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Her great uncle the mage Oron beueathed to her his oak shaded chateau and a debt of magical honor But Miss Ardhuin Andrews must hide her magical talents How can she repay the debt? Political intrigue duty and echoes of an old war not truly ended combine to create a smoldering crisis in a world where magic and science coexist

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    A very high four stars for this well written tale of a young woman who finds herself in charge of the magical defense of Europe some years after a devastating war started by the FrenchIt's set in an alternate world not fully steampunk but sufficiently steampunkish that suggested it to me because I'd read Lindsay Buroker The date appears to be mid to late 19th century from scattered clues There are trains but it's magic rather than technology that gets the emphasis The North American continent appears to be called Atlantea and the countries of Europe have different names their cities have different spellings and there are other geopolitical differences like the continuation of a separate country of Bretagne distinct from France or Gaul The most similar thing I've read is James Calbraith's The Shadow of Black Wings though the history is closer to ours than it is in CalbraithAlthough there's a romance subplot between the two viewpoint characters the emphasis is on the adventure and the magic with a great boss battle at the end Flooding cellar explosions collapsing masonry levitation it's all good stuffThe editing and writing is fully as good as you'll find from any big publisher and better than you'll often get from HarperCollins and I'll have no hesitation in adding this to my Indie Books Worth Reading list on my website There doesn't appear to be a seuel yet but this was published in the middle of last year so I have hopes I liked both the main characters enjoyed the world and was happy to accept the cinematic parts of the story in their own termsI'll be taking a look at the author's other work which is mostly science fiction that claims to be in the tradition of Lois McMaster Bujold I'm a huge Bujold fan and I approach that claim with a little skepticism but this author does seem to have the skills to pull off a good military space opera

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    Set in an alternate 19th century Europe this book's world is both colorful and fascinating Ardhuin is a young woman who finds herself the unprepared heir of her mage great uncle Domenec is a recently graduated university student looking for work The book gets off to a bit of a slow start but sparks fly literally when these two finally meet up Their adventure takes them across the continent and into a dangerous high stakes situation that Ardhuin feels ill euipped for With the help of Domenec and a few other friends she takes on a shadowy conspiracy which seeks to overthrow a shaky peace between the various countries of the continent The story took a number of fascinating twists and turns and just when you think you know where it's headed it takes a different direction Both viewpoint characters are unorthodox yet appealing and I enjoyed the romance which was non annoying always a plus for me This is a series but short one with one book following this one

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    The Last Mage Guardian is a sort of steampunk world plus magic The situation is uasi 1920's one war recently finished another potentially brewing amid racial tensions and economic crises Mores are firmly Victorian; women are to be supported and not under any circumstances to do magic Our main character of course is it gradually appears a very powerful mage indeed This scenario did not play out uite as I expected it to much to the author's credit The mage neither pretends to be male nor hides behind a male assistant at least not as a rule I really enjoyed the story; the plot was twisty and inventive the characters were engaging and believable mostly and the writing was good The game of guess which European country this is was entertaining; I got Bretagne wrong for about 23 of the book I now think it's Brittany and Atlantea is the British isles but I may still be wrong I will look out for other books by this author

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    Slow start but strong middle finishBit too reminiscent of post WWI Europe even though it's spelt differently

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    Very engaging story of love magic intrigue and the occasional pastry Well worth a read

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    Part of a boxed set Light in the Darkness Good fantasy Magic mayhem and love Five stars loved it Implied sexual content violence no swearing Five stars Looking forward to from this author

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    I received a copy of the book from Goodreads First Reads program The Last Mage is a book who's cover I adore It looks really great and I had someinteresting expectations about the book because of it and the title I was blown away by the book and I loved it when I read itThe two main characters Ardhuin and Dominic are characters who grow a lot throughout the book in different ways Ardhuin is a woman trying to escape from the life her mother wants her to have when Ardhuin just wants to learn and perform magic like her uncle Oron taught her Dominic is a man who tutors and writes to make a living traveling to do both Over the course of the book we learn about both Ardhuin and Dominic about how Ardhuin came to be the owner of the estate she lives and how she learned magic Both characters are interesting and compelling in their own ways and Ardhuin is a character who I definitely came to love with all her personality and uirksAs far as the plot is concerned it started slow but picks up and towards the end is very suspenseful and interesting The various aspects of magic and technology put into the book made it an interesting fantasysteampunk book I liked how the magic and technology could damage and prevent each other from working properly with some things it gave it an nice twist As far as the alternate reality portion goes the lands are recognizable in what they are in our world but they do vary uite a bit and some of them are harder to pin down than others without the languageOverall this book was a fantastic read with some small hitches and I can not wait to read the second book

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    This story of a young woman mage in a world where women don't do magic and the young man who falls for her grew on me At first I felt the story was a bit slow going It starts from the perspective of the young man not the heroine For the first couple of chapters I wasn't sure what was going on or if I even liked the characters much The male lead is not particularly talented that we know and the female lead is unsure of herself and hiding from the world in a state of partial ignoranceHowever once they met and began to interact things started to happen and clarity grew While there were many opportunities for I can see it coming moments the author did not take that easy way out Instead she would slightly twist the development of the story and we would learn a bit about the characters I really enjoyed the story when the main characters were acting instead of worrying That happened as the tale progressedThis book is safe for younger readers in that any romantic action beyond kissing is referred to pretty obliuely And the worst swearing I recall is the word blast There are some nice examples of the challenges a woman faced in historical times when coming up against traditional gender roles And this alternate Europe has some religious and racial prejudice as well The book is in a world with growing technology but which continues to have magic

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    I WON THIS BOOK FROM GOODREADS FIRST READS Okay I pride myself on my honesty so here it is I really enjoyed this book It was well written and flowed very naturally The concepts were really packed in the book and I think this could have been a good starting point for a series There were a couple uestions unanswered but I loved that the budding relationship wasn't so in your face Lately it seems every book has a love conflict to keep it moving along and to add suspense but this novel wasn't like that at all Very refreshingNow on to what I didn't like I didn't like the cover so much I thought it could have been a bit fire and brimstone And to me the text was too small I would have liked to seen the font a bit larger Other than that I really hope to see a second book and I will buy the second if there is one

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    This was an enjoyable read In a steampunky world where magical devices operate alongside mechanical ones sometimes interfering with one another a young woman inherits a magical estate that comes with a few responsibilities than she expected It was fun to watch her grow up throughout the story from simply wanting to escape her boarding school and mother's plans for her life to taking on a heavy defense burden for all of the continent essentially on her own I also enjoyed the idea that since all magicians in this society are men no one in the story realizes that she's as powerful as she is