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The last of your line will be in the embrace of a dragonAric Crown Prince of Astria has been brought up to believe that all dragons are evil But when he speaks with one he finds himself uestioning those beliefs The dragon tells him to find a sword in Sherwin Forest to save not only his kingdom but also his sister Georgia who must otherwise wed the prince of a neighboring kingdomAt the start of his uest Aric dons a disguise and meets Denys an archer and herbalist who lives alone at the edge of the forest Denys agrees to guide Aric into the forest but then Georgia appears revealing Aric’s true identityHowever Aric learns he is not the only one keeping secrets Denys has a few of his own that could change both of their lives forever

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    375 starsDragons Magic swords mages enchantment spells action and adventure All packed into this little fantasy The author takes us on a journey through enchanted forests on a uest to unite two kingdomsWhile the world building in “A Knight to Remember” is good it does occur to me that the story seems familiar We have the main character Prince Aric who is on a uest for a magic sword held in Sherwin forest It is prophesied that this sword will allow whoever finds it to unite the kingdoms of the land in peace On his journey Aric posing as a King’s knight meets Denys a mysterious young man of many skills A handsome man who seems to have some magic mojo himself — he may or may not be a mage— and is willing and able to take Aric through the enchanted forest to retrieve the sword held there in a stone statue HmmmThis story skirts around the 20th century ArthurMerlin legends but adds some twists Here Aric has a plucky twin sister Georgia who decides she must join him on his uest And Aric’s uest is instigated by a visit from a black Dragon who tells him of the sword and his destiny to claim it “This wasn’t some feral animal or a mindless beast Aric could see its intelligence reflected in its dark slitted eyes ‘The only way to fight magic is with magic You must seek the Sword of Sherwin and save your kingdom’ The dragon opened its wings Aric gasped They were the length of several men black cobwebs of fine leather and scale The dragon took to the air gliding hovering above him its movement graceful majestic Something about it called to him touched him” All in all the adventure is enjoyable there are skirmishes with some pursuing bad guys and clashes with evil magical creatures But there is nothing really astounding here and I do have an issue with the main character Aric comes off as a bit of a ditz He’s on this dangerous important uest but time and again he has a habit of daydreaming or getting lost in thought at the most critical moments He isn’t the strong focused leader that I’d want in such a story and so I found him a bit frustrating In fact Georgia is much centered clear headed and capable when confronting danger I kept wondering at her constant presence she certainly acts as a damper on Aric and Denys’ budding attraction— yet here they are traipsing the forest with a sister in tow But Georgia is handy with a bow she recalls some of Tanith Lee or Tamora Pierce’s heroines and she does at one point conveniently disappear when some personal time is needed Denys the mysterious forest man is also interesting he’s an expert archer and his bow has an intriguing engraving on it which matches the tattoo on his lower stomach — the meaning of which becomes evident in a nice twist to the story When Aric finally gets a chance to touch that tattoo sparks fly and the guys go into a kind of sexual heat The author has an easy to read writing style and a plot which except for one sex scene could fit in the YA fantasy genre In fact if I were a teen and this were my first fantasyshifter story then I’d probably love it While there was nothing really new here for me and I didn’t find Aric and Denys’ connection especially compelling “A Knight to Remember” was a pleasant read If you love dragons magic and some adventure in a fantasy read that is light on sex then give this book a try Apparently there will be a seuel which will pick up a year after the end of this one For this review and lots of other cool stuff please visit The Blog of Sid Love

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    3550A Knight to Remember by Anne Barwell is a fantasy adventure with knights dragons magic warring kingdoms and subterfuge The story begins with Prince Aric making his way back to the castle from visiting his Aunt Hannah His aunt had been banished from the castle after her sister the ueen dies Aric and his twin sister Georgia are forbidden to speak to her which it appears they both disregard We soon learn that not all Aric has been taught to believe is the truth when he meets a dragon on his way back to the castleTo read the full review please go to

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    35 StarsA Knight to Remember by Anne Barwell is a fantasy adventure with knights dragons magic warring kingdoms and subterfuge The story begins with Prince Aric making his way back to the castle from visiting his Aunt Hannah His aunt had been banished from the castle after her sister the ueen dies Aric and his twin sister Georgia are forbidden to speak to her which it appears they both disregard We soon learn that not all Aric has been taught to believe is the truth when he meets a dragon on his way back to the castle The dragon is nothing like he has been led to believe it is intelligent and appears to know Aric’s aunt and mother The dragon tells Aric there is a way to save his kingdom and his sister from an arranged marriage if he retrieves the sword of Sherwin from Sherwin’s forestSo begins the adventure Aric is travelling in disguise as a knight’s apprentice No one has seen the royal family in years so Aric is able to move about unrecognized As Aric travels to find the sword he happens upon Denys Denys lives alone in the forest outside of the village of Woodleigh He is shunned by most of the villagers as he is thought to practice magic which is banned in Astria Denys is a knowledgeable herbalist and archer There are things about him that would lead the people to view him as a mage but he does not believe it himselfDenys agrees after a time to guide Aric through Sherwin forest Denys is one of the only to have survived a trip into and out of the forest There is an immediate attraction between Denys and Aric although they do not completely trust each other As they get to know one another Aric wants to be honest with Denys about who he is but is waiting for the right time He wants Denys to like him for himself not because he is the prince This does not go as planned Georgia shows up unexpectedly and reveals Arics identity to DenysThe story centers on a prophecy stating that the “The last of your line will be in the embrace of a dragon” It is stated that once the rulers of Astria and the Dragons were in alliance When a misunderstanding occurs this prophecy is revealed and the interpretation leads to Astria viewing the dragons as their enemy and hunting them to almost extinctionThe dragon lore was interesting and something I would enjoy reading about The romance between Denys and Aric felt a bit sudden but it was explained as the story developed The political turmoil is not resolved and the story lends itself to a seuel but I would not consider it a cliffhanger Overall I found the book enjoyable and the romance sweetDeb's review can also be found at Live Your Life Buy The Book

