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Maria Robespierre is one of the last remaining Roboticist in a world where technology is closely guarded and robots are hated and feared But when an inexplicable anomaly causes one of her newest robots to malfunction she knows it’s just the sort of happy accident Earth’s government has been waiting for in order to push through stricter anti robot legislation The inevitable destruction of thousands of her robots looms near Is there anything Maria can do to save them? Is there anything she won’t do in trying?“Children of Ymir” is the preuel short story to K S Daniels’ debut science fiction novel The Valkyrie Profiles book I of The Valkyrie Trilogy

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    “Children of Ymir” is the preuel short story to the science fiction novel The Valkyrie Profiles book I of The Valkyrie Trilogy It's written so that it can be enjoyed by those who haven't read the first book and those who have Happy reading

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    355The preuel to The Valkyrie Profiles the first book in The Valkyrie Trilogy is a brief tale about Maria Robespierre and the beginning of the end of her career as a roboticist Due to a mutation in a chip of her own design one of her robots HCV 0455 a Generation F model suffers a malfunction that results in a botched calculation on an important project and the very real possibility of the entire generation being decommissioned The cause of the glitch not only catches Maria by surprise but it will have dire repercussions for her and her researchMuch like The Valkyrie Profiles this short story is well written It was sweet to see Maria's relationship with Vladia who is only nine years old in the preuel Maria's passion for her work is evident though this was already established in The Valkyrie Profiles It is Maria's compassion that is new to readers; she considers herself a mother to these robots and is incredibly protective of themWhile this bit of insight was nice I have to say that while I enjoyed it the story did not meet my expectations I was hoping for further elaboration of the world these characters inhabit What is the Anglo Eastern War and what caused it? Why are children born and raised by an actual parent as opposed to the state rearing facilities viewed as an abomination and when did this widely accepted attitude happen? When did humans start relying on robots and colonizing other planets? And though their contract was short lived and hardly filled with love what happened between Maria and Admiral Malthus? After all Vladia is the result of their union; a sentence acknowledging this relationship was hardly sufficientChildren of Ymir can be read before or after The Valkyrie Profiles Fans of the series would do well to check out this story though it ultimately does not add much to the canon