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The Chicago Tribune has called Richard Burgin among our finest artists of love at its most desperate a critic for the Philadelphia Inuirer dubbed him one of America’s most distinctive storytellers I can think of no one else of his generation who reports the contemporary war between the sexes with devastating wit and accuracy Through an extraordinarily vivid and variegated set of characters The Conference on Beautiful Moments Burgin’s sixth collection of stories continues his daringly dark yet often humorous exploration of these themes as well as our mysterious uest for truth success and identityIn the gently satiric Jonathan and Lillian a movie star throws a dinner party with very different meanings for her biographer her butler and ex lover and herself In Cruise an aging straight man befriends a young gay man Together they meet on their cruise ship’s deck to confess to each other the worst thing they have ever done In the title story a journalist sent to investigate a conference formerly devoted to discussing beauty in the arts discovers it has turned into something considerably sinisterIn The Conference on Beautiful Moments Burgin writes with eual compassion and insight about the homeless and the wealthy prostitutes and businessmen an autistic child and an art forger His characters are masterfully illuminated by their interior narratives which burst sharply into conversations at once intimate and calculated

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    I was excited when I read the review of this short story collection in Poets and Writers I feel like maybe I missed the boat a little but I was pretty disappointed Oddly enough this guy's won like eight thousand Pushcart Prizes I think he's a good writer; the stories just don't have that lift I'm looking for I'm being bad and comparing him to other writers like Dan Chaon and Ethan Canin who have recently blown my socks off But I think that's fair They're all in the game together right?Burgin seems obsessed with sex and while sexual roles are an intriguing issue worthy of examination his tendency to ruminate on the sounds people make whilst loving got a little old for me Okay we get it People revert to some beastly state while doing it All the stories are about love I think in some way Some though just seem underwritten like he had an idea but wasn't sure how to follow through with it Dates in Hell is a prime example of this Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful stories here Duck Pills is absolutely fantastic Odd scary funny and sad Uncle Simon and Gene is also terrific as is Cruise In those stories though Burgin holds his talking heads sexual dialogue in check and finally delivers the goods If you can just find Duck Pills somewhere in a mag I would highly recommend doing that rather than shelling out the cash for the collectionI felt like I was reading short one act plays That's not always a bad thing but Burgin seems to fight against the grain of where a story should take it's reader I'm probably biased just because I have no idea who his audience is Maybe I should read something else by him before making a full judgement These feel like Humorous Interpretation pieces for high school 4N6 classes That's not a slam either I was in 4N6 I love situational comedy At the sake of sounding cliche I guess I just wanted Whatever that means Burgin also has the annoying habit of switching POV in the middle of the story without page breaks or any sort of cues for the reader While I understand what he's doing here and it may be his style it flat out disrupted my reading and I had to put the stories down several times I first I thought it was an editing mistake I am a bastard I know I'm just warning you The guy's not great But Duck Pills that's great So read Duck Pills and you've probably read all the Richard Burgin you'll ever need to read