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SHE GREW UP THINKING SHE WAS HUMANBorn with the ability to command the wind Nicole Bonham spends her life hiding her gift Deciding to take control of her power she dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods Stealth and surprise are always on her side UNTIL A CHANCE ENCOUNTER WITH A WARRIOR DEMONLash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them and he can’t let her out of his sight until he discovers her true identity In his two hundred years he has never seen a creature like herPLUNGES THEM BOTH INTO A FIGHT FOR HER LIFENicole and Gunnar race to discover who or what is stabbing the city's most destitute residents and stealing their blood The fire that forged their bond explodes into white hot passion weaving their souls together on an unexpected level Haunted by the past Gunnar's fiercely protective instincts battle with her need to defeat the creatures she was born to fight As they track the mastermind behind the attacks will Nicole’s uniue talent unwittingly send her straight into his lair?

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    I liked this one The World building was awesome the characters where good It was an enjoyable read but I don't feel compelled to go right into book two at this point I didn't particularly like Kai in book one I'm sure i'll go back to this series at some point though

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    25 starsThis book had elements that should have really worked for me But for some reason I had a really hard time getting into and staying with this book I cannot identify why so I cannot issue any warnings per se I think the author's writing just did not draw me in for whatever reason so I struggled to finishThat being said this was still a solid PNR with a complex yet understandable world a strong bond between the Hero and heroine lots and lots of steamy sexy scenes and some good secondary characters with limited development that will have books in the seriesThe Hero and heroine were pretty likable Seemed to be euals in most ways and developed a partnership They worked well together as opposed to the heroine being saved by the hero constantly I thought their relationship was solid and based on than just lustSafety Gang Exception view spoilerThey are in a different world and meet up with wood nymphs The wood nymphs are know for being promiscuous and VERY friendly Touchy feely like having sex openly and with anyone and everyoneWhen the hero shows up for the banuet the hostess greets him and her husband with open mouthed kisses The heroine did not witness this nor did she find out about it But it actually bugged me He did not have to kiss her If it was not open mouthed I probably would have not been bothered But when I picture him French kissing the woman right before the heroine shows up it makes me gag I do not think anyone else has mentioned this so I am in the minority with it bothering me but I am just laying it out thereHero was being repeatedly propositioned but he turned them all downLater the entertainment at that same banuet was an orgy Heroine and Hero were turned on by this but did not do anything but make out They left before getting too hot and heavy hide spoiler

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    Refreshingly uniue Wicked Wind blows away traditional paranormal romance As if a handful of sexy warrior demons isn't enough this book also delivers the kickass female lead From page one I wanted to be Nicole The gorgeous Solsti who has the power to control the wind She and her sister take to the city streets to pound on drug dealers and pimps I was sucked into the book immediately But it's the moment when this tough girl meets her match in demon warrior Gunnar and the pages practically ignite with sexual tension Sharon Kay takes her reader on a wild ride through demon realms and back while Gunnar and Nicole fight an evil that will have you checking under your bed shiver The supernatural characters of this story are so uniue and well rounded they practically jump from the page And the love scenes? WOW So steamy you'll be fanning your face to control the blush And the best part? This is only the first book in a series so there's to come Wicked Wind is a paranormal romance readers dream FIVE BIG FAT SHINY STARS

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    Nicole's power to control the wind swept me up and carried me to a land of sexy demons and a kick ass heroine If you love paranormal romance you are sure to love this story Wicked Wind hooks you from the start and keeps you there Honestly it's hard to put down The way Gunnar and Nicole meet is uniue funny and down right steamy Their relationship takes your heart on a wild ride of up's and downs and around hidden curves I never knew what was going to happen next when I thought it was going to go one way it turned the other It's action packed and full of mystery and enchantment I felt as though I was transported to a different world and right beside the characters as they fought demons and encountered some weird creatures The way the plot unfolded left me wanting And guess what? It's the first in the series I can't wait for the second one Prepare to be blown away by Sharon Kay

