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I m looking forward to the next one. He D Bonded With The Child It Was Foretold, And So It Would BeBlack Ledge Is Inhabited Again, But Not Everyone In The Realm Is Pleased As The Driscolls Settle Into Their New Home They Meet Magical Beings, Discover Secrets, And Exasperate The Elven Guard They Re Having A Great Time Charm Turns To Alarm When They Meet Doris, The Acadian Water Witch, Who S Removed The Alabaster Chalice From Its Watery Grave The Noctivagi, Drawn By The Artifact S Water Magyk, Seek The Chalice For Their Own Nefarious Purpose, And Mayhem EnsuesEleanor, Rob, Jack, And Flora Fight Time And Tide To Return The Alabaster Chalice To The Undine Prince Before The Darkness Steals It Another great book by Paige Great for any age Makes me dream. Book two is violent than book one, so although a female protagonist, boys will find enough adventure and magic kinds of fighting to be highly engaged with the story Multi genre interesting mix of realistic fiction and fantasy, well developed characters, detailed settings The parents leave for a conference giving the story line increased suspense No romance to speak of Vampires mentioned but not focused on Recommended for teens. my thoughts Eleanor, Jack, Rob and Flora Discoll set off on another wonderfully written adventure in the realm The children are faced with trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the Alabaster Chalice and why the Noctivagi are so determined to start a war in order to get their hands on it Eleanor seems to be the child that is favored the most within the pages of this book She appears to be special and gifted in many ways Do to her having these particular gifts Gunnr a Night Elf and Camedon the Keeper of the Realm have taken an interest in her They have decided it is their moral obligations to help her embrace her gifts and to understand as well as fine tune them.Since Eleanor is getting so much attention it seems to have caused some sibling rivalry between her Jack and Rob In the end though they all work it out because they all have a common goal They want to know what will happen, they want to help and they want to learn as much as they can about the Realm It is however, Eleanor that figured out the common links between the missing Chalice and the other characters within the book This is definitely a must read book for anyone that has read the first book in the series and for anyone that is interested in reading about characters such as dwarves, elves and other beings of the sort.