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    Wait It just ends?? I wanna know how it all works outThere is so much unfinished So much that just needs an ending I want to see view spoiler the wedding I want to see Aric go home and face his father I want to see the dragons and Astria become allies I want to know what happens with Logan What happens with Georgia?? How is Denys coping with his new abilities Where are they? With the dragons until Georgia Rules Nadine their father dies?? hide spoiler

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    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This book is a stand alone and might be part of a series in the futureAric might be the Crown Prince of Astria but he is firmly under the thumb of his father as is his twin sister Georgia After a forbidden visit to his aunts Aric meets a dragon and he begins to realise that not everything he was taught was true the dragon tells him to find a magical sword which will save his kingdom and his sister Heading off on his uest in a disguise he meets Denys who begrudgingly offers to act as his guide to Sherwin Forest as they progress Aric discovers he isn’t the only one with a secret This is a brilliant fantasy story that I hope we will see much of in the future Aric is butting heads with his father the older he gets now twenty four he feels that his father is losing his grip and putting the kingdom in danger by ignoring the information Aric discovered When a dragon tells Aric of a way to protect his kingdom he sets out on a uest Denys is a loner who lives at the edge of a forest when he comes across a traveller who has a magical cloak he offers to escort the man to his destination if no one else will and finds himself returning to Sherwin Forest The two men become close on their journey but their tentative relationship is nearly destroyed when Georgia turns up and blurts out the truth about Aric Continuing on the journey their joy at finding love is cut short when Aric loses his memory they still have a uest to fulfil and they discover enemy’s from within the kingdomI did really enjoy this story and liked the way that it was developed the flow of the story was pretty smooth and was very easy to read The characters were great and we get a really good feel for both Aric and Denys at times Aric would let his mind wander and Denys would seem a bit standoffish but they were characters you could connect to There was some pretty good background to the story which we discovered of as we progressed through the story and secrets were uncovered which added nicely to the story The story is uite interesting and at times you can understand why things are the way they are in the kingdom but you can also see where the over reaction has taken place and the ill effects it has wrought There were many things to enjoy with this book but there was also things that annoyed like why Georgia joined Aric on his uest I couldn’t see the point other than she was a brilliant archer she didn’t really add much to the story other than stopping Aric and Denys from getting intimate at times She does come in handy later in the book though The ending had me gritting my teeth in frustration because nothing has been resolved the very reason why Aric went on the uest still lingers and because of the circumstances you don’t see how it ever really will be either and this is where we fall on our knee’s and pray that Anne Barwell will continue with this as a series I will recommend this to those who love fantasy dragons magic a uest betrayal finding love and a happy for now ending

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    I don't think I can do justice in describing how utterly repulsive this book is I still laugh at myself for not buying this as a joke The only saving grace from that fateful mistake was that it was rightfully so at a discount book store so at least I saved some moneyThis is a book offensive to most everyone fantasy book fans the gays and creative writers alike The descriptions are boring The world building is nothing than an uneducated person's vague idea of what medieval Europe was plus the typical fantasy aspects of dragons and magic The characters and their thoughts and actions are nonsensical Further nothing motivates me to care about them If anything as the book progresses my annoyance of them increasesAlas I do not wish to dedicate than a few minutes time to thinking over this sorry excuse for literature Therefore I will finish with this Barwell work on getting better writing skills and use them to write about something different as the object of your fantasy other than gay men with internalized homophobia

