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Sandman built his dubious reputation by turning the dreams and nightmares of others into harsh reality Now he’s pursuing his own twisted dream; the beautiful Maria Milan But she doesn’t want to become a player in Sandman’s sordid fantasyMichael Sykora is a hit man who kills for justice Sean Riley is a hit man born to kill Together they’re out to take down Sandman and his organization Whether mercy is given depends on who catches him first

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    Lovable Hit MenHow does Darcia Helle DO that? Make me admire not one but two assassins This author is talented let me tell you Killing Instinct is book three in the Michael Sykora series While I loved No Justice and Beyond Salvation I think Killing Instinct is my favorite of the series The writing is tight and the plot is tighter But what I like best is my incongruous fondness for killers I've liked Michael protector of those who can't fight for themselves since book one Book three showcases Sean the hit man Michael initially hired to avenge his wife's murder Sean tortures bad guys with calculating ruthlessness but there's also good in him albeit harder to find than in Michael He'd often heard the phrase blind rage but that wasn't right Rage wasn't blind it was myopic His rage was a narrow focus blocking out everything else around him His rage had the texture of shattered glass and the scent of blood The emotion pulsated throughout his body making his fingers ache with the need for releaseEep Woe to bad dudes Sean is coming for youI really like the heroines of the story as well Nicki is Michael's girlfriend who has a tiny dog that likes hamburgers Maria Milan the woman Sean has decided to save is a former bounty hunter Both women are tough and smart providing the perfect match for their menThere are moments of humor like when Michael gets stabbed by a piece of wood He had a sudden image of his heart on the end of the stake like a cherry lollipopAnd supporting character Ruby continues to contribute a sense of grounding and fashion flair to the story The characters' evolving reactions to the villain Sandman seem realistic to me Mental illness and sadistic psychiatrists don't go well togetherI'm hoping there will be books in this series?

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    I bought this novel because I read a description of it in one of those lists of '50 indie books worth reading' and I'm glad I spotted it Great story about an organisation set up to satisfy the reuirements of all manner of sickos torture rape etc and an excellent explanation of how the 'dark net' works too the underground internet The books is extremely well put together with no superfluous detail no wandering from the plot Darcia Helle has done something clever she has written likeable hitmen I loved Sean who has that Jack Bauer sort of thing going onThe other thing that impressed me about this is that it's a pretty grisly novel written by a woman and it's not girly at all The women are the sort of women I want to read about The guys are alpha males This is actually the fourth in the Micheal Sykora series which I didn't realise until I was a little of the way in but it's very neatly executed so it reads perfectly well as a stand alone One of the elements that makes it so very readable is that the dialogue is terrific always appropriate realistic sharp and sometimes amusing I'll definitely be reading of these books starting with No Justice which I believe is the first and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good murder thriller and isn't too sueamish

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    This is the third in Darcia Helle's Michael Sykora series I hadn't read any of the other books in the series but this book reads well as a stand alone novel The author effectively gives details of the background of each character as we meet them so anyone who is unfamiliar with them will be able to read the book and enjoy itThis book delves into an obscure and scary world that exists just beneath the surface of society A hidden Internet site that deals in the darker side of life; where people are no than commodities to satisfy the needs of disturbed individuals One such person is at the head of the organisation Sandman This elusive man must be found and stoppedIn this novel Michael Sykora and his partner in crime Sean Riley go in search of this evil ringleader and in their search they discover things that surprise them about him but also about themselvesFor Sean Riley the search is personal his girlfriend's life is at risk and emotions fuel his need for justiceThis book looks at how there is always to a person or a situation than meets the eyeIt's a compulsive read that you won't want to put down and like many of Darcia Helle's novels it will have you biting your nails and worrying about the characters A must read for fans of suspensethrillers

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    Wow I was lucky enough to win a copy of this story as I had read the others in the series and tried for this one so glad I did as it is an excellent readI am familiar with the characters and though I didn't read the stories in order it didn't spoil my enjoymenteach book can be stand alone though I would say to begin at number one and you will be hookedIt is a murky and violent world for Michael Sykora's chosen profession and this story focuses on the disturbing and horrific arena of deviants and their sick fantasies sold to them by disgusting monsters supposedly humanThe characters Michael Issac Sean and Nicki are well defined and likeable some others are despicable but brilliantly portrayed Though there is some comic relief through Ruby There is potential interest in Maria too I can't say too much so as not to spoil the plot but it is interesting to see than one side to 'baddies' and the psychological influences that can shape lives and the decisions thereinThis is a gritty hard hitting suspense story very well written and though disturbing it is a compelling readHighly recommended

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    Where do I begin at the end This book isn’t 5 stars its better This book is 5 glistening scalpels dripping with bloodDarcia is one of my favorite people as an author and as a person Her mind is sick and twisted just like mine but she has the ability to put all of this into a book into many booksIf you haven’t read the previous Michael books do yourself a favor and READ THEM You will fall in love with Michael and follow his many trips to bring justice where it belongsI DO NOT give anything away in my reviews because I am here only to give my opinionThis book like all of Darcia’s books brings you into the story I can see myself sitting next to Michael or Sean during one of their “adventures”I personally like dark graphic stories so this one is probably my favorite This story kept you wondering why throughout most of the bookuntil Darcia decided it was time to tell you WHYThe scary thing is you know somewhere this IS happening

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    Michael Skykora owner of a computer deign business by day and a hit man by night answered a call from Sea Riley Sean had been hired to torture a woman and film it while letting her slowly die but he broke his own rule and slept with Maria Milan instead he took the cowardly Jake the man who had hired him He wanted answers of who wanted the film as he wanted to rip him of heart apart He shoved down his feelings for Maria and decided not to go thereSean and Michael discover an organization so dark and twisted ran by a guy named sandman Sandman gave the wealthy their deepest and darkest fantasy with no chance of discovery from their rapes and murders When Sean finds out that Sandman wanted Maria for his own torturedeath he saw redDarcia Helle pens a page turner that keeps her readers spell bound and rapidly reading as they try to keep up with Sean and Michael's otherjob

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    Killing Instinct is the third novel in the Michael Sykora series but can easily be read as a stand alone Sean Riley a hitman who served in supporting roles in prior novels is elevated to the status of co protagonist He and Michael pursue a snuff film producer who is obsessed with Sean's girlfriendAuthor Darcia Helle does a fine job of combining intense action scenes with ones that flesh out Sean's character We also see Michael's girlfriend take a active role in the plot Female thriller fans will love this developmentMy only criticism is that it took so long to roll out the third novel in this series I hope that #4 is in the works

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    They get better and betterMichael has now partnered with Sean his previous mentor Both are excellent at what they do and although Michael has tempered his methods Sean hasn’t Sean has been hired to murder a woman named Maria and to torture her first The person who hired him is unknown and Sean and Michael begin a search for him and his cohorts They begin by learning about his business making porno films and under this cover making snuff films Their search and solutions are brutal and uite graphic but really well written The vigilantes are back Thanks to the author and publisher for an e galley for an honest review

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    I really liked this book up till the ending Seriously spoilers ahead The bad guy is about to get his and as reader I'm left out in the hall while that happens I wanted to be in the room see the bad guy get it I deserved that after all that Michael and his friends went through I'd certainly read another in the series though because I did enjoy her writing and liked the characters I just hope that other books in the series don't rush the ending

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    Just readI like the premise of this story getting bad guys when the law can't This is a foursome you probably shouldn't mess with A great series of books