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    I received a copy of this book for an honest review for Amber's Reading RoomKick ass heroines deserve kiss ass heroes and author Sharon Kay serves up a worthy pair in “Wicked Wind” an exciting and scorching hot new paranormal romanceBorn with the ability to control the wind 28 year old Nicole Bonham has always known she was different For years protecting the secret of her powers and the uniue powers held by her younger sisters has been priority but Nicole is feeling compelled to do and be She and her sisters start training to use their powers for good and fight crime in their hometown of ChicagoDuring a nighttime crime fighting excursion Nicole is spotted by powerful Lash demon Gunnar Gunnar’s job is to patrol Earth and various other realms to maintain peace and the balance of power between other supernatural beings When he feels Nicole’s power he is drawn to her and makes it his new mission to find out who and what she isWhen Nicole and Gunnar connect “Wicked Wind” rockets into full gear with fierce warrior demons ancient witches overly affectionate nymphs a scary big bad and a rare prophecy about four powerful beings called Solsti Rud to be myth the Solsti are actually four beings that only come to exist when the world is in dire need The Solsti’s immense power over the elements of earth wind fire and water will lead to either humanities salvation or destruction“Wicked Wind” grabbed my attention uickly and I couldn’t stop reading until I consumed the whole story This book has all the elements of a fun read – a solid couple with intense sparks evident in early chapters cool action seuences interesting but easy to follow mythology and bedroom scenes so hot I had to occasionally fan myself “He had to hear the pounding of her heart as it crashed wildly in her chest She had invited a demon to her bed and every cell in her body was on edge with curiosity and aching need” I’m a sucker for well done multiple POV’s and Kay gives Gunnar his own distinct voice Hearing both Nicole and Gunnar’s thoughts gave the heat between the two characters extra intensity “The need to claim her grew to a crescendo Claim not just her body but her very soul He didn’t want any other man to touch her to caress her silky skin ever again She was his” “Wicked Wind” was a super fun and worthy read I recommend checking it out For those new to the paranormal genre “Wicked Wind” would be a great jumping in story Give it a try“Wicked Wind” will be followed by “Wicked Waves” which will focus on Nicole’s sister Brooke and Gunnar’s fellow Lash demon Kai Both Brooke and Kai give off an edgier vibe in “Wicked Wind” so I’m really looking forward to their story and I can’t wait to see how author Sharon Kay continues to develop the universe she’s createdHappy reading

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    35 Wicked Wind Stars Wicked Wind is book one in the Solsti Prophecy series by Sharon Kay It’s a satisfactory start to the series With kick ass chicks bad boy demons and a battle between good and evil Nicole is a uniue women with a very special gift She uses her gift to look out for others as well as her sisters She has never fully understood her “talent” but a chance meeting will change her and her sisters lives forever Gunner our sex bad boy demon crosses path with an usual women and knew there was something different about her He is determined to find out As the plot deepens Nicole discovers her true nature and her life’s purpose is revealed She finds her self in a world she never knew excited and must learn to harness her power and navigate this world before something very bad comesWithin the story we also have a romance that is blazing Nicole and Gunner have an instant attraction that builds to astronomical levels with each encounter The author has created a uniue and interesting world We get an adeuate amount of world building to help us get into the story The concept created is intriguing because the author has taken the good versus evil to a whole new level We also get a verity of paranormal creatures some that are new and fresh Their is no shortage of action surprises hot sexy scenes heart break potential romances as well as past loves lost that maybe rekindled Wicked Wind has peeked my interest and I am intrigued to see where things develop with these hardcore Alpha males and the women who claim their hearts as the battle to save the races continues

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    One of the things I love about PNR is that it's a complete escape from reality You literally leave your own world and enter another where the rules have changed the people are different the possibilities plot twists are endless I'm always amazed by the imaginations of these writers who can so craftily create the most amazing characters scenery and over all engaging reading experience Ms Kay fits right into this grouping Many times while reading I noticed how her writing style reminded me of JR Ward's I was seriously impressed with the similarities They both use amazing detail in constructing their fictional societies and you get a variety of scenes from different POV's that help shape the story There is so much to absorb that after you've finished reading you feel like you've read 2 or 3 books instead of one I was definitely intrigued from the very beginning I mean 2 bad ass chicks with unusual uniue abilities fighting off the bad guys protecting citizens and saving the day What's not to love? While I would occasionally think to myself Omg what are you doing? Run away most of the time I was totally on board with their badassery So what if that's not a word The Lash Demons are an added bonus in all their hotness especially Gunnar who opens Nicole's eyes to the supernatural world around them Instead of hiding and retreating back into the human world Nicole is totally up for the challenge of fighting evil on a much bigger and badder scale And boy do they have some seriously lethal enemies to deal with There were certain scenes that had me absolutely absorbed and others not so much usually when the action slowed down But over all it was an exciting fast paced read and I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment

