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There's a new Alpha in town and he's a BritDarcy Nicole Sheridan is 22 years old beautiful single spirited sexy and spoiled She knows that about herself Raised by wealthy and doting parents as an only child Darcy pretty much coasts through life until her heart is inexplicably broken by her G Man Darin Darcy doesn't handle rejection well; she isn't used to itTo ease the pain Darcy flies to Belize over the Christmas holiday fully intending to wallow in self pity and distance herself from DC and the pain that originated there Her pity party is short lived however after observing a very handsome very intriguing man on the beach with a beautiful blonde The blond gets ditched and it's Darcy that becomes the focus of the smokin' hot wealthy and somewhat mysterious 'EJ'Some very interesting things happen in Belize but it doesn't end there Once back in DC there are even surprises in store for Darcy including a new male roommate her best friend Lindsey's wedding and a surprise encounter with EJ that leaves Darcy confused in ways than one Shortly thereafter surprising changes are in store for Darcy's career love life and even a repentant Darin shows up in the mix Readers will get a bonus glimpse of Taz and Lindsey's HEA and perhaps even see some loose ends tied up with respect to the Rat BastardAs always this latest release of the G Man Series will keep you on the edge of your seat through the laughter tears angst drama and mystery Easton is sure to be a favorite 'G Man' of many in this newest release of the series He's an alpha like no other

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    ★★★★★ Night Moves book 3 stand alone To capture jaded playboy extraordinaire Easton Matthews’ attention is one thing – to keep his interest another story Trust me love you take to my cock like a fish takes to water If I ever force myself on you it'll be because you beg me for it that way Books in the G Man series are stand alones but best if read in orderBook 1 Diamond GirlBook 2 Love Plus OneBook 3 Night MovesIn Night Moves book 3 we follow Darcy Nicole Sheridan heiress and daddy’s girl as she heads to Belize after catching her boyfriend in bed with another woman Jaded playboy Easton Jamison Matthews EJ a half British blueblood and heir yet a successful and wealthy business man is his own right is spending his working holiday in Belize with his assistant and fuck buddy Darcy immediately sparks his interest enough to pursue and flirt with but not enough to be the rebound guyBack in the states their paths cross again as Easton who is used to getting what he wants has decided that Darcy is his new plaything What better way than to take over her father’s company and offer to mentor her professionally and without her father’s knowledge sexually Darcy finds herself pushed out of the nest egg and into the mentoring hands of Easton who is relentless bossy and arrogant yet addictingTheir story is nothing short of a whirlwind saga filled with scorching sex hilarious bantering vindictive villains jealousy lies deceit revenge and danger But most of all it’s about Easton and Darcy coming to terms with their pasts and finding themselves Strap on your seatbelt bumpy road ahead Easton Jamison Matthews and his combination of good looks kinky dominant lover and his jaded aloof enigmatic in control; ruthless and unyielding and so very very flawed personality makes him very memorable “I wasn't putting socks and shoes on at this stage Hell what was the point? We'd be having break in sex within a matter of twenty minutes by my estimation” Darcy Nicole Sheridan Darce held her own against the larger than life Easton This vivacious 22 year old is determined to find her footing and carve out her identity next to Easton I think she succeeded splendidly Seven words to describe Darcy Spirited smart spoiled irresponsible determined strong hilarious and evolving “I wondered what the Presidential Suite at the St Regis had to offer tonight besides some fantastic cock” Entertaining and suspenseful plot Captivating and swoon worthy Easton Jamison Mathews Humorous and spellbinding story telling This story has it all You left the door unlocked he answered casually as if it was still perfectly acceptable to come into someone's home if they were negligent in locking the door” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NAOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes All GIFs in review statuses approved by GR 102013 112013 Beta copy provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review

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    “Do you remember when I told that you that I’d see you again? “When I had you pressed up against the wall and you just came on my fingers?” “I meant it” She sees him on a beachHe catches her eye in a mirror♦ AndThe ♦♦ GameStarts ♦♦ NowShe reminds him of someoneSomeone he’ll never forgetAnd ♦♦ She Will ♦♦ BeHis ♦♦ Revenge He pushed a little voice into his whisper giving it an almost mellifluous lyrical sound “I’m going to fuck you like I would Bianca And I’m going to use you like I would BiancaAre you frightened love?” But Darcy isn’t frightenedIt’s Easton who hesitatesBecause somewhere along the way he begins to fall in love with the person who looks a lot like someone he hates Darcy Darcy is my favorite character She evolves so much in this story You know at first she’s this kind of spoiled girl who has a naïve view on life She’s twenty three; windy and directionlessBut as the story unfolds she becomes this force to be reckoned with She gets stronger She gets tougher Her actions get a little bit louder Darcy’s going to surprise the shit out of you Because it’s like she’s this paperdoll with a titanium