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From the author of Jack Templar Monster Hunter comes a supernatural thriller for adult audiences Jack Tremont moves his family to the uiet mountains of Western Maryland hoping to leave behind a troubled past and restart his life Instead he finds himself caught up in a nightmare when his daughter Sarah is targeted by Nate Huckley a mysterious and horrifying stranger driven by a dark power that will stop at nothing to possess Sarah When Sarah goes missing suspicion falls on Jack and he must uncover the secrets of the small mountain town of Prescott City and face the evil secret hidden there As he digs further he learns the conspiracy reaches deeply than he could have imagined Finally he will have to face the uestion What is a father willing to do to save his child? The answer? Anything Anything at all

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    Almost 45 starsWarning This book comes with some adrenaline highs One of the most gripping books I have read in a long time This book is said to be in the tradition of Stephen King and Dean Koontz Well this book is not uite to the standards I have for those two but it held its own What I can say up front is that after reading this Jeff Gunhus is well on his way to being one of my favorite authorsThis book wastes no time getting into this While drinking with a friend Jack witnesses a man get struck by lightning As he dies he gives Jack a cryptic warning about his daughter Sarah That night on his way home Jack pulls over at a rest stop where an man tries to get to his girls And the creepy adrenaline moments begin A car crash later has the attacker in a coma but that is not the end of things Jack starts to see things don't seem right No one believes him Not even his wife But the man who went after Sarah seems to be haunting him somehow and Sarah knows things she shouldn't knowThe eerie setting envelopes you in this book At points even I was not sure what was real and what was not They are several heart pounding moments Jack uickly learns not everyone is who they seem Some want his daughter but who are they and why And how is Huckley the attacker do what he is doing while in a coma? Lots on unanswered uestion kick start the paranormal suspense horror We have ritualistic killings psychic abilities cavern spelunking and happeningWhile I struggled at times connecting to Jack a popular name in Jeff Gunhus' books I still greatly enjoyed the book He was not an easy character to relate to Lots of secrets that we do not understand until the end But boy do I feel for him when he has no one to turn to for help Even he thinks he is crazy at times The uestion is Is he? His wife I connected with easier even if her lack of being able to connect the dots annoyed me Huckley is one crazy wacko that I would never want to come across in real life Right from the get go he freaked me out all the way until the endThe ending gets uite intense and very grotesue Vivid imagery is going to make sleep tonight interesting to say the least But it just goes to show how good it wasI will definitely be grabbing the next book when it comes out I am eager for future books by Jeff Gunhus He writes a good range of books that I have enjoyed but this is my favorite so farOne knock against this is that when I decided to re read it years later was that I couldn't remember much A couple basics and I knew I liked it But without looking at my original review I couldn't easily say why Sadly if I can forget that much I cannot hold it at 5 stars Yet on the positive of even that it added fresh reactions as I read it again And to illicit those twice is doing wellI was given a ecopy of this book in exchange for a fair honest review Re read was done with a final copy I had received direct from the author

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    Book Info Genre HorrorReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of horror who don't have childrenTrigger Warnings danger to children dying children due to illness kidnapping young women and children apparent murder attempts actual murder attempts murder torture mental tortureMy Thoughts Wow this was a seriously messed up book It is absolutely full of triggers to freak out parents so be warned if you have children this will probably freak you out even than it did me It is very fast paced and absolutely full of misdirection Gunhus is always fooling you into making the wrong interpretation of events and is very good at itI had just read his second Jack Templar Monster Hunter book and while I enjoyed this book it wasn't uite as good as that one The problem I had is that many of the characters in this book were sort of flat A lot of character development was sacrificed to plot pace I am no writer so I have no idea how I would have developed the characters any better but to me the story would have been better if the characters were a bit rich Don't hold it against the book I enjoyed the book a lot and if you like horror and don't have children to freak out about you should enjoy this storyThis is listed as being the first book in a series I'm not sure where he plans to go with this but I will certainly be along for the ride Gunhus is a good writer and I look forward to whatever comes nextDisclosure I was given this book as a gift from a friend All opinions are my ownSynopsis Jack Tremont moves his family to the uiet mountains of Western Maryland hoping to leave behind a troubled past and restart his life Instead he finds himself caught up in a nightmare when his daughter Sarah is targeted by Nate Huckley a mysterious and horrifying stranger driven by a dark power that will stop at nothing to possess Sarah When Sarah goes missing suspicion falls on Jack and he must uncover the secrets of the small mountain town of Prescott City and face the evil secret hidden there As he digs further he learns the conspiracy reaches deeply than he could have imagined Finally he will have to face the uestion What is a father willing to do to save his child? The answer? Anything Anything at all

