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A popular teen is bitten by a vampire during a steamy night of making out with her boyfriend After the bite she wakes up in a cruel orphanage in Vampire World with no memory of her past She’s left with very little; only fangs pale skin and a keen desire for bloodMarissa who’s named Janice in Vampire World escapes the ghastly orphanage thanks to Mr John FreeCut an old benevolent vampire who adopts Janice because he wants to foster children he could never have He says her parents died in a crash Beautiful innocent and thrust into an enigmatic world she has no memory of Janice must face many challenges The grueling blood hostess job The multiple stalkers and creepers who are hungry for her and her blood The dizzying fireball competition And most challenging the fact that she doesn’t look or act like a vampireJanice is emotionally overwhelmed Thankfully she makes some friends including Brett BloodCut Brett and Janice are immersed in a passionate romance and Brett helps Janice adjust to her new world by giving her the love confidence and knowledge she needs to survive as a vampire Janice finds a way to succeed in such a problematic world Things go well for Janice though not for long A stranger knows the truth about her pastSlowly but surely Janice discovers the truth that she is being lied to by the ones she loves She must learn the secret behind TriFang and ultimately accept the stinging reality that things are not always what they seem Could the truth ever be so bloody?

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    A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest reviewDNF I'm just going to save myself the trouble of trudging through Vampire World because honestly the first page alone made my eyes and my head hurt I'm being exceedingly lenient when I say that this book was painful to read I guess the cover should have tipped me off But to give you a chance to judge for yourself here's a small excerpt of how the book starts out315 P MI can't believe it Could life get any sweeter? Here I am finishing up my third year of high school on the brink of one exciting summerThe end of the year party is tomorrow night at Molly's girl Can't wait to see you and Rob thereI tell my cheerleading teammate and best friend Katey that I'll be there I feel like I'm walking down a fashion catwalk as I make my way down the school hallwayOh Marissa that shirt looks great on youI love the hair girlThose shoes are amazing Where did you get them?I know I know I look good Everybody loves me Especially my boyfriendI have to ignore the compliments I'm not being rude but Rob catches my attentionYou look great baby he says noticing how much better I look when I don't have to wear a school uniform thanks to the last day of schoolWe've been together for three months the best time of my life As I wrap my arms around Rob's hot body and peer into his crystal blue eyes I know I must be in heavenYou're still picking me up at 615?Yeah he says I got the perfect place to take you tonight to celebrate our three month's anniversaryOh I can't waitWe kiss passionately breaking another school ruleNo Just no

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    DNF at 20%I really wanted to get into the story but just couldn't I don't feel connected to the main character Janice Little was revealed in the beginning just letting us know that she had a boyfriend and they made out in a deserted place They were interrupted by a sound that sent her boyfriend searching for its source leaving Janice behind to fend for herself when she was attacked by a vampire She woke up in a vampire orphanage as of course a vampire How did that happen? She did not uestion herself She only wanted to know the reason as to why she can't remember anything before the 'accident' supposed that the 'accident' was the coma she slipped into before waking up or caused her to be in a coma That is a little confusing for me because the way it is being put together does not feel right Shortly after she was adopted by an old vampire after having known how cruel the orphanage was capable of Though the old man was poor why did he still want to force himself to adopt a vampire? Because he just liked having children? One a teen is hardly an age for anyone to call a 'children' Two it just doesn't match up The whole thing sounds forced As in you just want to come up with something that would one way or another lead to this climaxI did mention that I couldn't connect with the character It occurred to me that she had the I couldn't care less attitude She was given vampire money 100 bucks and she spent it on a purse for 80 plus she was not really sorry about it afterward because she honestly loved that dumb purse Pretty immature I would say Thus A copy of this book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Vampire World by Rich Douglas 35 starsI received a free copy of Vampire World from the author Rich Douglas in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is perfectly set as young adult For some reason I didn’t realize it was going to be young adult based on the cover art or the description That’s what I get for judging a book by its cover There are two covers available that I could see One looks like a book about bondage that might rival 50 shades of grey Not because the model is tied up but because she is gothed out and has a look like she wants to devour your soul while mating with you Intense and not ya at all I recommend against this version just for the picture It’s hot but out of placeThe other cover is of a pretty young girl who looks to be in a old style church or crypt This picture embodies the story well It captures the sweet not overly in your face sexy side of goth It fits well with the story that is toldThe author came up with some disgustingly creative food that was believable for a vampire diet Although I think adding an element of hunting and eating live food would have been a nice addition to the storyThis book read like a nancy drew mystery that had some elements of inspector gadget What I mean by that is the mystery of the unknown with dark passage ways and hidden dangers and secret messages I expected to have the disclaimer of “this message will self destruct in 4 seconds”I struggled with the length but it was obvious that a lot of effort was put into describing life as it is lived in Vampire World I didn’t like the cliche of the last names used Ie Mr FangCut or Mrs BiteMore but it is young adult so that comes with the territoryI am torn as to if I would read books in this series if it does progress to a seriesThe main character overshadowed the other characters and although I really wanted to like her I didn’t It’s not because she wasn’t a believable character on the contrary she was absolutely believable as the type of girl I would not be friends with I really didn’t like her name and that spoiled her a little for meNames say a lot about the person who gave the name Janice is a very old style name that isn’t used as often any At least in my opinion It’s not uite as outdated as Myrtle or Harriet or god forbid Beatrice but it’s just unpopular enough to sound out of placeThat being said she was a very good living breathing so to speak model of a popular chick figuring out how life works Not too bright but just smart enough to cause trouble Especially when it comes to using herself to get what she wants Having that kind of power and first learning you have it is intoxicating This book explores that well It still keeps the subject matter pg enough that I wouldn’t feel like a perv recommending this book to an actual young adultThe good part is that although I didn’t like the main character I did like the attempt to take a vampire story down a different path of possibility I cared to find out what the mystery was even though I was pretty sure I knew the answer I knew some of it but some was entertainingly different than I expectedTalk a walk on the wild side and see what you think of this homage of how vampire life could be now or in the not so distant future That is if you believe in Vampires I don’t but I am still fascinated by the idea of the weird and supernatural

