bosszilla and is under a lot of stress When Shane calls to let her know that her car is going to take longer than expected she drives straight there to talk to him and ends up snowed in after the roads closeI liked each of the main characters in the book to a point Bellamy was a little uick to judge Shane To be honest I did not think his big secret was so bad I think they needed to talk about things not call it uits Shane was also too uick to judge and his declaration that he would never set foot in the city was just plain silly In many ways I thought that these two character were too much alike but they did work well together I thought the chemistry between the pair was good I would recommend this book to fans of light contemporary romance This is the first book by Kimberly Kincaid that I have had the chance to read but I plan to check out others in the future

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    I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read Turn Up the Heat by Kimberly Kincaid It is a well written novel that harmonizes the beauty of small town living with the dynamic of the city lifestyle An imaginative plot and interesting characters create this refreshing contemporary romanceThe story begins with gusto when Bellamy Blake a real estate analyst from Philadelphia experiences one of the worst weeks in her life To begin with she confirms via Google search that her very public boyfriend has decided to take a new job and is moving clear across the country Secondly her boss most likely a descendent of Genghis Khan won't stop hounding her while she is taking a well deserved long weekend with her two best friends And lastly en route to her weekend getaway her car malfunctions and just stops Whew that's a lot to deal withShane Griffin is the sexy mechanic that comes to Bellamy's rescue when her car breaks down only a few miles from the Pine Mountain Resort Although not originally from the area he loves living in the country and using his mechanical skills to fix cars He and Bellamy get to know each other uite well during her stay and when they are together the sparks never stop ignitingI found all the characters in the story to be likeable sincere and worldly in their own way The story moves along at a nice pace and Bellamy's passion for food is a yummy interwoven subplot This book is so good you won't want to put it down so plan to spend some time in Pine Mountain and don't pass up the chance to read this gemARC received from Netgalley and publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Turn Up the Heat2 StarsAfter being jilted by her self absorbed boyfriend the last thing that Bellamy Blake wants during her winter weekend getaway is to get involved with another man Fate however has other plans when Bellamy's car breaks down and the only mechanic for miles is sexy yet surly Shane Griffin who isn't interested in a relationship with a polished city girl Can these two lost souls get past their preconceived notions and find happiness together?Being in the mood for a light and fluffy romance this book seemed right up my alley Despite the charming setting and the potential inherent in the opposites attract storyline the characters are simply not that interesting and the hero is particularly unlikable Bellamy is immature and together with her two buddies comes across as a ditzy teenager gallivanting about on spring break rather than an intelligent and sophisticated business woman Shane is similarly childish with his juvenile vow to avoid the city like the plague the reason for which is idiotic and his unfounded prejudices against Bellamy do not present him in a good light In addition there is nothing original about the plot The hero's secret is self evident and the eventual resolution to his financial woes is obvious from the start In sum although well written there is nothing truly special about the story and the characters are really not all that appealing It is unlikely that I will continue with the series

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    I loved this book I loved the romance and I really loved Shane Bellamy? Shane's grin wiped the confidence from her face He put a hand on the door frame leaning in I might be just spit balling here but I don't think the problem's in your trunk Good lord Shane has some damn funny reactions to Bellamy Shane opened his mouth but his vocal cords were noncompliant Had she seriously driven here in the middle of a snowstorm to pick a fight with him over her car? I just loved them together she sucked in a breath at the sound of Jackson's voice then promptly gave a startled full body jerk that landed her butt suarely on Shane's raging morning hard on

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    I loved Shane and BellamyTheir romance grew at a wonderful pace and kept you hooked from the very beginning Shane kept things from Bellamy from the beginning but only because he looked at their time together as something that wouldn't last longer than getting her car fixed and he honestly didn't think that she would understandNeedless to say they fall for each other pretty hard AND THEN everything goes all to crap This was a great start to a new series and I can't wait to read Jackson's story

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    Turn Up The HeatKimberly KincaidI was gifted this story in exchange for an honest reviewWhile at work one day Bellamy Blake gets a phone call from her best girlfriend Seems her boyfriend Derek is on TV telling the world about his new job out in San DiegoSeems he is moving across the country without telling her firstThis calls for road trip with her besties Holly and Jenna to drown her sorrow On the way to the resort to meet the girls Bellamy's car breaks down and she is rescued by the local mechanic Shane Griffin Now Shane has a thing or two against the city and city girls like Bellamy She is uite capable of standing up for herself and there are uite a few sparks flying between themNow the girls and Shane just keep running into one another in town In a small town like this there is not much night life so they keep ending up at the same places Bellamy is finding herself thinking about him constantly Shane is finding himself attracted to her They end up spending an romantic evening looking at the stars in the dark They are breathtaking awe inspiring and so is the kiss that they share that nightBellamy is unhappy with her job doesn't like her boss and feels that it is not her passion in life Shane has some issues in the past that he needs to deal with including a large myster debt that has him debating selling his prized 1969 Mustang Mach 1 As they spend some time together she realizes that there is to him than just a small town mechanic he realizes that she is not a snotty as he once thought They have some deep conversations as they both ponder the paths in life that they are destined to followThere are conflicts here trying to come in They both have alot of decisions to make They have issues to resolveBut the attraction between them is so very hot The sex scenes in the back seat of the car are just a rockin' It was great to seem them both let go and just be for once I loved how the owner of the garage Grady and his friend Jackson were big parts of the story and each had their share to contribute to the story line Some twists are bound to happen as secrets find a way of being revealed Her friends Holly and Jenna are the bestest friends everThey are there for her to talk to and cry to whenever needed They drop whatever they are doing to be there for her They really added depth to the storyI thought this was going to be a cheesy love story but I was happily mistaken there is a deep secondary story here and I enjoyed learning about what their characters are truly about I felt like I was right there with them as they were making heart wrenching decisions I would certainly read by this author and rate this story 45