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I was on my way to look for a life of my ownA brilliant brutally honest autobiographical novel long out of print from one of the great artistic polymaths of the 20th centuryThis is a Sebaldian account of the narrator's attempt to break free of a repressive upper middle class upbringing and make his way as an artist and individual written in a single incantatory paragraph Leavetaking is the story of an upper middle class childhood and adolescence in Berlin between the wars In the course of the book Weiss plumbs the depths of family life there is the early death of his beloved sister Margit the difficult relationship with his parents the fantasies of adolescence and youth all set in the midst of an increasing anti Semitism which forces the Weiss family to move again and again a peripatetic existence that only intensifies the narrator's growing restlessness The young narrator is largely oblivious to world events and focused instead on becoming an artist an ambition frustrated generally by his milieu and specifically by his mother who herself a former actress destroys his paintings during one of the family's moves In the end he turns to an older mentor Harry Haller a fictionalized portrait of Hermann Hesse who encouraged and supported Weiss and with Haller's example before him the narrator takes his first steps towards a truly independent life Intensely lyrical written with great imaginative power Leavetaking is a vivid evocation of a world that has disappeared and of the narrator's developing consciousnessTHE NEVERSINK LIBRARY champions books from around the world that have been overlooked underappreciated looked askance at or foolishly ignored They are issued in handsome well designed editions at reasonable prices in hopes of their passing from one reader to another—and further enriching our culture

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    'Sebaldian' one blurb puts it That's ridiculous This is actually really good

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    Great read Picked this little book up on vacation and it was the perfect beach read Weiss's style is introspective and reminiscent of Dostoevsky He even makes a reference to his influence in the novel The narrator is a German adolescent between the 2 great wars He of the age place and time that must be one of the most confusing ever yet he remains inside his own head and totally oblivious to the world around him

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    Ein unwahrscheinlich dichtes Buch das in einer fiebrigen bildgewaltigen Sprache davon erzählt wie der Autor sich langsam und mit heftigen inneren Kämpfen nicht nur von seinem Elternhaus sondern auch von der damit verbundenen Lebensideologie befreit und seinen eigen Weg sucht und zu beschreiten beginnt Peter Weiss schildert diese Suche atemlos und findet hunderte von Bildern die sich dem Leser zu einem nicht enden wollenden Panoptikum fügen In der Suhrkamp Spezialausgabe sind Collagen von Peter Weiss beigefügt die die Sprachbilder unterstützen und ergänzen Die Lektüre dieses Buches kommt einer psychoanalytischen Reise gleich bei der man selber auch so einiges abbekommt stehen die geschilderten Erlebnisse doch auch für etwas archaisch zum Menschgehörendes Interessant auch die Anleihe der Figur Harry Haller aus Hermann Hesses Steppenwolf die nicht prominent aber eben doch explizit zitiert wird Mich hat dieser Stoff sehr gefesselt

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    Es una lectura intensa porue Weiss es también bastante intenso La estructura de un solo párrafo resulta a ratos desasosegante porue todos los sucesos parecen mezclarse y porue hay partes incómodas desapacibles Aunue pueda parecer una despedida un ajuste de cuentas con sus padres como punto de partida para poder comenzar a existir como ser independiente creo ue uno de los sentidos fundamentales de este libro es la sexualidad de Weiss directamente relacionada con el ambiente opresivo de su familia Creo ue él uería en última instancia aclarar eso dejar por escrito sus contradicciones y desprenderse de sus faltas ue no te engañe su extensión no leas este libro si no estás de acuerdo con leer buena literatura pero atragantarte con su contenido y parar más de una vez para coger aliento

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    2½ Still unsure about this one Easily half of it is brilliant while the other half strikes me as typical mindless edginess something about the Earth being a cunt having sex with his sister memories of mom cleaning the smegma from under his foreskin ostensibly Max Brod's erection killing oneself for one's art and so forth Neat for college kids but I was expecting something a bit mature And call me Victorian but I do like a subtlety and discretion even in my confessionals Oh well

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    One of the best Diary book I have read Unapologetic and honest he tells all his wrongdoings and the path he walked through them You get a very strong imagination of what it may have been like for him growing up with an eliterian abusive mother that looked at the wrong places for disipline and a submissive weak headed dad a chaotic feeling but in a way that it gives the reader peace like waking up to a nightmare and being happy it wasnt real

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    Un ajuste de cuentas hacia la incomprensión paterna sobre su vocación artística Un retrato de su niñez adolescencia y juventud; y también de miedos despertares y exilios Una atmósfera opresiva social y familiar ue ahoga al lector condenado a leer sin parar ese único párrafo de 120 páginas Bendita condena

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    A one paragraph semi biographical novel which begins with the death of the narrator's father and continues as a free form chronology of his life experiences Though structured than a flow of consciousness narration the story is told as a seuence of obvservations impressions and emotions The author's father was a Jew in Germany and though there are not specific references to the rise of Nazism one's historical knowledge must provide the setting in which many of the events take place This book was added to my reading list after rereading Weiss's MaratSade

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    Mit dem formalen Abschied beginnend begibt man sich auf die Suche nach dem Verhältnis zu den dereinst noch lebenden Eltern und den Schritten und Augenblicken die der Entfremdung vorausgingen Dabei ist die Erzählung so unzuverlässig wie eine Erinnerung nur sein kann die verschwimmt zwischen Erinnerung und Phantasie die der ganzen Zeit mit dem Abschweifen in die Vergangenheit rechnen muss So wenn er nicht mehr davon träumt riesenhaft über seine Umwelt hinauszuwachsen sondern mit seinen Schwestern Sex hat

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    A fine small book by Peter Weiss better known as a playwriter than a novelist This book is a barely fictionalized account of a bright young man's life between the two world wars in Germany as he differentiates from his parents and sets out on his own Beautifully written