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Josie responsible beyond her age is helpful around the house takes good care of her younger sister and always follows the rules This is not enough to prevent her from being abducted by a madman Making it her mission to fight back she gives everything she has to outsmart her abductorWith the help of an unexpected ally she learns how to keep herself alive long enough to come up with a plan But will the plan work? Will she die at the hands of her captor? And if she survives will she make it back to her family?

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    This was an alright read but it didn't suck me in Josie was an okay character and I felt sorry for her for what she was going through She annoyed me at the start thoughThis wasn't an awful read but I didn't love it It took a while for things to get going but when they did it still didn't suck me in I'll probably read the second one to see what happens but I doubt that it will be any better than this one

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    It's not always easy taking on the subject matter of a young girls abduction but Corinne Leigh Donovan handled the subject matter with grace and dignity Her story starts off with the day to day happenings of Josie a young girl who is probably too smart and observant for her own good She's sweet and responsible and a good friend When she gets abducted her own is shattered yet she refuses to stop fighting The book shows us not only her point of view but that of her mother's too and how they all struggled as the days turn into weeksI look forward to book two in this amazing book and encourage everyone to take the time to read this touching and emotionally driven story Well done

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    I am so glad I got this book for free I would NOT recommend anyone paying for it First off this book is SO poorly edited The author did not look over her spelling or structure at all uotation marks are the number one thing needing fixed as well as words that are wrong The plot of the story isn't terrible but it needs some work I feel like the boy who was also kidnapped his story was a bit jumbled As well as the main girl's father and stepfather Overall if the author would edit the story fix the typos and make it longer this probably wouldn't be a bad read

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    I'm shocked that the reviews on are as good as they are About 20 pages in you forget that this girl is ten years old She brushes off emotional and physical trauma like its nothing and says okay stranger lets get out of here With a LOT detail it could have been good I guess that's what I get for getting a free book The only thing that made it worthwhile was seeing the real love Eric actually had for her

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    This book had a lot of potential that just uickly fizzled out The protagonist of the story was just not believable As an adult it's hard to adopt a child's personality to narrate a story and the author was just not able to successfully get there

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    Contains SpoilersA Mind Abducted is a great book if you are 13 or maybe even older than that It teaches you a very valuable lesson on the reality of things and on life This book has so many emotions going on that you cant help but to feel like you're in the bookI honestly felt close to Josie in the book because she is a teem that turned 13 recently I loved her fight and i wish that i had her personality which is the thing that i loved the most about this book One could say that she is the 'Katniss' of this novel She is also one of the main characters the other main character is 'Mason' aka Jason CarmichaelMason is a boy that worked for a not so innocent guy and was forced to do things to the girls that he didn't want to do 'Mason' went 'missing' like Josie did Only he was kidnapped at a young age His 'Dad' was running a mill like business by capturing young girls and having the men pay to have 'situations' with them and the owner put it on video Not to forget that the man running it is a complete shocker It's Josie's father who you could say 'disowned' her and her sister Emma But there was one reason that Josie was there That reason was for the revenge of Josie's step father EricEric is met in the beginning of the book as somebody that he isn't He is perceived as a total jerk that doesn't care about his step kids and he worked all the time End of story that's it Well that isn't it Eric isn't as you would think I hated him at the beginning but as I reached the end of the book I learned to love Eric He was well is a nice caring and gentle person I know SHOCKER In the end he was one of the nicest characters of them all I didn't think that I would like Eric at all But I didOverall this book is a thriller that had my heart racing the whole time No wonder why I read it in a day I absolutely loved this book and it deserves 5 out of 5 stars I am eagerly awaiting to read the next in the series

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    This book has a promising premise but poor execution It took way too long to get to the main theme and when it did there was little emotion It's short and was free on I've found some fabulous new authors through free Kindle offerings but unfortunately this isn't one of them Give this one a pass