spine And when Easton steps into her life and begins to push her boundariesShe learns to push back Easton is a complicated character And this book has a dual point of view so you’re really going to see that He’s charming He’s sexy He’s strong He’s tortured He’s nurturingHe’s destructiveHe has some demons sewn to his past that he can’t uite defeatAnd Darcy looks very much like one of themMoth to a flame What I love about Easton is his struggle In one hand he’s white knuckling revenge studded obsession and in the other hand; he’s cradling his growing love for Darcy who kind of sweeps the rug out from under himBecause he doesn’t know how to defeat something that ends up saving himAnd that’s where the story is I’ve never seen a love story uite like the one that these two characters have Because I’ve never seen characters fight against each other and for each other at the same timeThey push against the idea of the other one but at the same time; they’re hoping that the other will just hold onto themI mean there’s a chapter in this book that stopped my pulse Because it was just so beautiful and so raw and so real And that’s so rare when you come across a book that has thatBut it’s because of these charactersHe’s an electric stormAnd she’s a piece of lightning I think every day Andrea Smith surprised meShe just has this crazy mad talent for everything romance She can make it whimsy; she can make it intense; she can make it light hearted; she can make it dark And with this book she did all of the above With her you’re just constantly on your toes as a reader Because you just have no idea where she’s going to take you And it was so amazing to watch her do that; to watch her take these characters and give them a heartbeat; to watch her take this blueprint of a plot design and watch her color everything in between; to watch her pour gasoline on a box of fireworks and light a match She’s just fucking brilliantThat’s all

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    Okay this book has been tweaked as recently as today LOL Sorry but it just had to be perfect and while by definition very few things in life are perfect I tried like hell to get it as close as possible I can't take full credit though because my Beta and even my ARC readers provided so much feedback that this so called finished book was still a work in progress as recently as an hour ago So I'm rating it as a 486 and rounding upNow I have to say something here Easton was a complicated character to write Those that have read the first two books in the series mostly loved Tazand at least got Slate I won't lie Easton is a different variety of alpha altogether He won't win any hearts over immediately but when he finally does Look out Mama There won't be dry eyes or pantiesin the audienceMy feedback from Beta and Arc readers so far is that they love Darcy No whiney heroine in this story Of course she's spoiled we all knew that going in but we don't hate her for it because she's well aware of that herself and makes no excuses for it However we do see that when her feet are held to the fire she sheds some of her superficial traits in favor of maturity and responsibility It's just that well Easton proves to be too much of a temptation you see Darcy sets out to conuer and there are many surprises along the way and of course it's a bumpy rideThis book is about self discovery for both characters And both characters will be uite surprised about certain things they discover within themselves At the end of the day they come to realize just how imperfectly perfect they are for one another

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    45 stars Night Moves starts out with Darcy Sheridan Darcy is a recent college graduate who is the only child of her two wealthy parents who have spoiled her rotten She has a plan She is going straight to the top of her fathers company She’ll learn the ropes before he retires She’s got a boyfriend she really cares for a job she’s looking forward to everything is looking up for her That is until she finds her boyfriend cheating and learns that things aren’t going to go uite as expected with her fathers company She needs to get away for a bit so she decides to go to Belize for Christmas Easton Matthews just happens to be in Belize at the same time as Darcy Easton at 33 years old is rich and successful He owns his own company and works hard to keep on top of things His mother is a wealthy English woman and his father an American He is half brothers with Taz Easton is drawn to Darcy right away when he sees her She reminds him of someone he once knew Someone he tries to forget He wants Darcy but not to be her rebound guy While in Belize they spend some time together but Easton and Darcy go their separate ways Time passes but Darcy can’t get Easton out of her mind Darcy’s best friend Lindsey is getting married Darcy is the maid of honor and she never expected to see Easton at the wedding she had no idea the sexy man she met on vacation was Taz’s brother and coming back into her life Easton permeates his way into Darcy’s life in multiple ways Professionally and in the bed room Easton is there Their relationship is complex in ways than one It starts out purely physical and let me tell you Easton is one sexy man The chemistry and physical attraction between these two jumps off the pages But what happens when feelings move beyond the physical? Things are complicated enough between Darcy and Easton
Easton knows he can’t give Darcy all she wants and deserves his past hinders him from doing that But he wants her regardless “I can’t give you what you want Darcy; I don’t have it to give I’m sorry But isn’t what we have the next best thing? We enjoy being with one another isn’t that enough?” 
