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Twenty years after the final episode of the Battlestar Galactica television series the ragtag fleet of Colonial survivors continues its uest to find Earth which is believed to be the home of the fabled Thirteenth Colony of Man The Galactica's commanding officer Adama is dead Starbuck the cocky fighter pilot is missing and presumed dead and Adama's son Apollo is about to take command of the fleetStill pursued by the Cylons seven foot tall cyborg warriors bent on wiping out all humans the Colonials must also deal with the return of an old enemy Count Iblis an evil god like creature who has his own plans for ApolloRichard Hatch has enjoyed two decades of international recognition as an actor starring in The Streets of San Francisco a TV series for which he won Germany's Bravo Award euivalent to an Emmy and he received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Battlestar GalacticaChristopher Golden is the author of 15 books including the epic fantasies Of Saints and Shadows and Angel Souls and Devil Hearts as well as the best selling trilogy from Byron Preiss Multimedia X Men Mutant Empire

10 thoughts on “Armageddon (Battlestar Galactica, #1)

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    another reread after discovery in a long forgotten box I really liked the original Battlestar Galactica and this reminded me of why mostly the engaging characters and glimpses of the best that humans can be

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    Love it love it love it Huge fan of the series and missing my friend Richard Hatch Can't believe it's almost been a year I love hearing his voice as I read Apollo's dialogue We miss you Richard SO SAY WE ALL

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    Hey this was a lot of fun Captures the spirit of the show perfectly Particularly like the improvements to the Athena character Looking forward to the next book

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    A new era has arrived for humanity as they bid a sad goodbye to their fearless leader Adama Adama’s son Apollo is chosen to take his father’s place as the new leader with his sister Athena as his second in command Troy aka Boxey Dalton Starbuck and Cassiopeia’s daughter Apollo’s wife Sheba and long time friends Boomer Jolly stand with them amid the chaotic transition and the re appearance of the Cylons

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    I recently re watched the original Battlestar Galactica TV show which I had loved when I was a kid I was thrilled to find this novel which takes up where the series left off I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book It gave much greater depth to all the characters especially my favorite Athena What a wonderful gift Richard Hatch left for his fans

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    Awesome book that helps to explain the origins of the Cylons Great plot and character development

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    There's a lot to like about this book as a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica It introduces a lot of new angles to the characters and situations of the series which make sense and a few that don't uite work 18 years after the events of the TV series It seems to have been the inspiration for some aspects of the reimagined Battlestar series of the 2000s The only major drawback to the book is the immense number of typos at least in my copy a first printing of the hardcover edition My full study of the novel is up at

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    If you're a fan of the Battlestar Galactica stories you'll enjoy this the first of several books penned by Richard Hatch Cmd Apollo in the 1981 TV series and various co writers The weakest of the books is the Rebellion the fourth in the series The previous three are okay Enjoyable as pulpish Sci Fi reading goes I recommend them because this series follows a slightly different storyline path than both the original series and the subseuent SyFy Channel version In many ways this is the interesting storyline

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    The writing was pretty dry but the vision of what the Galactica would be like 20 years on was interesting and very in character for everyoneDespite being co written by the actor who originally played Apollo this was not an 'Apollo saves the universe' book Page time was divided pretty well between all the established characters and they each got their time in the spotlight

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    Not bad if you're dying for original classic Battlestar Galactica