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I was young enough not to understand that my life was different Colin became the one person that I could count on to protect me He suffered for the both of us by carrying the burden of our secret We were the lucky few that got a chance to start over A fake family a new home and a pretty little life built on lies But while our lives continued to intertwine we were put on very different paths Now it was only a matter of time before they collide and the beast behind the beauty is exposed

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    35 pretty little stars “We don’t pray for the weak we prey on the weak” Annie and Colin are linked by their tumultuous past It’s not been easy but they’ve both survived They both are strong And they both have one major weakness Each other Annie is a high school student who just turned 18 She is trying to live a normal life but her life is far from normal She does a good job of faking it but only Colin knows the real her Colin and Annie were put in a situation where they have to pretend to be brother and sister They do what they have to do for both of them to remain safe Colin is conflicted with who he is and what he wants He knows what he wants but he doesn’t think he can have it Colin may feel like a predator at times but what he really is is a protector His feelings for Annie blur the line And she doesn’t make things easy on him “I told you I wasn’t the good guy little one” Annie and Colin have something there But it’s something that would be dangerous to ever think of pursing Written in dual pov actually you get a third pov in there as well it was important to get the perspective of both Colin and Annie Both of the main characters were likable I enjoyed the sexual tension and build between Colin and Annie The chemistry was obviously there no matter how much they tried to fight it Pretty Little Things was a uick read with an original story line I like that I didn’t know exactly what was going on As a reader I enjoy having some twists and turns and a little bit of unpredictability I was hoping it would be a little darker And a little taboo But thats just me ; I enjoyed the story I just wish it were a little longer “Love isn’t something you can take You give it and if you’re lucky it’s given to you”

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    My scars should have been a warning to not get close to someone like me but Annabel saw my dominant side as a reflection of my overprotective natureWow it was amazingI loved every part of this bookI have so many feelings about this oneIt blew me away At the beginning I didn't know what to expect because the synopsis doesn't give a lotBut when I start read itit was so captivate that I couldn't put it downThe characters feel so real and the story was so pawerful Two people trying to let go of their past and start a new life Can they forget?Annabel and Colin has started a new life after what happened in their pastAnabel tries to seems perfect but the truth is that she is broken just like ColinColin was so mysteriousdarkhot and sexyHe is the perfect alpha maleI liked him from the beginningHe is so broken he hates himself for the things he has done in his pastHe is protective around Annabel and from the first moment he saw herhe has feelings for herThere's a lot of sexual attraction between themAnd when they finally have sex is explosiveAn amazing book full of twistssuspense and romanceThis is a must read ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    This book covers dark subjects and it's one of the few in the niche that pull off a hopeful and happy ending that I felt was both beautiful and appropriate Annabel She was a chameleon with a self imposed dementiaIt took far guts to stand tall in the face of fear than to intimidate the weak I appreciated Annie's role here Her innocence and defiance and her fear and trust played well off each other But if I'm honest Colin steals the show Colin Scarred I sighed as I thought of the marks that covered my back While I'd received them for not doing what I was told I'd earned them by following through with the orders I learned to derive gratification from receiving pain as well as giving It was a release a way to atone for my sins Dominant If you don't dress like a lady I will stop treating you like one and that will be fun for me than it is you I promise My eyes locked on the boy who'd just been talking to her He stared back for a moment before looking to the ground Bitch Satisfied by his response I rounded the front of the car and got in next to her Monster It was exhilarating freeing to let loose the monster that lurked inside me If kept it dormant for far too long I did it for her but now she was slipping from my grasp my gravity and I was spiraling out of control into the unknown Tormented I had finally gotten to taste what I could never have I'd gotten to see what my life could have been had I been the hero in her story Obsessed There must be goodness to counter evil in order to accurately gauge the weight of the sin She was my hope my reflection my everything Colin was the wonderful dark character with slivers of believable light sprinkled around him The OW scenes were necessary perhaps but I wish they'd have been handled with care especially a scene where he doesn't wear a condom Why I Can't Give It 5 Stars Now for the problems and why I can't give this five stars An editor proof andor beta reader should've prevented most of these problems • Needs grammatical attention Her hands went over her face reflexively and as she lowered them she stared daggers at me • Timeline is off in chapter 7 I told you I wouldn't be able to see you for a few days and you know I had church this morning Annie saw Jacob Saturday night because the next day she and Colin go to CHURCH and then she goes to school the day after Monday So how was it days between her and Jacob seeing each other in chapter 7 takes place the day she went to church Sunday Timeline is fucked up there • Some details are offconflictinginconsistent I turned my back to him and peeled the wet fabric from my skin tossing it over my shoulder as hard as I could He caught it as it hit his chest never breaking eye contact How do they have eye contact with her back to him? • Character actions are sometimes incongruent No doubt she Amanda was thinking of the day I would ask her to marry me so she could be one of the elite She would be waiting a long fucking time I liked angry violent fucking and Amanda only wanted to please me That was why I put up with her mindless bullshit and shallow personality My feelings for her were as much of an illusion as my public persona So pray tell why he would go BAREBACK shoot his load into Amanda the social climber? And why would he ask Did I hurt you after fucking her senseless if her sole purpose was to satisfy his need? I'd add that this scene RUINED what could've been very special between he Annie and would've distinguished his sex scene with her from all the OW sex scenes• Too many graphic sex scenes with OW and only ONE with the FMC He couldn't have Annie OW are a given under his circumstances but there is no way that readers want to read graphic sex scenes with OW of this magnitude and only get one sex scene with the FMC Also there is no way he should be bareback with his girlfriend • Jacob's POV should've never been in this book It slowed the pacing down detracted from the story I'm guessing it was there to actually show that contrast between typical 18 year olds vs Colin and Annie Typical romance vs Colin and Annie but his POV was NOT needed to get those points across Not that I wanted his story here but it was also pointless to give him a POV then basically just leave his story hanging in thin air Bottom Line Great writing and storytelling style Great story Great characters A few hiccups with details and editing I hated Jacob's distracting POV Not a safe book for safety gang The author has twenty titles listed with this one being written in 2014 So I'm eager to see howif she's grown as an author in recently published books 4 stars Triggers view spoiler Underage drinking; pot use; OW graphic sex; OM kissing; mild moderate religious theme; cult captivity and depravities from reflecting POV hide spoiler

