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Ranna Kikken creates The Committee to End Suffering on Planet Earth but its first conference in 2020 is ruined when ex astronaut Joe Commer time travels from 2036 to lecture Ranna’s nonprofit ladies on the coming breakdown of the solar system Tormented by his role in dropping the superbomb that ended the Final War but rendered Earth uninhabitable Joe has uit the Space Force much to the disgust of his older brother Jack Supreme Commander of the USSF In the audience feckless young Urside Charmouth is horrified by the revelations from the future fearing that he’s ruined the timeline with his own drug like time travel experimentation2020 Urside drags his unsuspecting girlfriend Mandy on an irresponsible time travel romp to 2033 to find sobering proof of the coming destruction of Earth and the resulting evacuation of the remnants of humanity to Mars Mandy then pulls herself and Urside to humanity’s new life on 2036 Mars where she not only realizes that Mars is her true home but also that she’s a reincarnation of an ancient Martian empress Urside foolishly tries to escape with a final Time Transition which takes him far into the future There he meets Polot a refugee Alpha Centaurian who outlines the damage Centaurian weaponized time travel has inflicted on Sol

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    Book Three in the Jack Commer Series Nonprofit Chronowar opens with an intriguing mystery involving Joe Commer the passionate younger brother of Jack Supreme Commander of the United System Space Force Tormented by women and unable to cope with having rendered Earth uninhabitable in order to end the Final War Joe somehow spontaneously time travels to Earth from 2036 to 2020 a date preceding the War In so doing he crashes a convention for a committee designed to soothe the suffering on Earth escalated by the early stages of the solar system's destruction Having uit the Space Force in misery and disillusionment Joe commences to compromise the timeline by ranting about the terrors to come Here several characters are unwittingly drawn into a bigger pictureThe characters in this story are full of realistic flaws bearing all the insecurities fears addictions and neuroses the human race is prone to especially under stress The author uses a creative manifestation of time travel the origins of which no one in the story understands to weave together past and future events into a unified whole in which the main characters become aware of who they are and what they're capable of They are expanded by contact with the future; and healed by contact with the pastTo keep things lively in the background looms the threat of war from the Alpha Centaurians a cruel bloodthirsty race bent on destroying humankind with advanced technologies that affect time space and infiltrate consciousness Their influence is introduced in subtle ways Religious cults Martians Martians reincarnated into humans beautiful women madmen lovers and a mysterious telepathic cat—it is not obvious who is friend or foe delusional misplaced in time or put there to wreak havoc As the story unfolds a fascinating unnerving explanation is revealed for the seeming instability of time space bringing the characters together amid the chaos of impending doom to fight for a new dawn on Earth

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    One minute it's the year 2036 and Joe Commer is about to consummate his lust for Huey Vespertine's wife Jackiethe next he finds himself at the podium of the 2020 CTESOPEThe Committee to End Suffering on Earth What follows is a comedy of errors as well as numerous tragedies as Joe realizes he isn't in love with Jackie but with her sister Ranna who is head of CTESOPE and also will die in the mass evacuation of Earth shortly before Joe and Jack drop the Xon bomb on the planetIn no time at all thanks to Heuristic Time Transtion which everyone knows exists but all deny Joe Ranna's lovestruck assistant Urside his girlfriend Mandy and various other participants are hopping all over the Space Time Continuum trying to find themselves and each other and make certain everyone who should survives the destruction awaiting the Earth in three years Meanwhile back in 2036 what about this Celestion business? and what does Ranna's cat Churchill have to do with any of it?Again this is another Jack Commer novel which is difficult to synopsize We learn Joe has resigned from the USSF He's now partners with Huey Vespertine in a GaiaNet radio show The Alpha Cemtuari Earth peace is holdingor is it?The rest of the gang from Martian Emperor Dar to Jack himself and all characters in between as well as some newcomers are all in attendance First and foremost however it's Joe's story and he runs with itsometimes slightly amuckDon't take my ramblings at face value Read this entry in the series for yourself It's by far the best because it re examines some of the things happening in the previous two and gives a little explanationI'm not a fan of time travel stories because they're usually so futile but this one definitely has a ray of something that could be sunlight at the end of its tunnel It ends as abruptly as the previous novel but indications are it'll pick up immediately in the next which I'm looking forward to reading I hope the title Collapse and Delusion is a misnomerThis novel was supplied to the reviewer by the publisher and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review