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    25 stars mind you i thought it was okay it doesn't mean I thought it was horrible or anything Kay so this is likeCilantro most likely you are going to hate it or you are going to love it Its a very specific type of tea I read another psychological read sort of like this one where the POVs start to shift from who is captured to a person looking for said captured person and unfortunately I am super weird and i usually always end up skipping the parts about the person on the outside and i grudgingly admit it was the same for this one sorryNow keep in mind when you decide if you want to read this or not that we are dealing with a 13 year old So why did I end up giving it a 25 stars?a a 13 year old was the target does that sicken me? Um if it doesn't then i'd be a monster just saying When she didn't realize that the guy wasn't aiming to kill i knew life would suck So with the content that was dealt with in this while it didn't go into the grueling details did i think 13 was too young probably no yes actually Now here is the thing I get i really do get that it is was probably trying to make a statement and bring light to this situation So with that said still this i hope is a work of fiction you could have made her a bit older than literally a day after turning 13 b while i did NOT AND WILL NEVER want the grueling details of rape of a 13 year old yup i just told you that you need to know going into this that its not a clean kidnapping where its all about just for ransom or anything like that anyways so with that said in the end i don't know for me i think that the girl was somewhat unbelievable while i admire the fact that she does want to keep living and what nots i would think she would be lot broken then she seems to be for a character to be peachy keen with me they need to be somewhat believable odd coming from the girl who lives for paranormal i know but still the fact remains that is how i like my characters c this secret helpers of her well he wasn't all the helpful at first and same with him as with Josie just not believable enough for me and maybe its because i skimmed the last 20% of the book that i just didn't connect with the boy but i just didn't view spoiler also i figured out who the kidnappers were going to be the moment they met each other hide spoiler

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    This was a pretty good story It was a fast paced easy read for me I did notice many grammatical errors specifically involving the use of uotes the lack there of I didn't understand what suddenly made the popular girl Lacey want to start hanging out with Josie and Jessie? Josie seemed to be a somewhat smart kid for a 1213 Yet it was surprising how naive she was when the delivery guy got her into the truck to kidnap her She may never have received a package herself but surely she'd seen how they're typically delivered I mean it's not like people normally go climbing into the truck to get the packages How exactly did the FBI get involved? I mean it's not like there were several kids missing or anything And they got an agent the day after she was taken? Not likelyOn the news when the media was alerting people to Josie's kidnapping why were they all going into detail about her parents lives and the divorcing and getting back together part? How would that have helped the community find her?One moment the weirdo guy that's paid to do whatever with Josie is the room with her As the steel door slammed I sueezed my eyes shut screaming internally as the man approached The next sentencechapter starts off with The door slammed behind them as I curled into a fetal position But right afterwards Josie is up and looking around the room for a weapon that's when she finds the paintwall chips or whatever they are So what happened to the man? And later on Josie is reminiscing about how her innocence had been taken and her body abusedWhen Josie's long lost father is back and tries to take her and Mason back to Mason's father why didn't they just jump out of the car to begin with? At first I thought they were in a 2 door car but then suddenly I put my hand on the door handle so obviously that wasn't the case How long had they been at the hospital prior to MasonJason's mom getting there? And how did they know who he was considering he'd been in surgery and all? In the end I would have liked to know a little about the characters like the kidnapper and Josie's father for example Why would her father have let her get kidnapped to be raped? So he doesn't to be a father and wants money from Eric the step father but allowing your daughter to be raped? IDK Different POV's would have been nice as well

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    Let me start by once again repeating I don't like 1st person narration The 1st person point is to make the reader feel connected to the character However I rarely find a believeable 1st person character and this book was no exception Josie has just turned 13 but acts and thinks like she's 16 yo or At a first read her mom seems like a beaten wife and her stepfather the wife beaterJosie develops a friendship with a popular girl which I think the author wanted to use as a hook to how Josie is kidnapped IMO there were other ways for it to happen It could have happened at the first page and I would have been hooked from there I wasn't The story was all over the place There were various knots the author didn't manage to untangle Me as a perso do not wish to see a child kidnapped or raped but the way it was put into the story I just didn't buy that it happened The motive behind the kidnapping an raping was hinted but not really discussed and I would have liked to see the story from the kidnapper POV Has he done it for money? For fun? Because he is sick? The premise of this book was not bad tghe story just didn't live it up to it I wasn't thrilled or afraid or reading at the edge of my seat I was merey reading words that didn't uite were a sentence and weren't uite a book either 1 very disappointed star and as fas as 1st impression goes my history with Corinne Leigh Donovan ends here