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review No other consideration was offered expected or receivedTalk about creepiness This book once you get past the first 25% is really awesome to read It has the mystery and suspense that I love from a thriller mixed with the paranormal scariness yes that's a thing haha I expect from a horror novel It is nicely written and there were several really powerful scary moments starting with the moment Jack and his two daughters Sarah and Becky first meet Nate I do have to say that there were several character that I just did not care for must have been a gut feeling That first 25% though There is SO MUCH going on that it feels like an info dump it was kinda boring in parts actually or worse like I'm reading the second book in a series without reading the first There was so much I didn't know that came across like I should have already had a clue until the information was finally divulged It was really hard to see how it all would connect but once it did things made perfect sense Jeff you are definitely an author I'm gonna keep my eye onFavorite line The background noise of Piper's a country western song on the jukebox the jingle of the old fashioned cash register behind the bar the grunting laughter of the men from the corner all seemed disconnected somehow gaudy instead of the comfortable familiarity the same noises had held only minutes earlier Maybe not my favorite line but one that really stood out for me I could almost feel myself thereFavorite character Sarah She went through so much at such a young age but at the same time kept thinking about the ones around her

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    I see a lot of book synopses that claim works by lesser known authors are King like or that their writing style is similar to Koontz I always take these with a grain of salt But in this case it is very true The plot was so deeply layered and well thought out I was half expecting a scene where someone spots Pennywise while driving through Derry or of someone eating a bologna and Bermuda onion sandwich has anyone else noticed King's character's obsession with this sandwich? or that Jack was committed to Juniper Hill Asylum because this book does have that amazing degree of creepiness that Stephen King has perfected Then again there IS a yellow lab a dog species which Koontz often has traipsing through his plotsThis is a dangerous book of one One chapter and I'll do the laundry One chapter before I start dinner One chapter and I'll call and order a pizza deliver One chapter eh the kids are old enough to make themselves a sandwich when they get hungry Be prepared to have a very unproductive day because this book is incredibly fast paced and there is no good place to set it down and walk away I was constantly wanting to find out what would happen next and was not disappointed There were uite a few editing errors but the storyline than made up for the annoyance

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    My Description Jack moves his family from the big city to a smaller city to escape demons from his past Little did he know Demons also dwell in small spaces Jack and his two little girls have an unpleasant encounter during a thunderstorm one dark night The girls are not sure what they saw but Jack is pretty sure of it Then his youngest daughter Sarah goes missing Jack finds his demons or rather they find him My Review This was a pretty chilling read Some surprises Some twists and turnsI think you'll like it

