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Pirates have green teeth—when they have any teeth at all I know about pirates because one day when I was at the beach building a sand castle and minding my own business a pirate ship sailed into viewSo proclaims Jeremy Jacob a boy who joins Captain Braid Beard and his crew in this witty look at the finer points of pirate life by the Caldecott Honor–winning illustrator David Shannon and the storyteller Melinda Long Jeremy learns how to say “scurvy dog” sing sea chanteys and throw food but he also learns that there are no books or good night kisses on board “Pirates don’t tuck” A swashbuckling adventure with fantastically silly richly textured illustrations that suit the story to a T

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    I recently read Pirates Don't Change Diapers the second book about Jeremy Jacob and his crew of pirate friends When I came across the story that started it all I just had to take a lookIn this first installment Jeremy Jacob is just minding his own business building a sand castle on the beach when a group of pirates rows ashore They're looking for a good digger so they take Jeremy Jacob with them so he can help them bury their treasure The kid thinks it's great at first But when it comes time for bed he realizes that pirates might be fun but they're not so great at doing things like reading stories and tucking inBoth books feature the same highly detailed illustrations by David Shannon The pirates are a fun bunch to look at with their various uirks and uniue characteristics The accompanying text is simple and captures the wonder of a little boy's imaginationI didn't enjoy this one uite as much as its seuel but I still think both books are a lot of fun They'd be great to give together as a gift for pirate loving readersuotable moment

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    so cute This is a bedtime favorite around our house

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    Funny and an instant classic The illustrations are brilliant and border on the grotesue Great for K 2

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    This is a really good children's book for like toddlers It was good how he explained the pirates and in some parts it was really funny

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    KidLit ED204 category illustrator projectHow I Became a Pirate is written by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon This is an adorable book about how Jeremy Jacob became a pirate The illustrations bring this book to life You can see the joy in Jeremy Jacob's face to be part of the pirate crew because they need him to help bury their treasure The excitement wears down when it's bedtime and pirates don't tuck each other in or tell bedtime stories A storm breaks out and the pirates can no longer sail their ship so they decide to bury their treasure in Jeremy Jacob's backyard Like I said before I really feel like the illustrations bring this book to life from showing emotions to making you feel like you were really on the beach feeling the breeze waving goodbye to the pirate ship

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    The group I read it to loved the story the illustrations the tried and true pirate phrases and especially the parts where all the crew pirates and the class chime in together

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    I really liked this book as I was reading it to my son He actually likes a pirate show that comes on TV so I knew he would be able to relate to the book and understand what a pirate was The author used the writing craft of unforgettable language in this book I think that he used this craft very well because he highlighted the phrases that he wanted to emphasize and made them in bold print and in a bigger font as well He also was not afraid to use a lot of pirate language so that the reader could understand that it was a pirate that was talking This really developed the characters well and showed the differences between the pirates and the little boy I also liked how the writer had a character say something and then move on in the story and not get stuck on a conversation between characters He would then begin explaining what happened next after the statement or uestion was said This really helped the flow of the book as well which I really liked because children's book need to flow to keep their attention If I was their writing teacher I would tell them that they did a good job on emphasizing the pirates language which brought the pirate character to real life This is a strategy I would tell my students to use if they had a character that was from a different culture or used a different language than the rest of the characters Writing out that characters language helps the reader relate to that character even if they are different from the rest It's good to point out similarities and differences between characters language

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    What little boy would not love a pirate adventure – and little Jeremy Jacob sees an adventure of a lifetime when a pirate ship shows up on North Beach just as he is building a sandcastleWith his parents distracted Jeremy takes off with Braid Beard and his posse of pirates He learns sea chanteys and uses words like landlubber and scurvy dog Even though a life at sea sounds fun big storms are scary and when you do not have your mommy to tuck you in at night the fun ebbs very uicklyWith a treasure to bury Jeremy comes up with an idea – he knows the perfect place to hide the treasure and with luck he will be able to make his soccer game the next day Little boys will love the adventure and illustrations in this book Melinda Long and David Shannon have put together an exciting tale that will fill the imaginations of their young readersNote Take notice that the little boy does wander off with strangers so you may want to either discuss this ahead of time with your child or completely skip this book until your child is old enough to understand that this is only a make believe story and that real children should never do this

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    This is one of my grandson's favorite books He asks me to read it to him almost every time he visits My grandson loves where they end up burying the treasure and Jeremy's soccer team name as well as many other details The only reason that I give it four stars instead of five is because I have had to explain to my grandson that it is not ok to go with strangers several times In the book Jeremy goes with the pirates and thinks it is ok He says that he doesn't think his parents will mind as long as he is home for soccer practice the next day I feel that I need to remind my grandson that his parents definitely would mind if he left with anyone On a positive note I have used the description of the pirates' teeth as a reason to brush well Overall it is a great book And I haven't gotten tired of reading it to him yet

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    Braid Beard and his crew show up at Jeremy Jacobs house ready for an adventure Jeremy decides to go on an adventure with the pirates At first he loves being a pirate no veggies and all the freedom until he realizes that they don't read and as for tucking him in at night they don't do that either When the adventures bring Jeremy home they bury treasure in the backyard and off they go Jeremy was on the pirates team and he found out that is wasn't so badTeaching MomentsLearn Pirate language Create a dictionary of pirate words from the storyCreate your own Jolly RogerDesign and make your own pirate hatsRetell the story seuence from beginning to endWriting Create your own pirate storyReader’s Theater creation from this story