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Even a broken heart has trouble resisting a Stubborn LoveEmmie Hayes loved the beautiful Ashton Stirling deeply; nobody could deny that She had given him her youth and all he gave in return was misery and pain She was ready for a new beginning but Ashton wasn’t about to let her go so easily even if it meant destroying both their lives in the processThree years later Emmie convinces herself she is ready to leave all of that heartbreak in the past and find a little piece of normal for herself She heads to New York City to pick up where she left off determined to finish art school Emmie is determined to focus on school and not let anything distract her but life has a way of throwing curveballsPaige Emmie’s new roommate brings Colin Bennett into her life His smoldering eyes and lean muscular body are difficult for any girl to ignore Only thing is Emmie isn’t any girl Her past makes her resistant to his charms Colin isn’t one to give up easily and just when he thinks he may have found a way to her stubborn heart her tragic history may have found a way to tear them apart

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    Well Motherfucker The ♦bad♦ thing about this book isThere was absolutely nothing memorable about itAnd I just finished itThe ♦good♦ thing about this book isI’ve already forgotten about itThank God This ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Stubborn Love is the story of Clementine Hayes Clementine ‘Emmie’ has a past A past she’s not proud of a past she has had trouble moving forward from Emmie was in too deep with someone She needed to get out to start over again A person can only be beaten down for so long before they begin to yearn for their spirit to be set free Things didn’t turn out like she planned and she has spent the last three years feeling guilty but she knows she has to move on with her life She is still broken but she wants to start over start fresh She moves to NYC at twenty six to finish art school Art is her passion As luck would have it she meets Paige Paige needs a roommate Emmie needs a place to live It’s perfect Paige has a boyfriend named Christian who has a brother named Colin who happens to be Emmie’s landlord Emmie is immediately attracted to Colin I mean who wouldn’t be? She doesn’t treat him the best at first but once she gets to know him she likes him They become friends Any feelings she may have for him get suashed She can’t go there Love was not in the plans for this stage of my life The oh so sexy and swoony Colin has it bad for Emmie And he won’t give up on her that easily “I was fine with the way my life was Now you’re all I can think about” ‘Don’t push me away Let me love you’ Emmie has her reasons for not wanting to fall for Colin ‘Colin I’m broken I don’t want to be with you because if I was you would end up just as broken as me’ But sometimes no matter how stubborn you are about it you can’t chose when it happens or who you will fall for And Emmie is falling for Colin Hard There is someone digging around Emmie’s past Until she confronts her past and tells Colin about it there is no way she will be able to move on with Colin and her life Stubborn Love was a uick and enjoyable read I really like stories about discovering who you are and moving past the past Emmie frustrated me at times but overall I liked her I understood why she was so hesitant to be in a relationship Colin was just a doll Loved him Sweet sexy caring and understanding Such a great guy A short sweet and emotional read about getting closure and moving on with your life I am hoping there will be a PaigeChristian book I really want to know whats going on with those two ‘He loved me for all my broken pieces and he was willing to put all of them back together one by one for as long as it took It may have taken time and it was definitely a stubborn love But it was real And it was ours’ ARC kindly provided by author Wendy Owens in exchange for an honest review

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    2 ½ 3 Stubborn StarsThis book was given to me by the author Ms Wendy Owens in exchange of an honest review She was completely upfront and said to be completely honest So here it isThis story started off with a bang which will grab a reader’s attention The story thereafer felt a tad weak although if I were to relay it to a friend as to what happens they would say it sounds like a great story So here lies my problem perhaps the book wasn’t indepth enough She had four great characters but the interaction could have been hysterical or deep or something I hope I’m making sense but there are back stories that could have been explored or even scenes that could have been added that would have strengthened the characters to feel real but they stayed flat to me The main character Clementine goes through some difficult feelings of guilt about her failed marriage while pursuing her future and lost dreams Clementine slowly falls for Collin whom is a practically perfect guy This is where the story felt cookie cutter and remained so because she meets the hot guy pushes him away because he perhaps is a “player” and because she harbors guilt about her past but they come together in the end Even Colin’s character’s depth should have been explored than just the guy who gives great gifts and loves her I've never felt anything like this Em I'm not looking for just sex I want to be with you and I want you to be only with me On the plus side the pacing is excellent and the story has an hea Although predictable it made for a sweet read perhaps for another reader just not for me This ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    25 stars

