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A historical Steampunk adventure this story introduces Tavara Tinker and her band of friends that are wrapped up in an alternative Victorian era world By day a proper Victorian Lady By night deep in the heart of industrial London she maintains a research laboratory and a steam powered factory where she creates the clothes and weapons for a new generation of adventurer Join Tavara as she visits Paris to collect rare cloth for a client and finds out she's not the only one that has interest in it

10 thoughts on “LeTour de Paris (The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker #1)

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    Now Tavara Tinker is my “kinda gal” Sassy sorta posh with a kickass attitude a penchant for danger and love of travel oh and she wears long leather boots 😬This first story sees her and her “gang” head to Paris in their airship get involved in a fracas to be explained further I reckon and head for home after a successful mission I listened to the audio book brilliantly read by Melanie Fraser and can see myself purchasing further episodes to learn of the escapades of the steampunk Ms Tinker Certainly 4⭐️ very nearly 5 😳

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    This steampunk short story was an exciting romp to and through Paris to obtain a certain fabric needed by a client I love Tavara and Jonathan and can't wait to reead of their adventures

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    Very clever writing This short story is action packed from the very beginning and uickly moves through to a very satisfactory endingLively characters under the guidance of their leader Tavara Tinker go on an adventure to Paris to find some special material for their customerI loved the detail packed into this story the excitement and successMelanie Fraser helps make this an enjoyable listen with her brilliant change of voices and accents She really is a very talented voice actress and I loved her FrenchAll of his made for a most entertaining half hour or so and I am uite happy to recommend this audiobookI received the audiobook version from the narrator and this is my unbiased review

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    This was my first foray into the steampunk genre and I enjoyed it immensely Le Tour de Paris was an ideal title to start me off as it is a short readlisten It had all the descriptions details and paraphernalia that I would associate with steampunk The story is action packed and the readerlistener is thrust into all the excitement right from the beginning Because this is a short story there isn't an abundance of information about the characters except for their looks and what they are wearing The writers have instead concentrated on the series of action scenes which are very well written and entertaining The narrator Melanie Fraser added a some extra pizazz with sound effectsI was surprised at how much detail and activity the writers were able to jam into such a short piece but they managed it superbly I'm hoping that the current storyline continues into the next installment as I'm keen to find out what happens next I'd also like to see the characters develop as the series progresses so that I can gain insight into their relationships with each other However the installments would need to get a little bit longer in order to facilitate this without sacrificing the action and adventure scenes I loved the narration by Melanie Fraser The narration is well paced and crystal clear The little snippet of French she spoke was impressive and I found myself listening that extra bit carefully to see if I could remember my secondary school French By the third listen I had it translated in my head happy in the knowledge that the language is still rattling around in there somewhere Le Tour de Paris is not a story that will bore you I have listened to Le Tour de Paris three times to date and I enjoyed it even each time With so much going on in the story it is easy to miss a bit of the action if you get distracted so I found myself wanting to go back and listen to it again If you want a short listen that is high in entertainment I would definitely recommend Le Tour de Paris For anyone like me who has yet to venture into the steampunk genre Le Tour de Paris is a great place to startI received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    A Lovely Short Story With Excellent NarrationLeTour de Paris was a neat short about Tavara Tinker who's an interesting and intriguing character I liked this story and hope there's to come in the chronicles I'd really enjoy seeing where this character goes and what she does next I also loved the subtle sound effects in the storyWhat I especially liked was the narration Melanie Fraser is terrific She has a super voice and a brilliant knack for capturing the characters persona She also has a great accent with exuisite FrenchThis audiobook was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast

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    I was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest reviewI have never listened to a steampunk book before and was pleasantly surprised by this story While just enough to wet your appetite this story was action packed and full of adventure I loved the fact that the strongest character both in personality and body was a woman How refreshing for a historical story to have a woman as the main substantial character Tara never ceased to amaze me from her getting ready to leave to her battle over payments The story kept you on the edge of your seat wanting As always Melanie Fraser delivers a perfect narration Her voice is spot on for each character Loved the French accent Hoping there is to this story soonit just can't end here