Darcy is feeling things for Easton Things that she knows she shouldn’t He’s not available that way and with work and all the other barriers she knows it’s not the best idea But you can’t control how you feel If I allowed myself a slow moment to be honest I’d realize that I wanted him the way you want to watch a thunderstorm I mean it’s something great to watch from beneath a roof and through a window but it’s something altogether different when you’re standing right in the thick of it feeling the thunder through the ground you’re standing on; seeing the flashes of lightening land all around you The intensity rocked because of the risk Lets take a second to talk about the characters first Darcy Darcy was a fabulous heroine Even though she was little spoiled to begin with she got over that fast and became an independent and strong woman She took her life in her own hands I liked her loyalty and spunkiness Then there’s Easton Easton is fanfreakingtastic I love me a damaged man and he is that for sure His past made him the man he is today but he fights to get past it He is sexy dominate charming and everything a good alpha male should be It’s nice to see Taz and Lindsey make a few appearances in this story and we also get introduced to a new character I adored Eli I mean who doesn’t want a gay bff?
Now lets talk about the sex “I’m going to make you come Right here Right now and you will come love” 
It was smoking hot passionate kinky and wild It was just HOT so damn hot You will not be disappointed with the sex scenes in this book Easton and Darcy’s journey wasn’t all sexual Thats one of the best things about this book There was a real story along with the copious amounts of sex A story with some angst drama and suspense but also romance overcoming your past and self discovery What I love about this series is that with each book it gets better and better I’ve read all of Andrea Smith’s books to date and this is one of my favorites The writing had a nice flow to it once I started this book I had trouble putting it down I read the last 80% with no breaks I just couldn’t stop An entertaining and compelling story with great writing and well developed characters couldn’t ask for much ARC kindly provided by author Andrea Smith in exchange for an honest review

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    Spoiler Free mature content reader discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary Romance Erotica He was uietly ruining me wrecking me shattering me on a low pulse for any other man He owned me and I was happily being captured’ DarcyI LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THAT LINE Ladies you will love Easton not only does he have the sexy British accent but he also has an I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU SCREAM cock piercing REVIEW Darcy Sheridan is a 22yr recent college grad she is a privileged coughs spoiled only child who is use to getting her way She is currently preparing to take on a new job at her father’s company A company she may very well run one day On a high from both her and her boyfriend’s recent successes she decides to pay him a pleasurable visit when she catches him in acompromising position Hurt from the betrayal Darcy decides to spend the holiday in Belize and that is where she catches the eye of sexy Brit Easton Matthews ‘He was watching me watching him’ DarcyEaston spots Darcy and the attraction seems to be instant much to the dismay of his female companion The encounter in Belize is H O T but brief before Easton let’s Darcy know that this will not be the last time they will see each otherAnd he was right A few months pass and the wedding Day of Darcy’s best friend approaches and once again she finds herself suddenly face to face with EastonBoth Darcy and Easton are adults and as adults do they decide to link up and have sex What should be a simple hook up eventually becomes when he decides to make himself a permanent fixture in her life by way of her fathers company ‘The things I wanted to do to this woman’ EastonIt’s not long before sexual pleasures bring forth feelings of love in Darcy Yet the relationship maintains its sex only status She knows that is impossible to have Easton the way she truly wants which would be exclusively with him fully committed to her Easton catches feelings too he just refuses to acknowledge them for what they truly are His love for DarcyThey push each others buttons in angerThey pull off each others clothes in lustAnd the sex is F I R E ‘It'll never be over This thing we have this complicated and beautiful thing that you and I share with one another? I won't allow it to be finished because I do love you in spite of my black heart and my flawed emotions EastonMy ThoughtsI love when the book title is mentioned in a book which has happened often for me lately But in this case I LOVED not only how Night Moves was mentioned but what it was Of course you have to read the book to find out wink wink What really worked for me was the fact that Darcy could handle not having Easton in her life It was as if no matter what happened she knew the show must go on The once spoiled girl blossoms in to a woman who goes after what she wants with a new tenacity Easton on the other hand was stubborn but he had his reasons and once you find out what they are you will empathize for his character The Writing is well done and highly entertaining The plot has uite a few twists and turns as secrets relationships and true identities come out And no one is safe when it doesMy RatingsCharacters Sexy and FeistyWriting Style Entertaining and keeps your attention from start to finishPlotStoryline Sexy and engaging with a touch of suspense Steam Factor HighVery Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 85Overall I enjoyed it Read itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewCover Reveal HAVE YOU SEEN THIS