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    As a parent I was shaken by what happened to Jack and his two young daughters They stopped at a rest area to wait out a torrential downpour Rest area bad things happen here While Jack is using the payphone a man approaches the girls He thinks he’s gotten rid of the man until he reappears and acts crazier than ever babbling about needing Sarah Jack’s youngest daughter How he must have her After a frightening confrontation the man drives away Listening to his instincts Jack follows and things get even crazier It turns into a vehicular dogfight on the road ending in a tangle of metal on metal and right before Jack passes out he sees a girls face peering at him through his windshield where she landed when the guys trunk flew open on impact An event from Jacks past makes authorities and even his wife a bit skeptical about his report of the girl Especially when no body is found The crazy guy is in a coma and not talking any time soon and Jack has only his word that she existed at all The that Jack and his wife dig the stranger things become and a mysterious stranger warns Jack that his daughter Sarah is in danger Jack doesn’t know what to believe until Lonetree shows him the secret of the town Thanks to all of the horror movies I’ve watched the authors vivid descriptions were easy to see in my mind I could see the horrifying discoveries in detail Thank God I couldn’t smell them What they discovered was so far beyond belief yet Jack was unable to deny it Night Chills is a great title for this book It gave me goose bumps but I love horror and read on into the night delving deeper into this chilling story At first you get to know Jack and his family an average couple with kids moving to a small town to get away from the hectic life of a big city Then as things go weird you meet the towns inhabitants some seem good some arouse your suspicions and some you learn uickly are the bad guys As for what is going on in Prescott City you won’t begin to be able to guess Jeff gives you a scenario straight from nightmares Otherworldly and so evil I shivered in scared delight I love when the author gives me something new something that takes a while to sink in and has me imagining the what ifs and hows of it This story filled me with need I needed to know why this secret group wanted Sarah I needed to know who the stranger with the mysterious aura Lonetree was I needed to know what was in the cave and I needed to know the connection to it and the town I needed What I got was a chilling tale of dark secrets and Native American lore Can’t ever go wrong with that The suspense kept growing and the author made it almost unbearable when he would leave one characters POV and leap to the others It wasn’t irritating and it sure made the telling intense Before I go I wanted to mention the cover art for Night Chill It’s an excellent portrayal of this eerie tale I can almost feel the damp fog on my bare skin and hear the low moans of the tree branches rubbing together And I assume that is young Sarah on the cover offering her teddy bear Or is it? Jeff has proven to me that he can write a supernatural thriller that gives you goosebumps Now I’m curious than ever about his fantasy series Jack Templar Monster Hunter I’ll be reading them next

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    Usually the recommendation to read a book or not is at the end of the review but with this novel I will make an exception read it It’s worth it Perhaps it is classified as horror which is a bit much Personally I think it can be read by a far wider range of readers than the passionate readership Thriller as shown in the description is enough You will get an exciting reading that will make you live intensely alongside the characters from Jeff Gunhus’ story A book full of suspense and inexplicably in which the fantastic sticks his tail to muddy the main characters’ waters that are not so clear anyway A novel in which the tension is at home but it is well dosed by the author to create strong emotional moments interlaced with brief pauses for respite A race against time for salvation in which friends and enemies alternate and none can be trust about their good intentions any It’s a grim story that starts abruptly in which the betrayal and hidden interests will go hand in hand but one that will not reveal you the mystery This will be dripped sparingly by the author throughout the events to keep the suspense and to make you imagine all sorts of scenarios and new potential plot’s developments It will intrigue you fool you but do not be upset Everything will be for your delight About the subject the book description says enough for you to start reading it Everything kicks off from a bizarre incident an unfortunate situation that may looks like a game of fate It seems however that not everything is at hazard and the Evil never rests And from this incident everything goes haywire accumulates the drama acuires epic proportions the supernatural takes over and why should I ruin your surprise? Discover the mystery by yourself Jeff Gunhus achieved with this novel a real tour de force It is full of energy the rhythm breaks with paramount moments and really unexpected situation turns The characters are interesting shaped and developed throughout the book The novel is well written with nerve and will capture your attention with every page that you read The action development is well run and you get a lot of it It’s a thriller that you should not miss As I said at the beginning it's worth your attention Even those who are not hardcore fans of the genre will find it to be an exciting and interesting reading Happy reading

