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War comes home to the Sol system when the Drasin track a human ship back to Earth with devastating conseuences Facing massive force of invading alien ships wielding terrible power the crew of the NAC spacecraft their allies and the people of Earth must mount a desperate effort to stop themDoomed from the start but with nowhere to retreat Captain Eric Weston commits his ship to the defense of the human race even as the human outposts in Sol system fall one by one before the unrelenting Drasin onslaughtA first rate military science fiction epic that combines old school space opera and modern storytelling Homeworld Odyssey One the third installment of the Odyssey One Series continues the exhilarating hard pressed action as the Captain Weston faces an overwhelming enemy threatening not just his ship and crew but the future of Earth as well©2013 Evan Currie P2013 Brilliance Audio all rights reserved

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    A hard science fiction heavy on the action battles and space technology Loved most everything about it Kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and now I need to know what happens from here on out After the way it ended I have to jump straight into the next one right now

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    By the midway point I was absolutely certain that I was loving this one best out of the three novels but that was only because I appreciated the new direction it was taking sliding easily between a cat and mouse tale a good chase and solid warfare tactics and strategy I've said a lot about the good characterizations and that remains and is possibly improved upon here but I can add another great feature to the seriesThe world building is only getting better Sometimes I look forward to a good exposition Isn't that odd? Well I do I like to know how things work whether it's the tech the political situations or anything else that has direct impact upon the tale We've got a lot of that in this one and I'm immensely grateful for it It rounds out all the ever increasing action and characters in a very familiar and succinct way building nicely upon the already heavily embedded natural world buildingBut what about the second half?Oh my Guess who's homeworld the title refers to? Yup Ours And we're in for a mighty shitstorm This is the kind of classic SF we're used to of course but the storytelling is uite modern and uite fun and I have nothing but great things to say about the surprising and grand ways we make it throughEven the last reveals seem uite natural because we've already had uite a bit of introduction to it in the way of Central Poor Odyssey I do so wonder if she'll get reconditioned in time for book four? sigh

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    I love this series It’s been a while since I breezed through a whole series like I did with this one As soon as one audio book finished I immediately picked up the next one staying up late to finish each one Although this is the review for book 3 I have finished the series and I am fairly certain I will pick the series up again at a later time and re read it all It’s like a roller coaster at an amusement park – it way too exhilarating of a ride to just experience onceIn this book the Block launches their first ship the Weifang into deep space where they have the unfortunate luck to encounter the Drasin first time out With a damaged ship they slowly and cautiously make their way back to Earth doing everything they can to not be followed and not to bring this species back to the Homeworld Except we the reader know what is inevitable especially since the title is called Homeworld We can only hope Earth defense’s can withstand what is about to come and that Captain Weston can pull out one trick as the Odyssey tries their best to warn the Weifang about what may be following themEvan Currie really knows how to create a military sci fispace opera series It’s not just that this book has a well paced fun plot or that you are kept on the edge of your seat during battles which you definitely are But it’s also how well draws out the tension or story during the uieter moments too Keeping you engaged every second of the storyRating 5 stars

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    This is such a great piece of military science fiction Unfortunately it utterly destroyed in the end with deus ex machina I saw it coming but thought Currie would avoid going down that road He didn'tWhat had been a breathtaking thrill ride transformed into a generic tale in just one page So depressingI really can't forgive Currie for this Why? That is all I can say

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    Upon consideration I'm going all the way to 5 stars here as I am really enjoying this series as will as enjoying each book I picked it this one being next up for me in the series when I'd found myself in an extended slump reading wise Nothing drew me in nothing appealed So i went back to an action genre where I've found many enjoyable booksmilitary science fictionWe accompanied this crew as with their new jump drive they found and made contact with other people on another planetoddly other humans And they turn out to be human mostly just like us Unfortunately everyone and everything isn't really peaceful out there While the humans we meet and make friends with are essentially peaceful almost pacifist they have been forced to defend themselves not to be annihilatedand of course the arrival of the humans from Earth in the Earth ship with a completely different FTL system than they have sort of saves the dayat least for a whileSadly there are other blocks of power on Earth and they send their own ship out It's sad because they lead a super annihilating type force back to EarthSo really we're pretty muchwell I don't tend to use the word most would here Let's just say Earth and all who live there are up a river of excrement with and way to paddle the boat Globally speaking the solid waste is about to strike the rotary impellerWill we survive? Will Earth be simple a dead rock in space? So read the bookI can recommend this one enjoy

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    NotesMaybe 4 stars? I have to think about it My friends and I are buddy reading the series I know for a fact that Currie likes to put in a little something at the end of a book in a series to make you want to read the next one I'm fully aware that the next book is most likely going to be a slowuneven transition piece Knowing all that I still got hooked by a little big thing at the end of this book HOOKED shakes fist Yah okay Maybe I'll peek at the intro of #4 early P

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    I'm almost certain that the word grimaced is used freuently than the principle character's name I'm not even joking When they're not grimacing everywhere they're scowling glowering and snorting Every conversation with a snort is defused when the powerful participant chuckles It's like a nursery book of simple emotions left on the pile of magazines at a doctor's office and with most of the pages missingIt's so full of this language I'm tempted to download an epub if I can find one free simply so I can run a few scripts against it grep c grimace|ed|ing|scowl|led|ling you know Oh yes and I find it disconcerting when two people are talking and one refers to the other as his erstwhile friend Did I miss some falling out? Does that word's meaning change over the next couple of hundred years? Who dares to dream?The story for all that happens it's mostly maneuvering is OK It's not good I don't care about any of the characters even the ones who had development in earlier books The first couple of chapters gave me hope that this time there was a interesting plot and that the book had maybe seen better attention from an editorIt's not boring exactly If you skip over all the duplication anyway Because every time someone says something or some new information appears another character will find a way to paraphrase it immediately just so we're sure we understandI remember how in the first book the crew of this futuristic spaceship were getting used to using a touch interface since this is clearly an alternate universe where iPods never happened It's the same universe however where people take mind controlled space fighters for granted That kind of disconnect is still hereI've read the first one and listened to the next one on audiobook I'm not sure why I didn't finish this one and won't be getting any seuels I hope Currie keeps writing and other people get some enjoyment from it because the world could do with epic military SF and I don't want the genre to die out But I mostly hope that we get some better authorsOh and it's got a prologue I have no idea why It's chaptered and the prologue is just chapter 1 of the B storyline Now that's just weird

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    Spoilers from previous booksI can't believe how we were left hanging It's total chaos This was a nice recovery from the last book that was one continuous battle I have to ualify my rating This is great sci fi action battles anxiety and a semper fi feeling of wanting earth to win You'll pump your fists and be angry at the alien Drassin who destroy worlds However it can be a bit tech heavy sometimes and there isn't much character development at all But I had a good time thus the extra star We follow a ship from China it's first voyage into the galaxy We also follow a Capt and ship from Ranuil And of course the Odyssey China's ship the Wyfang sp is unknowingly followed back to earth with the Drasin on there hills Earth is well and truly fucked We've got the Wyfang the Odyssey and the space station How are we going to stop them from launching pods on earth and destroying everything? Omg how I hated the humans who send the drones out to destroy on their behalf Oh how I love Capt Eric who always seems to have something up his sleeve to antagonize and destroy the enemy against the odds The new weapon they have gave me a huge sci fi boner I hate the way people think Eric got them into an interstellar war I was frustrated with our separate countries dont work together I kept thinking that they and WE im real life need a universal government If an invading army showed up we be so up the creek before we could come together to share tech and resources Anyway I got chills pumped my fist I felt like what football fans must feel like during the epic batle It's not over We kind of got left hanging Will our hero survive? I can't wait for

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    Evan C Currie is one of my top three favourite authors when it comes to Science Fiction When I buy a book from Evan C Currie I expect a great story interesting characters good action and believable science fiction especially the space battles This book do not disappoint in any of this On the contrary it excels It is probably the best science fiction book that I have read so far this yearThe adventures of Odyssey One and Captain Eric Stanton Weston continues from the previous book As the book blurb states the Drasin finds the human homeworld and the resultant battles are uite spectacular Underneath all the action and space battles there is of course a red thread and it involves both the Drasin and the Priminae For one thing the Drasin are not acting by themselves They are controlled Or so the ones that “controlled” them thought The ending is somewhat spectacular even apocalyptic When I closed the book I was not sure exactly what I felt Was it a feeling of despair and some depression or was it a feeling of “wow let’s go and get the bastards now”? I was indeed thinking it would go in another direction all the way up until the last chapter When I realised that it would not I really felt a “come on you are not really doing THAT are you” Then he did At this point I was not a happy puppy Then in the last few pages we get a few revelations that pretty much turned around my feeling and now I am really and I mean REALLY looking forward to the next book

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    Very good