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    A perfect uote for both Darcy and Easton If only they could have read this all the angst could have been avoided But where's the fun in that? DThis is my fifth book by Andrea Smith And if there is one thing that I know about each and every one of her characters it is that they are vastly different people at the end of a book from what they were at the beginning Each love story she writes is a JOURNEY And none so than Darcy and Easton I think Darcy Darcy Sheridan's perfect rich girl life is beginning to crumble While on a trip to Belize over Christmastime to recover from a sort of broken heart and lick her wounds Darcy runs into EJ a fabulously sexy Britobviously a player as he scopes out Darcy while on the arm of another womanBut the sexy EJ leaves one hell of an impression and despite the fact that she resigns herself to never seeing EJ againit's not long before these two are thrown together once again only this time in much closer contact with each other When it comes to fucking someone overDont' fuck with someone who knows how to fuck you harder EJotherwise known as Easton Matthews is sex on a stick bossy as hell richer than rich and obviously only good for one thingno strings attached sex And he wants Darcy BAD And what Easton wants Easton gets Believe me it doesn't take long for him to convince her to spend a night with him Let me just say right nowthe bedroom scenes? Oh My God SoEffingHot Trust me love you take to my cock like a fish takes to water If I ever force myself on you it'll be because you beg me for it that way Of course there is than just a physical attraction between these two There is that intangible connection the something that just IS between two people who could be so much if only they'd let themselves fall The setting is from Belize to Washington DC to London and back again It's all over the place But the big thought of this book for me was really and truly focusing on how Darcy and Easton grow as peopleDarcy changing from this rich spoiled yet fun and flirty and loyal girl Easton changing from a cocky self assured player Into better people better because they make each other better BUT AND THIS IS A BIG BUTpay attention here folksI did not really like Easton for a bit He's very much a player with no regard for the feelings of the women he seduces He makes no promises plans no futures but he's the type to wash his hands clean and move the hell on That is until Darcy He changes so much as a person SO MUCH I started out not liking him but by the end of the book I fell so hard And so did Darcy Another point I want to make is that Darcy didn't win me over for awhile either Sure she's spoiled but that didn't bother me She was fairly down to earth and hard working actually My issue with her was how much of a doormat she was at first But she also didn't stay that way for long This chick grows a pair and puts her damned foot down No joke I was smiling and fist pumping like crazy I wanted him the way you want to watch a thunderstorm I mean it's something great to watch from beneath a roof and through a window but it's something altogether different when you're standing right in the thick of it feeling the thunder through the ground you're standing on; seeing the flashes of lightening land all around you The intensity rocked because of the risk; the danger I was exposed to without the protection of normal and without the understanding of the person Easton was Just like thunderstorms there was a part of Easton that frightened me My instincts were shouting from the rooftops for me to walk away from this There was no perfect storm where Easton Matthews was concerned There were a couple of things that I wasn't thrilled with but they are minor details view spoilerThe clit ring Who the heck gives someone a clit ring as a gift but especially if they don't have their clit pierced? What the heck was that all about? It made me laugh regardless And the tracking device as well What a douchebag thing to do hide spoiler

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    45 Stars rounded up because I LOVE Easton for the romantic stalker in all of usNight Moves is a stand alone novel however I would highly recommend reading the series in order because it gives a fuller picture of our characters and their history Immerse yourself in the G man world and then come and meet Easton ♥Darcy is 22 and an only child of wealthy parents; she's doted on indulged and spoilt with not a care in the world Then one day her world of contented bliss is thrown into chaos and that's where the story begins hurt and betrayal I'd never been broken; I was always the breaker never the breakee She needs to find her way in her personal and work life Enter Mr Gorgeous intriguing smoking hot Easton Matthews I was mesmerized by his looks and charisma He's just relaxing on the beach here chilling out YumEaston is a mergers and acuisitions security software man I was a man of varied tastes You know what I'm talking about here ladies??? He doesn't do relationships He makes the rules He's a