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Five years ago Kendall Hart’s life changed forever A tragedy forced her to grow up fast and become a responsible adult overnight while her friends were still enjoying high school She lives and breathes work leaving no time for a social life and her circle of friends is small She has no room for complications in her lifethen Tristan walks inTristan O’Neal is forced to return home when his father becomes terminally ill Taking care of his parents dealing with an irresponsible brother and starting a new job bring challenges to his life Starting a relationship is the last thing on his mind but when sees Kendall he finds himself drawn to hershe is so familiar Tristan is what Kendall has always wanted but life isn’t always fair Sometimes you have to let go of the one person you’ve always loved in order to protect them Will Tristan be able to break through the wall she’s built around her heart or will Kendall’s secrets consume her and destroy their chance at a life together?

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    When I started this book I was surprised to find my son's name used Tristan I was a little biased on liking his character haha Well good thing he was not the bad guy in this bookKendall is someone who we meet reminiscing her highschool crush Tristan She is someone who had to grow up uickly after losing her family to a house fire growing up She has kept her family bookstore as a way to keep connected with them She has some dark secrets from her past and they do come back to haunt her and try and ruin anything good in her life Tristan is back in town because his father is very ill When he first comes back into Kendall's life he doesnt remember her from their childhood He is confidant and romantic When loss comes Kendall is there with him well for a bit Tristan is a family man and will do everything he can to be there for his mother even when his brother finds it too difficultCan these two fight to stay together?

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    Loved this book from beginning to end It's a lovely romance story with a tragic back story Tristan is and amazing man not only is he super HOT but he is super sweet Kendall is a little sweet hard who's had a tragic life and has been in love with Tristan forever Beautifully written and well executed by Elizabeth James with a believable story line I look forward to the next instalment if you enjoyed this book check out Elizabeth's design series too it's also fabulous

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    I received this audiobook free for an honest review I loved this story Oh the secrets we have I think some of us can related to the hot guy at school that we just dream over knowing that that beautiful guy would never see us However as we grow up and change those gaps between the beautiful guy and the shy girl lessen However Kendall has a secret that the author is good at letting you in on later in the book I spent a good part of the book wondering what her secret was Great suspense on the part of the author The narrator was wonderful Very good story teller She is great with the different characters and great relaying the personalities of each of the characters

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    I listened to this audiobook and loved it The narration by Terri England is done exceptionally well considering it was dual narration Sometimes it's tough to get into the characters with only one narrator but I had no trouble at all I don't like to give away the whole story in my reviews but I will say this was a sweet story and I enjoyed it

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    What a great book Second chance loves are my favorite and while this one isn’t exactly that it’s close to it The suspense behind all the secrets is good too I can’t say too much without giving away what is going on but will say that you won’t regret getting this book for your own Library

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    I loved this book The story was developed efficiently The characters meshed well There was just enough suspense It was a great book to listen to I'm not usually a fan of a duel narration read by a single narrator but Terri made it work with this one I would definitely recommend it

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    This is Elizabeth James first installment in the boardwalk series following Tristan a character from the design series Tristan moves back home to Care for his dying father and help his mom and brother In the process he falls or Kendall a girl in high school that's been in love with him since the 9th grade without him knowing I like Elizabeth's style of writing It's fresh and fast paced The characters are interesting enough and so is the plot The love scenes are lovely; I enjoy a developing relationship and its emphasis instead of just sex Elizabeth has this down pat Halfway through her books however something goes amiss It happened before with the last book of hers I read and it happens here also The characters emotions and behaviors do not match Characters are portrayed one way but then behave completely out of character and the reader is to take it as face value It just doesn't make sense to me while Kendall is portrayed as kind compassionate and deeply in love with Tristan her actions are appalling She actually witnesses Tristan lose his father Goes to the memorial then two days later breaks up with him upon the bad guy's reuest because he holds some secret over her head Via TEXT Out of the blue via text she breaks up with him after being there for him on what is probably the worst experience of his life so far I expected better from her As a reader I waited for Tristan to jump in his car drive down to her home and pound on her door or at least idk go TALK to her In person? But no He just takes her text as face value Just like that She broke text me Okay I'm sorry but I don't buy it Tristan's behavior for a guy that just lost his father is odd at best As I said setting a mood or personality for a character then having said character act so completely opposite as I would expect heshe to behave according to the traits and feelings the author attributes to them never sits well for me I do wanted so much to love this book; I didn't hate it it was just okay Therefore 3 stars for me Not sure if ill check out Ian's story For me it's not enough to know what is taking place; I need I need their actions to make sense within the context of their situation Though fun light read; I just have a hard time accepting what takes place at face value