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    4 stars I was provided with an advanced electronic copy of this book from the author in return of an honest review This review will be also posted on Smokin’ Hot Book Blog as a part of Stubborn Love Blog Tour on 25th June It's better to feel pain than nothing at allThe opposite of love's indifferencePay attention now I'm standing on your porch screaming outAnd I won’t leave until you come downstairsLyrics Stubborn Love The Lummieres Wendy Owens created heartwarming novel filled with enjoyable romance and enchanting story that will get any fan of sweet and pleasurable read hooked from the beginning Stubborn Love is like honey sweet and delicious but with a hint of wildness and something rich Clementine Haynes is 26 year old widow who thinks that love is not for her not again In her opinion she doesn’t deserve affection Three years ago she made her choice she finally got the courage to walk away from abusive husband who manipulated her using fists and words “I swear Em if you leave me I’ll kill myself”But she had had enough of his behavior and despite the threat she didn’t look back Unfortunately she had no idea Ashton will pull the trigger Now she’s fighting with overwhelming guilt that eats her alive When she finally starts to life again she meets Colin sexy landlord who has his eyes only for her “I’ve never felt anything like this Em I’m not looking for just sex I want to be with you and I want you to only be with me”Wendy Owen’s contemporary romance has everything uick summer read should have good idea and setting entertaining plot charming characters love and a little bit of drama Stubborn Love is novel for those who like to close eyes daydream and forget about problems I highly recommend it for every woman who has free evening and is tired of reading heavy books with violence or abuse and is in mood for something lighter but enjoyable

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    I feel like I need to start this review by stating that I absolutely loved a good 70% of this read The MC was great Emmie was a woman that anyone could relate to Her heartache and struggle to rebuild herself was real and relatable BUTAt the 70% mark for those of you who own a Kindle the storyplot took a flaming nose dive into the WTF realm I literally caught myself on than one occasion rolling my eyes at the ridiculous actions of Emmie and the dialogue between her and Colin What guy in his right mind would stay with a woman who was acting like a childish head case? The author took our 26yo heroine and made her a sniveling 16yo who couldn’t tell her ass from a hole in the ground Good news though I did stick it through and after a few choice words and an internal debate on if I really wanted to chuck my Kindle Ms Owens was able to resuscitate the train wreck and bring it back to life My only problem with that is that is just didn’t feel real I am thankful that we were able to get back on track but the ride just wasn’t as pleasant as it was before Mixed reviewyes But I am a glutton for punishment I suppose This read ends at the 92% mark and we get a decent look into book 2 which highlights 2 of the supporting characters in this book I am intrigued enough to say that I did add book 2 Only in Dreams – release date is set for December 10 2013 to my TBR wish list I hold out hope that Ms Owens doesn’t make the female MC of that book into a dummy