no commitment kind of guy He has his wealth his business and his dalliances What does a man need??? He's controlling bossy dominantyes he's an alpha male Sexy charismatic and a real charmer He has flawed emotions which made me love him all the Can I fix you Easton??? I wasn't part of his fucking long term plan What??? He comes across as a cold fish at times but he's had a rough and challenging childhood No one has ever really nurtured him He has a hard edge to him which gives the story some depth He has history to deal with But will he???I love that Easton is British and it shows splendidly in the writing with the love and the poppet and the bloody and the twat and the splendid Lovely Night Moves is written from a dual perspective so we get his inner voice which is a lovely voice to hear; very revealing and at times uite moving and beautifulThey become entangled in each others livesDarcy discovers sexual pleasures she never knew existed and emerges as a fabulous heroine She's spirited and has a great sense of humour and irony even when faced with adversity I liked her and the way she dealt with things a lot No one will get one over on her if she can help it including Easton She was a diversion for now No than that Darcy and Easton are intense Something was pulling them together Night Moves is about self discovery Love Finding the person that is the other part of you But would they find their happy ever after???It's romantic and super duper sexy There are bumps along the way of course Lots of drama Love a bit of drama and heartbreak only when I'm reading A touch of angst sexy sexcapades with paddles and handcuffs involved and some intrigue thrown in for good measure A perfectly paved path to our HEA Andrea Smith as always tells a good story with an ending that made me smile I got my dose of drama and fabulous characters in the mix; I felt safe in terms of where the story was taking me Predictable??? I hear you say??? Well yes sometimes but there are surprises along the way as always and sometimes predictability is is exactly what I want from a book It makes for a splendidly enjoyable read Night Moves has been my favourite G man so far Read it and enjoy the moves I did Especially this part Easton began a slow pleasurable trail with his tongue twirling and nipping at the soft folds of my sex His tongue worked magic as it explored each and every fold with determination and expertise Lovely ♥ Epic BR with lots of lovely ladies ♥Arc generously given by the author for an honest review♥ Thank you Andrea Smith ♥ Diamond Girl Plus One My pre reading excitmentThere's a new Brit guy in town and I can't wait to meet himLook at his moves MmmmmLet me tell you I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED

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    4 Super Sexy Alpha Stars He was uietly ruining me wrecking me shattering me on a low pulse for any other man He owned me and I was happily being captured When I heard that Andrea was planning a 3rd G man book; I was extatic When I found out the hero is going to be a super sexy Brit; I was even excited But then Andrea went and put the cherry on my already perfect Alpha cake Know what it was? Hmm? Do you? Let's just say Easton came with certainuhemdecorative perks I have one thing to say to you EastonThere is nothing I love than broody jaded slightly assholish manwhoring heroes What? I happen to have a type And Easton happened to be that to a TOh Easton how right you areDarcy is 22 years old beautiful single spirited sexy and spoiled Emphasis on the spoiled LOL But she knows this about herself and doesn't make excuses for it Although at times her personality did irritate me she redeemed herself at the end She matured and as the book progressed and I enjoyed her turnaround by the end of the bookEaston dreamy sighWhat can I tell you about Easton? He was so beautifully broken I have to say that reading about the things that he went through broke my heart He is a hero that you will love to hate at first but then will fall for him ass over heals Trust me He had this dark intensity to him that I absolutely lovedDarcy gave as good as she got She was feisty and smart mouthed But I did feel like she gave in to Easton too easily at times I guess I just wanted to see him work for it a little He definitely deserved it at times Not that I'm complaining about theirummmparticular method of working things outAlthough Night Moves can be easily read as a standalone I'd highly recommend reading the rest of the series There is an event that takes place at the end that's a continuation of a story from book 1 and 2 Though if you haven't read it the author gives a perfect amount of background so that you wouldn't be confused or miss anything ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit SUEEEEEEJust got my ARCCan't wait to meet Easton