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    35 StarsI have to spoil a little the beginning of this book so you can understand my problems with it and because the blurb isn't telling much Don't worry I won't spoil major information The things I will tell I guessed right after the second chapter It won't ruin the story if you read my review but you will know with what you have to dealSo be warnedColin and Annie escaped from a tragic past They were rescued from a man named Connor To protect them from their past they had to live a lie from now on They pretend to be siblings and Connors kids I guessed so much right after the first two chapters I was looking forward to this story because I thought it sounded like a pseudo forbidden lovestory They aren't real siblings but have to pretend to beI hoped for a lot of sexual tension since they couldn't show any affection because everyone thoughtthey were related Of course it has sexual tension but it really could have been and better developed I also missed private moments between Colin and Annie Overall the story was too short for me On one side I was glad because the story didn't drag and hadn't unnecessary drama But like I said I wished Annie and Colin moments because I loved their banter and hoped for deeper conversationsThe plot was good although it was a little predictable But since nowadays most of the stories are predictable it didn't bother me much

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    WhoaThis book started with a bangWe were definitely thrown into the deep end as we first learn a little about Colin and Annabel2% in and I was already feeling that nervous flutter in my belly If you don't dress like a lady I will stop treating you like one and that will be fun for me than it is for you I promise Teresa Mummert delivers an almost taboo story that I didn't know I wanted until she offered me the apple tempting me to take a bite Some things are unforgivable little one I bit the appleI ate the whole thingIt was delicious And sexy And gritty And I loved every bite Love isn't something you can take You give it and if you're lucky it is given to you I was invested in the characters very early on in the story Something that doesn't normally happen with me The story was gripping and I fear I can't tell you too much about it without giving away spoilers It took me only hours to finish because I couldn't put it down I was desperate to see where the author would take this and I have to say the ending was perfect for meThere are no cliffhangers Be gone cliffhangers You are banished here and a HEA to bootAll in all I really enjoyed Pretty Little Things and highly recommend it

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    This is the story of Annabel and ColinChained to their past and secrets Trying to live a new life Colin sees Annabel as the angel he as to protect That protection and new life is a disguise to what they feel It was a good read Another fantastic BR read with Carolina and Barbara