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    Nicole Bonham has a special gift She can alter the wind creating disturbances in temperature and the surrounding environment She has never understood where her gift came from or its purpose Having lost her parents at a young age she has always felt a little out of place in the world Still anchored to the earth with her sisters and their eually unusual talents she has been attempting to live the life of a normal young woman But as night falls Nicole's interests are anything but normal And as she and her sister Brooke are exploring the vast underbelly of Chicago's darkest nooks she is unaware that she is being observed and pursued by the Lash Demon Gunnar A formidable alpha male Gunnar finally makes his move to approach Nicole and her life will never be the sameWicked Wind offers up an incredibly well written tale with a fresh perspective and a whirlwind plot a brilliant paranormal tale with a twist Characters with depth and range filled the pages Some were lovable while others were loathsome but all offered meaningful contributions to the story And I loved the story Gunnar epitomized the role of an alpha male Shiny dark hair crystal blue eyes swoon I loved this guy And his protective nature was breathtaking As for his female counterpart Nicole she was an ass kicking female lead with plenty of uirks and flaws making her an awesome match for the fearsome and gorgeous Gunnar A brilliant story I loved this book and can't wait for the next installment

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    Rating 45 rounded up to 5This was uite an intriguing read The opening introduced us to the butt kicking heroines sisters Nicole and Brooke and the unfolding events from there just kept me riveted to the pages I stayed up all night to read this and finished in just over five hours The world building was also uite interesting I didn't have any difficulty picturing the surroundings the characters found themselves in This story took place on both Earth and the demon realm Torth in eual measure It's not often I come across stories where the heroine is almost eual to a badass alpha male but I did feel that Nicole could hold her own at least with the less dangerous foes in this story I think as the series goes on she'll receive fight training love the sparing sessions with Gunnar and develop her powers I enjoyed Nicole and Gunnar as a couple Something else that was new to me was that there wasn't a long preamble about who or what they were Gunnar pretty much got to the point very uickly while Nicole took a little longer to come clean about everything but in her defense she had to lose and played it smart As their relationship developed they were surprisingly open with one another and I loved that they supported each other Gunnar was uite a sexy hero from his looks down to his other assets He was powerful and very protective The Watchers made up of Gunnar Kai Rhys Brenin and Raniero were Lash demons We got brief glimpses of each Watcher throughout the story Kai and Raniero in particular which makes me think the next two books will be their story I also have a niggling suspicion about Raniero's lost loveand I'm dying to find out if I'm right I won't get into the Solsti because I don't want to give too much awayAs far as rest of the story I wouldn't go so far as to say there was a massive info dump but when it came to all the different demon species in this story I did feel a little overwhelmed with all the names especially trying to remember individuals; not knowing if they'd be important later or not Here's a list of all the other creaturescharacters mentioned mostly for my benefit for the second bookLash demons Gunnar Kai Rhys Brenin and Raniero aka The WatchersRilan Lash demon ElderArawn Leader of the Lash demonsRosa Powerful witch who aides Gunnar and NicoleCale and Ashina Not sure what Cale is but Raniero is his mercenary Not by choice Ashina iswas Cale's daughter and Raniero's love interest until her father separated themSkell demons Baddies Incompetent and rather pathetic creatures Aka Nothing But Trouble according to RhysGar demons No particular information on them They were supposed to be a myth They haven't existed in a millennia and were killed in a fierce battle with the Domu demonsDeserati demons Allies Miranda often hooked up with KaiGhazsul demons Baddies Tied closely to Gunnar's historyNymphs of Rivkin Allies Extremely sexual creatures Their leader Taszim and his wife LarissaMaeron Domu demon Villain Xarrek Domu demon He wanted to achieve the sorcery level of a mage to become invincible He perished in the Rivkin Forest where the nymphs collected his ashesThere was a decent amount of bloody battles throughout the story a nice show of Nicole's powers and a lot of sex Although the sex was very hot I felt it was a little too much that they seemed to outweigh the action Also this story had multiple POVs They didn't bother me or detract from the story Overall I was very much entertained and look forward to reading the next book in the series The sweetest thing was seeing him struggle between wanting to shield her completely from any danger and allowing her to do what she was essentially her calling I think as the series goes on and we meet the other sisters the fellas will all go through the same thing as Gunnar – having to accept that their females don't need to be coddled but encouraged and supported Another plus is that this book didn't end on a cliffhanger I'm guessing that each book will have a new danger or a new villain to overcome so you will get a wrapped up storyFavorite Moments The primal need to protect her filled him taking over his senses He vowed to keep her safe no matter the cost to him His life though immortal was expendable Her life was extraordinary a rare light brought into the world for the purpose of saving it Suddenly the most naughty thought popped unbidden into her head She sucked in a breath“What?” He ran a finger down her uninjured armHer cheeks burned “I just wonderedcan youI mean would it be possible for you tohave sex while you're in that state?”He stared at her eyebrows raised before flipping her to her back and grinned wickedly She covered her eyes with her hand He must think she was a complete pervert “I'm sorry That was inappropriate”I for one wouldn't mind seeing that scene ; Disclaimer I received a review copy from the author for the purpose of an honest review