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    Book Night Moves G Man #3Author Andrea SmithPublication Date December 2013Type Series No Cliff hangerGenre Romance Erotica New AdultRating 4 12 out of 5 StarsBook provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSynopsisThere's a new Alpha in town and he's a BritDarcy Nicole Sheridan is 22 years old beautiful single spirited sexy and  spoiled She knows that about herself Raised by wealthy and doting parents as an only child Darcy pretty much coasts through life until her heart was inexplicably broken by her boyfriend DarinTo ease the pain Darcy flies to Belize over the holidays fully intending to wallow in self pity and distance herself from her ex Her pity party is short lived however after observing a very handsome very intriguing man on the beach Darcy becomes the focus of the smokin' hot wealthy and somewhat mysterious 'EJ'Soon she finds herself entangled with an alpha like no other Her world is rocked by a series of events that will forever change the course of her life showing her what love is all about; and forcing her to come to terms with hidden sexual pleasures only one man could fulfillThis book is intended for mature audiencesReading OrderDiamond Girl G Man #1 Sammie and Slate's StoryLove Plus One G Man #2 Lindsey and Taz's StoryNight Moves G Man #3 Darcy and Easton's StoryG Man #4 ?????ReviewI don't know where to even start with this review I feel like I have lived a lifetime through Darcy and Easton's eyes  I was drawn into their story and felt the passion love heart break growth and finally contentment between those twoAndrea has a way of drawing the reader in to the story to feel like you are watching everything unfold in front of you on a screenI lived it I loved it and I was sorry to see it endDarcyWhen the story opens Darcy is such a spoiled brat in a nice way and couldn't care less about her career  She only worries about what she is going to wear and how much fun she can have  She was just cheated on and decides to get away from it all by going to Belize  There she see's a gorgeous man god on the beach and can't stop bumping into him  She gives him a fake name and vice versato her surprise Darcy once again runs into him at Lindsey and Taz's rehearsal dinner and EJ turns out to be none other than Taz's 12 brother When I fuck you there'll be no doubt in your mind as to who you're with and why you're with me understand? It comes about that Easton takes over Darcy's father's company and promises to mentor Darcy in becoming a responsible business woman and adult  Hmmmmnot only does Easton mentor her in the office but also in the bedroom with his kinky games Fuck your pussy's a gripper Through the book you experience Darcy growing from a spoiled girl to a than competent assistant  Along with starting to head butt Easton and standing up for herself Darcy grows from child to a woman who accepts and embraces her role in the bedroom When it comes to fucking someone over Don't fuck with someone who knows how to fuck you harder Even though Darcy has some things she needs to learn about Easton and what his original plans were in stalking her and taking over her father's company  It's not all roses in this love affair  There are plenty of secrets flowing around Easton and reasons why he keeps running away to London and away from herEastonEaston was badly hurt in his childhood which accounts for his distrust in woman and in relationships  He opened up only one time to a woman and ended up badly burnt which really sets up his hatred of women except for meeting his sexual needs There was no perfect storm where Easton Matthews was concerned What starts with Darcy is of a twisted revenge in his mind against the woman who hurt him  See Darcy looks like the woman from Easton's past and even though Easton never really closed that section of his life he uses Darcy to play his sex and mind games with What Easton isn't ready for is the feelings he starts to have for Darcy which he swore to himself and her that he would never have  Is love enough to get past the hatred he has toward the women who abused him in his past?Wrap UpMix this romance in with a bit of suspense with past characters and the FBI and you have Night Moves To Night Moves cutting edge technology for the romantic stalker in all of us This book was so good that I am so wanting to go back and read the first 2 in this series

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    EASTON The man was tall probably around 6'3 and extremely handsome Dark thick hair lean with a muscular build That was one fine ass he had going on And he speaks with a British accent Hmmmm yum right ABSO BLOODYLUTELY And that's him fans fans Andrea was creates such such hot hero that I have a hard time trying to resist but what the hell instead I drool and swoon over them That's her ANDREA AMAZING WRITERAnd Darcy is a spoilt brat LOL That happens when you are the only child but at the same time she is so kind Darcy needs an escape from her life after her G Man cheats on her and runs off for a vacation where he meets a mysterious dark and handsome EJ Of course she tries to resist him but by the end of her vacation she goes back with a mind blowing orgasms and a satisfied grinIt's too bad you wanted to use your sexual history to barter with Nicole I think you would've enjoyed feeling me unsheathed Well well what she see coming was meeting EJ in the name of Easton And who is he really? LOL You have read it It just so interestingN of course Easton is a man whore LMAOCan Darcy resist??? Let's not forget those very enticing nipples of yours and the way they respond when I taste them right before I take them full into my mouth to suck Hard uite a rush isn't it? You'll not defy me again do you understand?Yes Sir Their chemistry is explosive and Eaton and Darcy are cute together And they come to London it just got scrumptious STEAM FACTOR IS REALLY HIGHview spoiler The only that put me off when Darcy announced she was pregnant and because she forgot her shots I have been recently few books with this kind of excuse hence I got bored wee bit hide spoiler