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An ibooks original An all new adventure of the crew of the battlestar Galactica co written by series star Richard Hatch who portrayed Captain Apollo Have the Galacticans truly found their paradise among the stars? Apollo thinks so as they journey to a mysterious planet called Gemon located through spatial coordinates vividly imprinted in Apollo's mind Will the fleet stay and make this inviting verdant planet their final home? It looks that way until the traitor Baltar begins having nightmares about a new race of Cylons evil and deadlier than ever before a Cylon race with superior technology warships and weaponry

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    This was a huge improvement over the previous novel The characters acted much rationally while still having some emotional moments and were handled much maturely all the way around The story was reasonably interesting and leads nicely into the next novelI'm glad to see that Brad Linaweaver is the co author on the remaining two books as well it gives me hope that they will be decent reads