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beautiful sister Wind Song learn of the legend of an ancient silver amulet buried on Cacouna Island by a Micmac wellJennifer and Arthur find themselves in ancient Sumer over five thousand years ago—and in trouble Kidnapped by Sheik Faizi they discover their only hope of escape is to steal his golden amulet The two amulets are somehow connected but how? Can any of the companions deliver them to the beautiful and powerful Lady Eve on the island of Eve Ilion? And if they succeed will they be able to return home? This edition is no longer for sale and has been reiussed along with Voyage to Eve Ilion in a new edition called Two Legends Voyage to Eve Ilion The Nine Companions

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    Magic is the operative word in Barbara Burgess' lovely new book one of the most resonant words in the English language with deep etymological roots from the Magos or priests of Ahura Mazda the Zoroastrian god of the ancient Persians who evolved into the Magi of New Testament fame and most recently the wily magicians of the delicious new movie Now You See MeMs Burgess herself no mean magician uses as inspiration for her time space launching pad an unforgettable summer she spent as a teenager in Cornwall surely one the most magical places on Earth Where else could William Blake have been thinking of when he exclaimed And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountains green
 And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen Ms Burgess’ magic time space machine whisks us from 21st century Cornwall to contemporary Kashmir the magical island of Eve Ilion 17th century New France and 3200 BC Sumer with the same insouciance and lyrical ease as the author’s trusty Nine CompanionsGreat fun to read a tremendous Young Adult book highly recommended Talking of companions TH White's classic The Once and Future King would make an excellent companion volume See also Burgess' first book The Magic Manuscript Book One Voyage to Eve Ilion

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    A real Magical readI am not normally reading Mythological books but I have to say that book had gripped me from the first page in her magical story It’s magic gripped me and held me until the endA great read for all ages I enjoyed it very much Barbara Burgess is a great story teller

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    I tried I wanted to like it Who gets a book thinking they won't enjoy it? I think it was simply too MUCH magic for me It is very probable that others with a better imagination will love it