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    This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction Addiction355 StarsAs a fan of Gunhus' Jack Templar middle grade novels I was really excited to read his adult debut Night Chill was a difficult book for me to rate because the second half of the book was SO much better than the first for me Honestly if I was rating just the second half of the book I would have given it at least 45 stars The problem was that while I found the first half of the book interesting and enjoyable I was so confused that I found it hard to truly love it until I got to about the 50% mark That's when the book got really good for me The synopsis tells about everything that I can tell without spoiling the mysteries so I'll just jump right into what I did and didn't loveThe negatives Way too many POV's This book is told from the following points of view Nate Huckley one of the bad guys Jack Tremont the protagonist Doreen for one chapter she's a kidnapping victim Lauren Tremont Jack's wife the man I'll mention him in a second Sheriff Janney Cathy Moran a high school girl Lonetree won't spoil exactly who he is Sarah Tremont Jack's daughter Buddy the dog yep you read that right The Dog We see the world from his perspective for one chapter or maybe it was a half of a chapter whatever it was it was too much He's The Dog I might have missed someone but I think that about covers it this was all during the first 25% of the book I spent most of this time trying to figure out who the person was that I was reading about and what they had to do with the story Some of these POV's were necessary but some could have easily been removed and we really wouldn't have lost anything Doreen the man the dog even Lonetree There's still one character the man that I never did uite figure out who he was or what his purpose was in the book I think he was supposed to be Huckley's brother and he went into Huckley's room and did some sort of magical ritual but I don't know that we saw him ever again and I can't really tell you what it is he did or why I would not have missed his perspectiveToo many mysteries? At first I really appreciated that this book had a ton of mysteries that I was dying to uncover Who did Jack kill? This isn't a spoiler he reveals it pretty early in the book Who is Huckley and what are his powers and why is he kidnapping and killing people? Who is The Boss that everyone seems to work for? What's special about Sarah? What's up with Jack's friends Max and Kristi and why are they so upset? Who is this Lonetree guy and is he good or bad? I could go on and on It was really tantalizing to get all of these tiny little tidbits and to have to try to figure out how the pieces all fit together The problem was that these were really tiny tidbits that we were being fed and I started to find myself getting frustrated when I wasn't getting any closer to understanding what was going on as I got further and further into the book It really took until almost midway through the book until I had enough of a handle on the basic mysteries to be able to truly appreciate the story and to savor the remaining unknowns By the 50% mark or actually probably a bit earlier than that I had a basic understanding of what was going on and knew who all of the characters were and that's when I started really loving the bookWhat I LOVEDHeartbreaking story As a mom this book totally tugged at my heartstrings I mean here's this dad who wants nothing than to protect his daughter from some really nasty people He is terrified for her and he feels completely helpless against this enemy that he doesn't understand It was also really interesting to see the dynamics between Jack and his wife and how she responded when he started sounding a bit crazy Top that off with Jack's guilt about an event in his past and you have a really sympathetic main character I was 100% invested in Jack's storyCreepy suspenseful scenes There were some scenes in this book that were really creepy One scene that involved Jack going a bit out of his mind was especially freaky and also extremely suspenseful His daughter's abilities were also often creepy and gave me the chills several times The book was pretty action packed as Jack and his daughter went from one danger to another There were lots of points in the book where you were really just holding your breath wondering when something was going to happen to her Gunhus did a great job of setting the scene for true horror suspense with plenty of creepy settings who knew an elevator could be so scary? and intriguingly scary charactersParanormal aspect I loved the paranormal aspect to this story it's obvious that there are some characters with special gifts and I enjoyed learning and about them as the story went on I also really loved discovering who it was that was after Sarah and why I thought that this central mystery was dealt with really well and came to a satisfying conclusionOverall I would recommend Night Chill It's a really great story with excellent writing just be prepared that it might take a little while before you start to unravel all the mysteries that Gunhus presents 355 stars

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    Wow When you open this book prepare for a wild ride Terrifying exciting and unpredictable This author is very similar to Dean Koontz who I love by the way and so now Jeff Gunhus is one of my favorite authorsI Highly recommend this book

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    Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus is a dark tale of one family’s twisted journey through a nightmare of epic proportions as they become the victims of deceit treachery and the uest for eternal life at any cost Something is special about Sarah one of Jack and Lauren’s young daughters and there are those who will stop at nothing to capture and use her for their nefarious purposes What evil lurks in this small and seemingly uiet town? What demon has one crazed scientist unleashed and why does it want Sarah? Their nightmare began on a dark and stormy night but how will it end?Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus starts off fast and doesn't let up from page one I was baited hooked and reeled in completely Part mystery part thriller part sci fi AND part paranormal fast paced intense what’s not to like? The characters were intense detailed and their pain terror and confusion felt real I had to relax my death grip on my Kindle I was that involved hanging on every word action and event as I was taken from an innocent car ride into the bowels of an underground scene from Hell And the ending? It could have gone a couple of different ways without a doubt but I have to say I was not able to second guess the author brilliantI received this review copy as part of the NIGHT CHILL Virtual Tour and Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender October 20 2013Publication Date May 12 2013Publisher Seven Guns PressISBN 13 978 0615828381Page Count 437Genre Adult Paranormal MysteryFantasyAvailable from For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook