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When Vanessa got into her car that winter's afternoon she had no idea she was setting off on a journey with no return An inner journey that would call into uestion a whole life spent living up to other people's expectationsWith tragic and comic episodes that bring together a domineering mother a hippie aunt a boring marriage an insufferable boss and a friend who never knows when to shut up The Strange year of Vanessa M shares Vanessa's voyage of self discovery with us And it makes us marvel at the power we have to uestion things because there's no end to the pursuit of happiness

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    This book is written in a very monthly way the strange evolution of Vanessa during one year of her life from the moment she leaves home in search of meaning and of herself till the moment when after a lot of events and mistakes she finaly discovers where she wants to be and who she really isMaria CarmoLisbon 7 June 2015

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    This was a likable albeit somewhat predictable story about a wife and mother trying to determine what she really wants from life Kind of a midlife crisis scenario Vanessa's year long journey to self realization was entertaining enough but the ending while not a surprise was disappointingly too neat and tidy 3 stars

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    This Review is by So Flirting with Forty minus a vacation though there's an appearance of a surfing loving hunk who is ten years younger and an irritating husband I am getting pissed at myself for commencing my reviews with I love love this book But I can't help it I really loved loved this book Apologies Niecey for the repetition Still your unalloyed fan If not for the blog work I would spend another week doing this all over againWhen I say this book is sooooo like Jane Porter's hit I really mean it Frankly I never completed Flirting With Forty Because I didn't own a copy I saw the book with a friend at school and this friend was so the kind of friend who would walk around campus clasping the book tight in the grip of her underarms to win over guys as the avid reader type and the intelligent type Anytime I asked her she'd never let me have it saying she was so into not sharing written literature You know how bitchy rich kids can get But I was so into the blurb of the book and I didn't want to give up I doubt she'd be reading this blog no kidding she's a dimbo I stole the book Yeah gasp all you want And I am not ashamed I did it If I even really knew there was a movie I would still have gone to such lengths Unfortunately I didn't finish reading it because I came from recess one time and found out it was nowhere in my bagReading this book made me somewhat fulfilled And I really felt I had read from start to finish of you know what book by nowAnother book about mid life crisis Another book about reconsidering all choices made in life Another book about wanting to start over and exploring the world free from all the marital drama and the whatnots And an exciting and fulfilling one at that I am not married I don't have a kid I don't have a friend who talks too much I am probably that friend I have the most adorable mum in the world unlike Vanessa's traditional one And most importantly I am sure if I do have all the above I wouldn't bolt like Vanessa didAt the opening chapters I was chaffed at our lead girl there fortunately her roots are not sticking out like their doing on the cover no matter how annoying your minors can get there's no excuse for leaving them on a street and driving off That's what being a mother is about tolerating all the tantrums of your little ones no matter how much you would want to drive off speaking from a guy's point of view But it turned out Vanessa had just been pranking the little girl A prank which the police didn't get And so did the judge who sat the case and sentenced her to forty sessions of therapy which would determine if she's fit to live as a normal person or one that should be locked up in a looney binThrough this therapy Vanessa gets to acknowledge she isn't happy Too much tedium as she puts it She doesn't know if she loves the husband who might be a prince charming in another fairy tale She is uite sure she doesn't love her daughter She isn't happy at her workplace with a boss who collects dolls and puts too much workload on her and one woman referred to as the 'Hellcat' happy to make everyone look bad in the sight of the boss who collects dolls She realizes all her life she's lived to please her mother And Diana she doesn't even know why she's friends withOne incident of driving leads her to her hippie aunt who's in her sixties Soon she is leaving home her husband her daughter and to her mother's displeasure moving in with this auntHer stay is plagued with concerns of all the wrong turns she'd taken during her lifetime encounters with men who live with their daddies and mummies a single lawyer in his thirties who loves to organize a little orgy at home and boyfriends of her aunt who like to troop around 'au naturel' What I loved about this book is the little advice in the form of Vanessa's musings Fonseca drops out and the ignored reasonings of every day life such as why there are so many nasty characters in this world or why married couples would allow their waistlines to expand thinking their partners would accept them for who they are then get back in shape when there's a divorce and why people cheat Fonseca's view on all these simple everyday uestions were fresh uniue and understanding And you can't miss Vanessa's nights with a cult of divorcées who's opinions on marriage are enlightening Stock characters I was enad with were mostly Frank the hippy aunt's sixty something boyfriend who loves going naked during their early hour meditations Of course Diana whose speeches contributed half the novel size and the single orgy loving lawyer who brought out most of the romance Vanessa had been lacking being away from her husband A perfect read for the holidays Or when you begin doubting all the choices you've made I am not sure but I think that moment of mid life crisis mostly with women is inevitable and you would love this book snuggled between a duvet and a couch your contacts well adjusted a constant supply of caffeine in the form of coffee in a mug to take you through Even if you are convinced you are so happy where you are with who you are still pick this book just because you want something entertaining And trust me mid life crisis has never been portrayed any better Visit us at Chicklitpadblogspotcom Reviewing all Chicklit Romance and Women's Fiction

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    So it's my turn to make a review of ONE of my favorite booksThis book is an easy reading and a can't stop reading typeI think that in some point of our life we have the same uestions that Vanessa has and we start to think about our lives and what could have happened if we do or we don't somethingIt's the second book of the author and a serious side of her showing that mature and delicate topics can be addressed in an easy and fun wayNow for the HATERS that FOR NO REASON rated this book with 1 star because they understood it as a SPAMa good advice Get the hell out of your pc because the excess of internet and electronic stuff are CLEARLY interposing with your sanity and nice personality that I believe you have in the deep of your heart and take a walk watch the sun birds and bees or do some yoga classes it also works ;BACK TO WHAT MATTERS this is a GREAT book for every age and gender if you appreciate goodreadings you CAN'T MISS IT

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    The Strange Year of Vanessa M starts with Vanessa appearing to have the perfect life with a loving husband a beautiful daughter a good job and a nice home Appearances are often very deceptive and Vanessa soon finds herself uestioning her choices and making changes With the help of her hippie Aunt the interference of her bossy mother and the unwanted advise of her self proclaimed best friend she makes changes one by one and comes to a conclusion at the end and finds what she is looking for in a happy ending Her emotional ups and downs make this story realistic and her sense of humor keeps her seeking a better place along the way as she learns to laugh and cry with all the wacky characters in her life

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    This was a delightful book it took me completely by surprise The cover is simple and eye catching and yet looks incredibly professionalThe content is exceptional a literary fiction tale of identity and belonging it guides the reader along at a lovely pace The writing is exuisite and definitely breaks the literary mould of ‘slow and purple prose filled’ This is a book of clean language each word has purpose and it paints the picture of Vanessa’s life her journey and ultimately her self discoveryI’d recommend this to lovers of contemporary women’s fiction and literary fiction Great storytelling from an exceptional writer

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    An early mid life crisis? A true personal awakening? A little bit of both? What a year Vanessaand her husband and her daughter and her mother and her aunt and her co workershad Some for the better some not It's crazy to think we can end up living a life simply to please others or at least not upset someone else's apple cart Although prompted into therapy because of a court ordered issue Vanessa truly challenges herself makes tough decisions and does the hard work to rebuild her life At times I really didn't like Vanessa but in the end I like who she became and where she wants to go

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    I loved the book and I highly recommend it it's simple exciting I read the book in 2 days about the real lifeIt's a very current story which could have been experienced by anyone in our society I think we all have a bit of Vanessa inside us but read and confirm for yourselfI've read the book before Thirty Something Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be and also enjoyed a lotCongratulations and best wishes much success to Filipa Fonseca Silva who is an excellent writer

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    In spite of the sometimes awkward translation I really liked this book Vanessa is a woman struggling to find her own happiness in a world that has dictated her happiness until her 30's She wrestles with issues that strike close to home while at the same time prove difficult for some people to understand ambiguous feelings toward her child dissatisfaction with her by all accounts adoring husband conflicted feelings towards her cold mother The story starts a bit slowly but it is a great account of one woman's convoluted journey to find her true happiness

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    The strange year of Vanessa M is the story of a wife and mother that finds herself in a kind of non diagnosed depression general unsatisfaction about several aspects of her life She decides it's never too late to seek happiness and starts a sometimes comic other times very serious journey to find it I don't want to reveal but the author has a writing style that puts me in the zone as if I was watching the movie based on the book