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“ Held me captive right from the start”—Alan Cheuse NPR All Things Considered “Her clear voice and simple but elegant style easily turns this work into a real page turner”— Library Journal “A vivid tale of a faraway time”— Asian Week “Beautifully combines the hardships and brutality of the kidnapping of a Chinese man conditions on the slave ships and the bitterness of backbreaking labor in a foreign land with the sadness and determination of a wife and family back home A story of emotional depth and truth”—Lisa See author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan “Will keep readers spellbound and cheering to the final page”—Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston author of Farewell to Manzanar “I love God of Luck”—Da Chen author of Brothers Ah Lung and his beloved wife Bo See are separated by cruel fate when like thousands of other Chinese men in the nineteenth century he is kidnapped enslaved and shipped to the deadly guano mines off the coast of Peru Praying to the God of Luck and using their own wits they never lose hope of someday being reunited Ruthanne Lum McCunn of Scottish and Chinese ancestry is the author of the classic Thousand Pieces of Gold The Moon Pearl and Wooden Fish Songs God of Luck was a Book Sense Pick She lives in San Francisco From the Trade Paperback edition

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    McCunn constructs a vivid well researched tale of young recently married Ah Lung who is snatched by henchmen from the streets of a village where he and his older brother have gone to sell their family’s silk and brought before a local official supposedly for unpaid debts Through the collusion of this corrupt magistrate Ah Lung is forced to sign a “contract” which lands him in the dank overcrowded hold of a ship en route to Peru’s guano fields Meanwhile his family especially his twin sister Moongirl seeks to locate him and purchase his freedom while his wife Bo See a gifted cultivator of silk worms helps to sustain the family’s economic viability through her sensitive artistry McCunn writes well and the details give a reader a well rounded sense of a little known era in Chinese history It is a time when “an estimated one million men were decoyed or stolen from southern China” as part of the international Asian labor trafficking that flourished between 1840 and 1875 About a tenth of these laborers –slaves is a accurate term – ended up in Peru working under brutal often deadly conditions to harvest guano a basic ingredient of fertilizer and gunpowder Life on the homefront the social structure of family and village and the intricacies of raising silkworms are also nicely dramatized The characters never fully come to life but the book is nevertheless an interesting readHere is the review I wrote of this book for Waterbridge Review

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    During the period 1840 1875 there was demand for guano that's right bat poop To get the guano it actually had to be mined Men were taken from the south coast of China and were forced into slave labor This is the story of Ah Lung and Bo See Ah Lung is taken and Bo See must use her skills as a raiser of silkworms to earn ransom money They are determined to reunite The book tells both stories how Ah Lung survives and how Bo See is determined to see her husband again You get a glimpse of life in China how the silk trade worked and sheer determination to survive and triumph I like this author and recommend another book by her The Moon Pearl

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    An interesting story of forced labor and slavery in South America and how one man and his family dealt with it The voice in the story had me wanting The sentence constructions were awful at times To me it was like the author wanted an English as a second language voice that I thought was unnecessary if it was the intent The ending was written for the high school literature teacher who would ask the uestion what do you think happened next?All criticisms aside I liked the story but I wouldn't recommend it

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    I got to page 82 which is nearly halfway through then couldn't finish it I got this book from my work bookshelf and it looked interesting It is about a nineteenth century Chinese man who was kidnapped by slave traders on a ship and his wife and sister try to save him It sounds interesting but I just don't like the main character Why should he be saved? He annoys me If I had patience with him and less other good books to read I would probably soldier through this book since I do love historical fiction but other books call me and I'm giving up on this one

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    Well researched and engaging if horrifying tale with a well written love story at its heart I'm learning as a I go through it which I always appreciate Not a subject kidnapping and enslavement of Chinese in Peruvian guano mines in the 19th century I knew anything aboutand while sometimes I wish for detail or in depth description I enjoy her writing style It's clear simple and easily read

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    disappointing I had really enjoyed her Moon Pearl but this one never even came close Descriptions of the sualid conditions on the slave ships and work farm were pretty graphic yuck The ending seemed to stretch credibility a bit but then the title is The God of Luck I was glad it had nice short chapters as I was really sick while reading this so that may have tempered my enjoyment

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    Harrowing account of slavery and love Almost uit this one but I'm glad I finished affirms my belief that you always have choices and you can always help another and therefore yourself if you just remember to believe it

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    Just finished this book Although the main character's experience is horrific this is a beautiful love story There are 2 parallel stories evolving that are fascinating and the history was completely new to me

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    A fast read about an intriguing topic I've never read a story about Chinese men being kidnapped to work in South America as slave workers The author dug up a lot of research for this novel and the book has made me want to learn

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    I enjoy all of Ruthanne Lum McCunn's books I did not know about the kidnapping of Chinese men for slavery in Peruvian guano mines Her book brought this to light but the story lacked depth