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    Alyn‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSFor those of you that love paranormal this is definitely a new series to try This unexpected gem will engulf you in a world full of kick ass chicks bad boy demons that will make you drool and a battle between good and evil that has only just begunNicole Bonham lives in Lincoln Park with her sister Brooke After losing her parents to a car accident when she was small she and her sisters have looked out for one another After discovering their uniue “talents” when they came of age the women looked out for others as well When others would come home from work and get ready for bed Nicole and Brooke were out on the hunt for the street scum that would prey on unescorted women with intent to rob or rape The two made it their mission to protect unsuspecting women but had no idea the dangers that they were putting themselves in each time they stepped into an alley to fight for justice On one of those nights Nicole had saved another young woman while out with her sister She had also attracted the attention of a man she would soon get to know uite wellGunnar was not sure who the beauty was that crossed his path but he could feel her energy and knew there was something different about her Was she Fae? He couldn’t uite grasp it but was determined to find out As a Lash demon it was his job to protect others from the horrors that dwell amongst the humans and he wasn’t sure yet if this woman was friend or foe Following the female to her home then to a club he seizes the opportunity to get up close and personal on the dance floor Instant attraction sizzles between them and the pair find themselves ready for action in a seductive sway of bodies entwinedUnfortunately the steamy action is replaced with fight or flight mode when another woman’s scream is heard Never one to leave a lady in need Gunnar uickly runs to the rescue but is helped by a mysterious breeze that interrupts the attackers efforts and aids in subduing him Gunnar knew he was right There was to Nicole than meets the eyeGunnar asks Nicole about her power but she tries to deny until he reveals his true nature in an effort to gain her trust Hoping to discover about her Gunnar reuests that Nicole go home with him to meet the Elder of the Lash demons in his home While apprehensive at first it only takes one encounter with a few Skell demons and Nicole finds herself in Gunnar’s home What she didn’t know was that her life was about to change foreverAs Nicole’s true nature is discovered and her life’s purpose revealed she finds herself in a different world where water and wood nymphs cater to guests with their seductive hospitality ancient witches prophesize the future vipers are not just snakes and some birds may have two heads The most important revelation; the Solsti are back and they only return when a great evil is approaching Can Nicole live up to the role she has been given? Or will evil return from the depths to take over the human world? Nicole must find the culprit causing her existence as a Solsti and find herself in the processThere is much to be said about an author that can bring a new twist to a good vs evil plot The premise relies on the idea that there is an evil unlike the world has ever known and it is about to unleash itself on the world As a result 4 mythical beings will return to fight the evil and save the Earth Sharon Kay has taken good versus evil to a whole new level by intertwining creatures of the paranormal persuasion that are fresh and new and abundant Whether characters encounter nymphs that truly live up to their name vile demons that come in multiple shapes colors and size sexy demons that get scary protective of their females or witches as old as dust Sharon Kay keeps readers guessing as to what they will encounter next What I love even is that each creature plays a very specific role in the storyline to impact the outcomeNow what would a paranormal romance be without the romance itself? Within this adventurous uest is a romance that is not just warming up but blazing into nothing less than an inferno Nicole and Gunnar have an instant attraction that builds to astronomical levels with each encounter Whether Gunnar has Nicole half naked in the hall way at his home causes wet dreams of them at a club or takes her out of fierce possession the pair is explosive and erotic in every way possibleIn addition to Gunnar and Nicole the story hints of contract killers heart breaking deals in the name of love potential romances as well as past loves lost that are hoped to rekindle That being said the first installment of this series has reeled me in I am anxious to see these relationships develop and these hardcore Alpha males brought to heel by the women that claim their hearts as they battle to save the human race and all others living among them