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Melody St Claire doesn't believe in ghosts Until a fire destroys her whole world forcing her into a beautiful haunted house and the territorial domain of one very real incredibly mysterious resident spirit Sexy Travis Santiago haunts the walls of his family home Resigned to being alone he merely exists in a place between the living and the dead until the frustrating little brunette enters his life and his heart He can give her what she needs if she would just believe The passion he ignites threatens to consume her heart and soul but may not be enough to hold back the nightmares And Melody can't possibly hope to spend forever with a man who is already dead A Romanticar paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Ca

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    A Sexy Ghost of a ReadI am not even sure how to start this review off THIS BOOK IS FANTASTIC Does that grab your attention? If not then at the very least this book SHOULD You do NOT want to miss out on this story I promise you that you will not be disappointed nor left wanting I think that this book will appeal to all types of readers – yes there is a ghost there is some hot heavy moments romance LOL moments and a very sweet but surprising ending I loved how uickly I was pulled into the story how much I was freaking out with Melody couldn’t understand Kassa though until further into the book and then you have that “aha” moment Oh alright I had a few of those moments reading this book I too thought that this would be a nice short story to read not expecting it to be something really deep or addictive HOLY SHMOLEY was I wrong and I will admit I have never been so HAPPY to be wrong before As soon as I finished the book I started it again it was that great I wish that this had been longer or maybe it will become a series hint hint that would be the only bad thing to say about it and really that isn’t even a “bad thing” to say OMG 2 things that I just have to say – 1 I have NEVER read anything like this before and 2 I have never read ANYTHING like this LOL I loved how unexpected the ending was the plot twists were so much of a surprise to me that I was blown away at the end Ok I admit it I did read re read the ending a couple of times before starting the book over again to be sure that I did actually understand what had just happened Not because it was confusing but because it was so unexpected and wonderful and romantic and well I could go on on That is how awesome the book is I don’t remember ever reading a “ghost” story per se but if they are like this one well my Vampires might have some competition Let’s not leave out the 2 very talented authors either though When I started this book it was the first book of Ditter’s that I had read I am now reading another one of hers as we speak I have read some of Dawn’s stories before and have loved them so I expected this to be along the same “lines” It was but it was also so much I fully expect to see both Dawn Ditter at the top of the charts in no time both for their individual efforts as well as for their co authored ones The creativity between Dawn Ditter combines so perfectly beautifully and they both add such a great “taste” for lack of a better word of themselves that it is nice to see 2 authors work together so perfectly I look forward to reading books from each of them as well as their collaborated works as well

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    I'm not a blogger and I'm not a writer and I will not give this story away When I saw the book Haunting of Melody St Claire was released and I had been seeing previews of the cover on FB for months I just knew I had to purchase I'm not sure what I was expecting so I took my time finishing another book then I delved into this one All I can say is OMG When I started reading the story line opens up with Kassa showing Melody St Claire the house she would be staying in You see Melody lost everything including her parents in a house fire To the ground in total ashes Melody really never got over the devastation and was haunted by horrible nightmares When Kassa brings items over for Melody they start talking and Kassa gives specific instructions that should something break she's to call Kassa right away so she can either fix it or replacement Kassa also mentions the house is haunted And haunted it is In comes Mr Travis Santiago hot sexy ghost extraordinaire Melody gets her first glimpse of Travis but pushes it out of her head Until one evening she's going through some old boxes in the attic looking for a frame and he scares the bajeebies out of her And here is where the story really really takes off and here is where I stop I in good conscience cannot tell any about this story There is a big Holy Shit moment and then a few others after Melody speaks with her Nana A true love story if I've ever read one Ditter Dawn I so give this book 5 It was well written well proofed and just sweet as hell I know I'll be re reading this over and over again I can't get enough of Travis Bang up job ladies and a home run if I ever read one

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    The story totally took me by surprise What a great twist I highly recommend this book It will leave you wanting

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    Ditter and Dawn wrote a sexy little spooky ooky storyLove the twist Not saying anything else since it'll give the story away

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    Review to follow

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    So for me this book was all potential but just didn't deliver It was like getting the jist of a story instead of all the details That's what was missing for me I think it's 2 34 stars for originality and very hot male lead Romantic ghosts stories are new to me and Travis was one sexy ghost He must have been a Dom in his lifetime Still seems like he is which is just one of the aspects of the story I would have liked for the authors to further explore Anyway not a waste of time but not a reread for me Happy reading anyway