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The first command of an officer haunted by his actions on his previous assignment the mission of BRS Anelace was supposed to be simple and uneventfulSent to patrol and protect the interests of Renard Mining Enterprises in the remote Skathi solar system the new captain should have had ample downtime to bond with his crew Much to their surprise Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers discover sabotaged navigation buoys and suspicious freighter activity that suggest a sinister presence in the system Soon Anelace finds herself outnumbered and outgunned in a race against time to save the civilians operating Renard’s lone ore processing station from the threat that would drive the Republic from the valuable asteroid fields orbiting the Skathi star

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    A very strong showing for an early author Great swashbuckling style action and pretty good pacing The characters have some meat on their bones; even if they aren't completely developedThere were few if any grammatical errors but plenty of non seuiturs with both the story and the characters Ringel also makes a great deal of effort to explain the technology but has a total disregard for high school physics I know shock waves in space has been beaten to death but there are even glaring errors ie accelerating into a barrage of accelerating missiles DECREASES the relative time between salvos and while accurate targeting may be limited a mass driver or even a good old fashion cannon would have NO MAXIMUM RANGE especially on a stationary targetFinally; manual control for counter batteries? even in the twentieth century CIWS used computers for targeting Very dramatic sure but it is a huge stretchThe plentiful errors hurt an otherwise very good book; but I like his style and will keep looking for from this author

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    June 18 2018This book started out a little slowly maybe the first 15% then the battle started and took the whole rest of the book occasionally leavened with technical descriptions of the ships and weapons If you're really into military sci fi you might appreciate it but that's not my preference It was certainly exciting A space battle that lasted for almost a whole book But there was very little character development and almost no back story I had no problem finishing it but I haven't decided whether I will read the next installment in the series

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    As a matter of full disclosure I am related to the author That makes me biased but that also makes me knowledgeable of the work put into this book It is a good story with engaging characters and well edited Available only on Kindle and Nook this is the first book in a new military sci fi series for 2013

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    Lieutenant Heskan has just been put in charge of his first ship and he expects his job to be a routine one But when Heskan found himself outnumbered by pirate ships demanding his surrender he is determined to fight back He will need all his skills and the dedication and respect of his crew to face the threat without getting anyone killedThe novel revolves around the battle between Heskan’s ship “Anelace” and its pirate opponents and I believe that the author does a very good job to keep it going for so long The focus is mainly on technology and tactic and the details of the combat felt realisticIn my opinion there are the long paragraphs with information about the story world and the technology available especially in the first half of the book that slow down the story Also the characters especially the negative ones could be a bit developedHowever I think this is a solid military science fiction novel with a focus on space ship battle

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    This book is a mind scamble Gripped me right away with Dagger Class Corvette which made me think of the opening of the animated film Heavy Metal In addition to a well plotted tale there's maps diagrams and really nice illustrations of the ships in the tale Enjoyed itPurchased via Smashwords

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    I'm actually uite sad I am done with this book It's very easy to get attached to the crew of Anelace with decent characters and plenty of tense moments The attention to detail and realism made the setting very believable Highly recommended to anyone who likes sci fi

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    A boreMost of the book was filler A big part of this was the long way around the point and not enough exclamation points that was easily buried by unfulfilled locations Also too many details that never helped

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    This was very heavy on the science y mechanical workings at time but I really enjoyed the storyCharacters were a little flat but nothing too bad If anything the plot was interesting enough to keep me reading

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    This is a uite good book Unfortunately i found the over detailed damage reports to break the pace of the combats narration Combined with a captain that has a big tendency to get lost in his thoughts and i can get myself to give four stars to this book

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    A wonderful science fiction adventure I was hooked from the beginning to the end Very detailed very realistic with a large emphasis on military action and how we can expect war into space to happen