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    FOR MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE CHECK OUT MY BLOG BLAME IT ON THE RAIN REVIEWSI don’t think I have ever felt so half and half about a book before in my life With the first 75% of it being really addictive but the last 25% pretty annoying I liked this book but I wished it had just finished at that 75% mark and I know I would have liked it I suppose a person can only be beaten down for so long before they begin to yearn for their spirit to be set freeFinally wanting to start a fresh and do something for herself Clementine fulfils her dream of moving to New York to go to art school 26 years old and a widow she is determined to focus on her work and not get involved with anyone romantically as she is still struggling with the guilt she feels over her husbands suicide However when a chance meeting with Paige leads her to a new apartment and a sexy landlord that wont stay away this is going to be harder than Emmie first thoughtI really liked Emmie at the start of this book loving her strength and determination and the passion she had for her work I could completely sympathise and understand why she would feel it was her fault that Ashton killed himself although it clearly wasn’t and could also see why she would maybe want to concentrate on herself However when Colin comes in to her life it’s obvious thats not going to happen Disgusted by him at first and convinced he is a player she does her best to stay away from him and doesn’t hide her obvious distase for himHowever she very uickly see’s a side to him that she didn’t expect and is pulled in by his thoughtful caring nature Despite wanting to be with him she still wants to keep Colin at arms length convinced that she is somehow cursed and he will only get hurt if they end up together but as far as I could see the only one sabotging the relationship was herThis is the point were I didn’t like Clementine so much Don’t get me wrong I could kind of understand why she was scared to get in to a new relationship after how wrong the first one went but her constant self pitying and withholding the truth from Colin I could not understand She didn’t kill Ashton although she was hiding away the fact that he threatened to do it as if she had pulled the trigger I hated that she was so convinced that Colin was going to leave her if he found out that she continued to push him away and in a way leaving him before she got hurt herself Especially towards the end of the book she really annoyed me as she could not just accept the fact that it wasn’t her fault no matter how much everyone told her as such She drove me crazy with how self pitying and annoying she was being as she had Colin in her life who would clearly do anything with her and she was sabotaging all of that for nothing“You’re going to be my undoing Colin Bennett”“I hope so; it’s only fair since you were mine”Colin was an amazing character and put up with a lot He never tiptoed around how he was feeling or played games but was always 100% honest and to the point which I loved He was nothing but genuine and kind to Clementine even when she wasn’t being that way with him and was always willing to fight for what he wanted He wasn’t afraid to admit when he was wrong and was extremely romantic when he went and sang a song to Clementine with the Lumineers I swooned a little bit I really can’t fault him one bit and loved everything about him“I was fine with the way my life was Now you’re all I can think about” He sighed “I think I’m falling in love with you”Paige was such a great addition to this book Although to begin with I was unsure about her dry humour and insults towards Clementine’s clothes as the story went on I found that these were one of the best things about her She took Clementine under her wing from the get go offering her a place to stay and opening her up to a whole new life with new opportunities She was extremely friendly and such a girls girl wanting to talk about guys and just being there for Clementine whenever she needed her I loved her as a character and wish that she was real so that she could be my friendThe thing that let this story down a little bit was the ending I think this story should have ended after the Christmas break had happened as I felt I had had the angst and drama that I wanted and was happy with where the couple were at However unfortunately it didn’t stop there which was the main flaw of this book Bringing Asher’s parent’s in to this story was really not necessary as it brought around a whole new form of drama than wasn’t needed Also I understand that the end of the book was supposed to be a way for Clementine to fully get closure over what had happened in her past but to me it just seemed like an annoying add on to a really good storyOverall I loved the first half of this book specifically the writing style and character development as I ‘felt’ every word and truly cared for the people in the story However I feel that it was stretched out a little too much adding extra drama that wasn’t really needed making me change my opinion of the main character who up until this point I had really liked I would recommend this book to others as I really did enjoy it I just wasn’t too sure about the last few parts

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    Find this review and many at is one of those books that’s really going to be hit or miss in some spots with people myself included I always shoot for a spoiler free review so my apologies if it’s too vague“Well that started with a bang” That was my first thought after I finished the prologue Probably not the most PC of puns but that’s where my weird brain went But what that really means is that it starts off really strong short to the point and didn’t drag out a bad situationAlmost all of the rest of the story I enjoyed it was well written with what I thought was a good balance of funny sad sexy and dramatic Although wow that escalated uickly You’ll know what I mean when you get there And I Iiked that Clementine was a pretty moderate character not too wishy washy and not too domineering a little insecure but not ridiculously so like some characters can be Sure she’s stubborn but that’s kind of the point of the story See it’s in the title The other characters were pretty enjoyable too Well not those two but Colin Christian and Paige I would love to have had some time with Clementine’s Mom and Colin I have a feeling they would be a hoot together And I hope Christian and Paige get their own story it seems like there’s a lot to be told with themThe ending though not that I didn’t like it but it felt somehow unfinished to me It seems like there’s some loose story threads dangling around that haven’t been tied up enough to really have a finish? It’s tough to describe but there it isI just noticed that there is another novel “Only In Dreams” which is Paige’s story Now if only my hopes for winning lottery numbers worked so uickly

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    I've been looking for a good NA book and this definitely was not it It seems like all NA books are the same Girl suffers a trauma in her life boy swoops in to save her The endI will say the trauma she went through in this book was a bit creative and kind of shocking It was nice seeing an author actually portray a typical realistic reaction to something that happened to a character Not some off the wall reaction that makes no sense With that being said some of the other reactions were very unrealisticMaybe I'm too logical when I read books But to me a guy that supposedly loves you would probably be brutal to someone that hits you as opposed to someone that doesn't Not when it comes to Colin though I don't want to say much than that to avoid spoilers but Colin's character didn't make any sense at times Clementine was an okay protagonist but she wasn't even close to being memorable The book itself wasn't memorable either except for the random ass sex scene that came out of left field I'm still laughing about it These two denied their attraction for each other and neither one of them wanted to be with anyone and then out of nowhere Let's have sex I'm not really interested in reading sex scenes in books especially ones that are unneeded And this one was definitely a scene that the author randomly throws in there like SURPRISE SEXOverall this book is just a typical NA It wasn't bad enough to DNF but it doesn't have the wow factor I won't be reading anything else by this author because I prefer books with excitement Not just a typical 3 star book