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    Pretty Little Things Teresa Mummert 5 HAWT Stars She was so much stronger than I could ever be It took far guts to stand tall in the face of fear than to intimidate the weak Sex Lethal Sex I have no doubts that you will find Colin Blakely's name in the dictionary under many many adjectives Dominant Alpha Dark Sexy Delicious There isn't an adjective in the dictionary alone that could sum up this dark slightly twisted fine specimen of a man he's just Colin Rough around the edges but a solid heart of pour gold underneath Pretty Little Things like most of Teresa Mummert's novels took me by surprise A roller coaster of twists turns sex darkness and everything in between As much as he thinks he shouldn't Colin Blakely's capacity to love and protect is nothing like I have ever read Teresa Mummert has a gift one that many don't possess It's the gift of being able to suck in a reader so far they don't see the twist in the story coming Pretty Little Things can only be described as one hot dark and lethal romance Proceed with caution panties have been known to spontaneously combust with just the mere mention of Colin Blakely's name

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    This book was recommended by a friend and I was intrigued it's also the first book I've read by this authorNow it's difficult to write a review not spoil this for you so I'll skip my usual summary and just give my opinionI was hooked instantly there's something about this book and the way it's written The characters Annie and Colin are almost haunting at times I couldn't get enough to the extent where when faced with Jacobs POV I was a little annoyed that it had taken me away from where I wanted to beThe story and their pasts are slowly revealed throughout the book and this is the reason I'm skipping my summary because the way it's written and the gradual way we feel our way through this book is one of its major strengthsI fell asleep reading this last night because I just couldn't put it down While the subject matter is dark it's not unreadable and allows you to imagine than witness for which I was gratefulI can't imagine living the life Colin has and he was amazing yet thinks of himself as a monsterAnyway enough from me I'm not saying any just that I'm giving 4 while I enjoyed this book immensely it had a few problems mainly grammatical and timeline it would benefit from a good editorAnd a personal pet hate of mine which is occurring and these days unprotected sex how can Colin especially the position he's in trust that the social climbing Amanda will take their birth control the last thing he wants is to be tied to her and yet it's what she wants the than anything so I find it hard to believe he'd leave it to chance

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    This was recommended to me by a friend and I'll admit Colin's character was everything I hoped he would be dominant and larger than life Annie's immaturity was an annoyance but can be excused given her youth so it didn't bother me too much I enjoyed the story although I couldn't help but feel like this was the seuel to the book I wish had been written We get bits and pieces of what happened to Colin and Annie through dreamsnightmares and it's enough to understand why they're in the position they are now as secrets are slowly unraveled Still I feel like the actual events would've been interesting than reading about how they coped with what happened There are some loose ends as well drama with secondary characters that I felt should have been tied up and wasn't not exactly necessary for the plot but if you're going to add in the thoughts and feelings of extra characters I'd prefer if things were closed out with them all nice and neat

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    BR with Carolina and Barbara 3 I love you girls xxxxxxx4 pretty little stars “All things truly wicked start from innocence” Wow That was mind blowing I fell in love with that uote However it was not enough dark for my twisted mind PI don't know maybe I expected something disturbing Mind fuck So yes something was missing to call this book perfect but damn it was really close to perfectionI will definitely check other books from this authorThe chemistry between Annie and Collin left me speechless Simply amazing Collin's behaviour was screaming alpha male And I loved it except when I didn't love it but I loved him even when I hated him Yes I know I'm complicated But I believe we all girls areLuckily there is not a one feminnist bone in my body so I'm not ashamed to admit itA predatorWe always had a choice in life I chose to give in to the darker side of my soul The side that gained satisfaction from control The side that was on the brink of starvation waiting biding its time until I was able to feed it again It craved the wrongAnd his preyI had my fair share of dominant assholes in my lifeI already said that but let me repeat it the chemistry between those two was amazing“If you don't dress like a lady I will stop treating you like one and that will be fun for me than it is you I promise” “W why are you acting like this?” My voice cracked as I spoke and I saw a glimmer of amusement in his eyes“It’s who I am It’s who I’ve always been I’m just finally letting you see it”“I’m not scared of you Colin” I said through clenched teeth“Why is your heart racing?” His fingers moved down my ribs and my lips parted as my head began to spinNothing but desire stared back at me the innocence overshadowed by my demons I had corrupted herIt was always meant to be this way She was always meant to be mineDeep down we were all just selfish animals We liked to takeor be takenThis is a must read for everyone who enjoy darker reads