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    35 out of 5 starsKendall and Tristan were such a like able couple one I found myself rooting for throughout the entire book This is a story about two people who are inexplicably drawn to one another From their first touch it's as if Tristan's soul spoke to Kendall's on a level no on had ever before or since She has silently been in love with him for years so when he comes back into her life out of the blue she is both surprised and nervous Surprise turns into hopefulness as he per sues her The time they spend together the Kendall realizes the real Tristan is far perfect in reality than it had been in her dreams But will they be able to survive the secrets of her past and the dangers of her present?I enjoyed this story and definitely saw the chemistry between Tristan and Kendall It was a sweet story but one that I felt was somewhat rushed I would have loved to of seen Tristan spend time wooing Kendall to have seen a slower development of their relationship It felt like they got together and fell in love super fast and only enjoyed each other a day or two before waves rocked their new relationship While I understood the actions of each I thought Tristan should have fought harder not given up so easily not taken so long to finally spring into action On the other hand I viewed Kendall as a strong woman one who had survived some serious hardships yet found it hard to believe she was so easily manipulated While I knew this couple were meant to be together and eventually would I wasn't as emotionally vested in them as I typically like to be when reading a book For me I think it's just because the story happened and was over too uickly Their HEA was very sweet and you are left wondering the fate of the next book's character's While it was a uick for me I definitely enjoyed it If you are already an Elizabeth James fan I'm sure you're going to love this book as well

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    From the very first page of this book I was bawling my eyes out it's starts off with uite a sad scene but had me hooked I couldn't wait to keep reading and see how this story played out as I have been waiting for it for what seems like ages as I am a massive supporter of Elizabeth James and I have loved every book she has writtenlet's start with Kendal she has been broken for five years since a tragedy left her heartbroken for as long as she could remember she has always loved Tristan ever since she uite literally fell into his arms however he left town and Kendal moved on living half a life since the tragedy she has been living with a secret that haunts her everyday When she is at a beach party she looks up and sees the face that has held her heart and fleesTristan wants to know who she is from the instant he saw her he is drawn to her and he sets the challenge of finding out who she is What follows is a beautiful relationship that is threatened to be torn apart and when the secret from Kendal's past returns to haunt her she has no choice but to let him go to protect himLiterally from the half way point of this book I was bawling my eyes out there are some very heartbreaking and moving scenes that will take your breath awayI loved this book and I have to say my favorite characters are Natalie and Alicia those girls seem fab lol no kidding aside the story was fantastic and I cannot wait for the next book in the seriesI give this book a swooning heart 5 stars it was amazeballs

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    Well I have simmered on this book for over a week now I love Elizabeth James and in Secrets of A Hart she did not disappointI started this book around 8pm and could not stop I finished it around 7am lol I instantly fell in love with Kendall She is broken and bruised She just wants her happily ever afterTristan comes back to town to help with his ailing father He had an instant attraction to Kendall I was feeling connection with her that I'd never felt before with anyone Tristan After enlisting the help of her best friend Averi he was on a mission to make her see he was just a guy that deserved a chance Kendall tried but she couldn't resist his charms after all she had secretly loved him since the ninth grade She always felt she was never good enough for the guy that had it all But now she finds it hard to resist his charms I was in awe of the skill with which he handled the bike and the way his biceps flexed every time he accelerated the bike Kendall Together they confront the ghosts in her closet and that ghost is named SebastianI give this book 5 fan freaking tastic stars because it grabbed me at page one and I held me all the way through I want a real life Tristan