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Libby’s Fireman is the story of a little girl her mom and the fireman who falls in love with both of them Libby is exuberant outgoing and fearless She’s also six years old When she gets stuck in a tree trying to get her Barbie doll to fly Jack comes to her rescue Jack is immediately taken with the little girl He loves children going out of his way to help them whenever he can In bonding with Libby Jack gets to know Tara her mom Tara melts a little each time she sees Jack with Libby She was attracted to him but now her heart is becoming involved Little by little the three of them become a family

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this story of finding love again Firefighter Jack meets 6 year old Libby and she warms his heart then he meets her mom Tara and feels deeply attracted to her They get to know each other and their attraction grows as well as Jack's wish to be to little Libby You'll love this book read it for an honest to goodness love story As the other books come out in this series I hope we get to have glimpses of this little familyI received a copy from the author for an honest review

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewSometimes you meet the nicest people on social media I was lucky enough to be introduced to author Tracey Steinbach as part of a conversation discussing if it’s okay for a reviewer to ask an author to review their book Ms Steinbach said she would be flattered to be asked so I asked I’m glad I did because her book Libby’s Fireman was so sweet and enjoyable that I devoured it in one sittingLibby’s Fireman is about finding love a second time Firefighter Jack first meets in falls in love with Libby a precocious six year old Then he meets her mother Tara and the sparks fly I must confess that I first fell in love with Libby herself Every time she appeared in the book I smiled What a delightful child who just melted my heart with her fascination with Jack Then I fell in love with Jack – what a sweetheart He is handsome caring considerate and will obviously make a wonderful father to Libby Then add in sweet and caring Tara and I was a happy readerThere was only one problem with the story – it was too short I wanted But if you’re looking for a uick nibble of romance then Libby’s Fireman is the book for you

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    Short and sweetI received this book free for a review my major complaint was the length of the book it is extremely short and that makes it harder to become invested in the people in the story I was pleased that my attention was not ripped away from the story because of poor editing even with the length of the story I felt fairly comfortable with character and story development but a little longer story s would have allowed me to get to know them better and like them The romance between Jack and Tara went pretty fast and we didn't get to see Libby have a lot of say so in how fast it went I would have enjoyed a longer story but I did enjoy the people

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    Excellent little short story I really enjoyed this sweet story about Libby Jack and Tara I liked the originalness of it as well as the realness of it Libby is so sweet and out going I bet she will be a handfull when she is older Hope to see her story at some pointI recommend this story

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    Loved this novella Excellent story

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    A really cute story Something that will make you go awwwwwwwwwww