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    Review posted at The Armchair ReaderI was immediately drawn to this book for two reasons First I've wanted to read an Anne Barwell book forever I've bought all of her's as they've come out They've all seemed rather interesting to me but for some reason I've never had time to actually read them So I was really excited that she had written another book which secondly seemed rather Merlin esue You've got a crown prince a king that has banished magic and is a pretty crappy father and the fable of dragons which are supposed to be extinct but really aren't How could I refuse right? It's like Merlin but with gay guysAnd my reading went much like I thought it would at least for the first half of the book roughly We meet Aric the crown prince living under his father's thumb and doing just about everything he can to make his own way and hold true to his own beliefs under such a stifling reign His father has banished magic and Aric and his twin sister have grown up with uite a biased education about their history and the history of magic and magical beings in Astria His beliefs are challenged when he once again sneaks out to visit his aunt his dead mother's sister a forbidden act by his father and is instead greeted in a forest glade by an ancient dragon He's baffled to see it at all believing them to be extinct and even confused when the dragon doesn't show the signs of aggression he was taught Instead the dragon speaks to him the most surprising thing of all and tells him that to save his kingdom and his sister he must set out on a uest to seek the sword hidden in Sherwin ForestThe Sherwin Forest is legend a dark place said to once be the home of magic and dragons themselves a place where no living person returns But Aric must believe that what the dragon said was true Their kingdom is in danger from their allies and a marriage treaty that would see his twin sister Georgia married off to the son of the neighboring King Aric doesn't trust them however It isn't as his father thinks because he won't let go of his sister but because of a treacherous conversation he overheard in which Georgia will become a pawn for their so called allies to take over Astria Georgia would just become a pawn and her happiness means to Aric than anything else even the kingdom he'll one day ruleMy experience reading this book was good and disappointing at the same time The first half of the book had me enthralled I love a good sword and sorcery story and the first half of this book started well and continued strongly Soon after Aric sets off to find his way to retrieve the sword from the fabled forest he meets a handsome man in the woods that seems to have a special magical affinity no matter how much he denies it The man Denys is keeping his own secrets but seems to believe what he says which only makes him mysterious He reluctantly decides to help Aric of whom he also knows very little But Denys knows what happens to those who venture into the forest and how strange it is how it can mess with your mind and how changed you are if you can make it back out His strong and confusing connection to Aric make him want to helpFor me this story really changed while they were in the forest While I don't begrudge an author a choice in their own book simply because it's a plot device that I'm really not fond of amnesia that was the turning point for me in this book because after that the story seemed to collapse in on itself Before that point about midway through the book there seemed to be a clear drive in the plot with their trek through the forest and getting to know each other Afterwards the story seemed to explode in different directions and it all became a little confusing for me I felt like maybe the story wasn't sure where it wanted to go And yes while it did eventually come back around it felt like it was leaving out uite a bit of the story I mean it didn't feel finished which brings me to another issue I wondered if this was the beginning of a seuel If it is then I really wish that Dreamspinner would promote it as such That has happened before with some their books where they're the first part of a series but it isn't written about anywhere And maybe that decision comes later it's possible but that changes my perspective on how I read the book and it definitely means that I consider the book in a different light If it isn't a first book in a series then this story felt greatly unfinished I didn't particularly feel like the romance was finished but the main plot seems like an early part of a much longer storyI pretty much knew the direction that the story was going to go the main surprise if you will from reading the blurb and at the very least from the minute that Aric meets Denys just after he speaks to the dragon It's not a very big leap to assume that is the case And I was right I suppose what disappointed me was the confusion in the way it got there It seemed a bit messy I have avoided so far reading other reviews for this book but I would be interested now in taking a look or talking to anyone else who read this to see what they think It's possible of course that I just didn't get this one and that it wasn't for me Maybe it's the author's style as this is the first book of her's that I've read But part of me thinks not since I felt such a change between the first half and the second halfNo matter my ultimately feelings however I still liked the book okay I just wanted to like it a lot

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    Well written good story Loved the dragons

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    How could it end like that? It was great until the end where nothing was resolved There needed to be another book

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    35 stars This is a fast moving fantasy novel One of the main characters Aric is the prince of his kingdom Due to a prophesy from many years before he was born the rulers in Aric's kingdom have pledged to eliminate all dragons and magical beings Things are generally peaceful in Aric's kingdom until his father the King agrees to an arranged marriage with his daughter and the prince of an adjoining kingdom Aric overhears members of the royal court of the adjoining kingdom state that the marriage is to be a farce and meant as a means to infiltrate Aric's kingdom Thus as with every mid evil type story Aric must go on a uest to find the enchanted Sword of Sherwin that is said to bring unity and peace between kingdoms On page 49 of this book we find out what the real issue in Aric's uest is all about That uest is integrally tied to the second main character Denys a man who has some magical powers and can commune with nature I still do not understand the spelling of Dennis in this book it looks like a typo for denies Denys joins Aric on his uest and they fall instantly in love with each other On their uest to Sherwin forrest yes all through the book I was reading this as Sherwood Forrest from Robin Hood fame intense emotions are generated in their relationship causing Denys to transform into a heretofore unknown dragon He finally returns to is human form and comes back to Aric While Denys is off flying about Aric is terribly upset and goes off looking for his love During his search he stumbles upon a statue of a dragon with the Sword of Sherwin beneath it But the price of taking the sword is to completely lose every memory of your life In this case Aric loses the memories that he has of his prior life and the love that he has found with Denys But he still instinctively knows that there is a connection between himself and Denys even though he may not be able to remember the details Of course the memories return as the book continues and Aric and Denys accept each other completely It looks like there are real possibilities here for a seuel since the ending of this story is tied up far too uickly and there is a complete back story of these characters that needs to be told This review of course just scratches the surface of this engaging novel I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about chivalrous knights and their tales I give it 45 stars