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    I really enjoyed the originality of this book it was not the typical vampire story with the big love story Yes love is involved but not in a huge way The story reminded me of when I was younger and would watch Halloween Town on the family channel every Halloween A whole new world is opened up with original ideas about the life there jobs pets tattoos etc rather than having the story take place on earth with everything that we already knowThis novel was fast paced and I never got bored of it There are so many things that happen and in a timely fashion that there isn't a boring chapter at all It was very entertaining just to find out what would happen next or where it would take placeI will admit sometimes I found Janice and her personality a little annoying At times it was like what are you doing?? Especially when it came to betraying her vampire father by sneaking out sleeping with her boyfriend and stealing the car He chose her from the orphanage and that's how she repays him? Or the fact that she turns Brett's life upside down just to find out a secret from a mystery person But I suppose she is young and looking for adventureSo many descriptive words were used in this book and I found it refreshing rather than using the same boring and overused words Good use of a thesaurus There was never a time when you couldn't picture in your mind the vast world and everything in it from the supermarket to the cemetery I am very excited to read the second novel which will be out at some point based on the end which says end of book one I really enjoyed the originality of the story and world and will definitely recommend this book to my friends who are looking for a fast paced read

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    What an interesting readI honestly have to say I've never read anything like it and i did enjoy itwe start with Marissa a popular girl with the hunkiest boyfriend great friends the best life One night her and her boyfriend go to a secluded area to get to know each other a little better and it all goes wrong Marissa's last view is of fangs going to her neckWhen she wakes up shes in an orphanageand is now a vampireShe is chosen by a new caretaker who takes her away from the orphanage and introduces her to the literally new life in a place called Vampire WorldShe has no memory of being human and uickly gets to grips with her life as a vampire and takes it as the normShes still the pretty girl she was as a human and grabs the attention of alot of fellas some nice some not soShe wants to help her caretaker with money so plans to take part in a tournament in a game with a nice cash prizebut she also has a strange messenger leaving her little notes and tasks hinting at a life for her before thishow can she ignore them? But by not ignoring them she endangers her life and those around herThe last few chapters are a revelation to Marissa now known as Janice and to us The whole book is written very well We as the readers are no informed than Janice is so it feels like we're walking along with her finding out things as she does No little hints for us to think ahead We find out things when Janice doesOf course the ending leaves it open to another book and I'm intrigued enough to have it on my TBR list when or if it does come outA different take on vampire stories and pretty enjoyableRead on behalf of Potter Book Tours for an honest review

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    I thought I was over the vampire scene and scenarios in books Vampire World proved me wrong This book kept me wanting ; I was constantly on the edge of my seat while reading The creativity that author Rich Douglas has put in his book is truly astonishing You feel like you jump into a live action scenario as you read the book; that takes some talent so I have to applaud the author for thatVampire World is action packed; it also has a lot of mystery and suspense I loved the main character Janice Freecut she could give Buffy a run for her money Janice stays brave throughout the strange things that begin to happen to her I loved the couple aspect of the book; Janice and Brett packed in the romance with their sexy young vampire vibeDouglas didn't only write an awesome book he created an entire new world within it The book starts out on our Earth but once Janice is bitten you get taken into a whole new world where you find vampires and strange cities The book starts out at a fast pace and never lets up until the heart stopping major twist at the end of the bookI highly recommend this book to paranormal romance readers; I also recommend this book to any reader I think that everyone can find something in Vampire World that they can relate to or find entertaining455 Stars It would have been 55 if I didn't catch a couple of grammar thingsI got a copy of this book from the author for a honest review

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    I was given the book free in exchange for an honest reviewLovers of Paranormal The following review may contain spoilers Rating 8 of 10 I really liked the book It was interesting intriguing and not very hard to read The idea was interesting too and I was really captivated almost from the beginningMarissaJanice is a pretty likable heroine and in particular I liked how stubborn and determined she is I also liked the fact that she didn't back down and dive up the first moment she encountered some trouble Strong open minded determined my kind of heroineI liked Brett a lot too At some point he annoyed me a bit but I forgave him pretty fast Really felt pity for him when his parents turned out to be first class jerks Our evil hero was my disappointment I admit He was evel jerk and forgetable Everytime he was mentioned in the book I was like 'huh who the hell was that?' and then I will remember but I hope you get the ideaI didn't really get much impression about Janice's secret imformant so there isn't anything I can say about him Have the same problem with her friends and her coworkersthought her boss was in the store seemed like a jerk when she fired herMr FreeCut was a favorite of mine His death was really sad Would have loved to see him in the next books tooAltogether I really liked the book and would love to read the next one

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    While this novel did have some interesting ideas it just completely failed to enthrall me The mystery elements of the plot were too spread out not really building to anything until the last couple of chapters and were buried beneath too many superfluous plot threads that did not amount to anything in the end Even the conspiracy which could have made for an interesting story did not really have any impact as we already knew what the twist would be while her past is a mystery for Janice we know what it is because it's right in the first chapterAdded to my frustration was the fact that the secondary cast were utterly unmemorable and the naming conventions of the novel lacked any kind of imagination all foods are simply human foods preceded with the word 'blood' and all names are made up from a combination of the same six aggressive words John FreeCut Brett BloodCut Senator BloodHunt etc Even Janice was just too vain and self centred to be a likable heroine Did she really need to tell us how beautiful she was with every breath? I lost all sympathy for her about the time that she spent 80% of her money on a purseAll in all I found the novel to be a bit of a convoluted mess The author gave me this copy in exchange for a fair review but unfortunately it really was not the novel for me

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    I Won This Book On Goodreads First Reads So Thank You Too Goodreads First Reads Now I know this book was not for everyone but i really liked and enjoyed it No like I really really enjoyed Vampire World a lot It was a really different uniue and very refreshing vampire book that I have ever read I never read any vampire books uite like this one before I really liked the characters and the plot and it was a decent writing style but I didn't like the diolgy that much but that did not stop me for reading it I really loved the world that Mr Douglas created it was so much fun to read the characters creatures and all around the awesome vampire world Like I said it is a totally different vampire world that I have ever read and it was totally refreshing to read and the creatures described in this book was really awesome all and all I really liked and enjoyed Vampire World a lot that I hope Mr Douglas continues on with the story because I will most definitely continue on reading this awesome series Well Until Next Time My Friends

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    I bought this book not expecting much and I thought it was really cool Lots of action suspense and mystery Janice FreeCut the main character is a brave and kick ass vampire Brett Bloodcut and Janice make a nice romantic couple as two thirsty and sexy young vampiresI really liked how the book started off so uickly Janice is bitten on Earth by a vampire and wakes up in an entirely new world filled with vampires and strange cities The world building was amazing There is a major twist at the end of the book that really shocked meI strongly suggest checking out this book if you are a fan of paranormal romance action and stories with vampires