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Siren Menage Amour Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance MFM spanking HEA Get ready to set sail and meet the men of your dreamsCameron Pompeo has always seen things felt things he could not explain the biggest of which is a young girl named Jocelyn who appears nightly in his dreams When his cousin Reed Pompeo suddenly shows up in his dream Cameron realizes that not only does Jocelyn exist but she will be important to them bothAfter a tragic accident kills her mother Jocelyn Parker struggles with her guilt She pushes away the two most important people in her life as a form of self punishment and tries to convince herself that she made them up despite the fact that a sense in the very depths of her soul tells her that they’re real A cruise to the Mediterranean finally brings the three of them together There they make real memories and promises to each other but what happens when the cruise is over? Will their love be strong enough to survive the outside forces that threaten to destroy their happiness?Note This book contains double penetration A Siren Erotic Romance

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    I love the paranormal aspect and the author does a great job with that I enjoyed Jocelyn too with her tragic past and beautiful personality I suggest you give Ocean’s Three a try

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    Fantastic I carn't wait to read this story thanks Elena for the opportunity xxx my Missy is delighted

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    Ok so I’ve done it again and read a series in the wrong order but I promise I’ll review book one That being said this is a standalone so my enjoyment of the book wasn’t hindered in any way I wasn’t sure going into this what I was going to think with the whole paranormal bent to it but after reading it I think it’s enhanced my enjoyment of the book Elena Kincaid is a fabulous writer and it’s no surprise that she seamlessly blended reality with the paranormal to make a very entertaining story When Cameron is a teen he starts having dreams and a young almost teen girl is just sitting on the end of his bed his cousin Reed shows up and it is the start of years of shared dreams But Cam also has a dream of Jocelyn where a tragedy happens and not only is he powerless to stop it When she’s badly hurt and hit with devastating news she blocks them out for years But after she becomes an adult and she is hard at work on a cruise ship it seems that fate has a plan for the three of them I loved this book and I found Joss to be a totally kick keister woman I loved the way she handled the ladies on the ship who were encroaching on her property And Cam? Totally hot I do love a man who can spank properly

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    Jocelyn has a history with Cameron and Reed They are her best friends They have been there in good times and bad Too bad they are not realor are they? When Jocelyn meets the men of her dreams in the real world will she run true to form?Ocean’s Three by Elena Kincaid is second in her Made in Heaven series I enjoyed meeting Reed and Cameron They are cousins in real life sharing dreams of a girl neither has met They tell each other their hopes and dreams until tragedy strikes Moving past loss is hard for Jocelyn and begins her default of running I love that Ms Kincaid made Read and Cameron steadfast in their love for Joss; even as Joss continues to run from her emotions and them I loved the overriding theme of mates being something in this case the soul mate variety Cameron Read and Joss’s journey toward acceptance is emotional and well written I enjoyed seeing Reed and Cameron refuse to allow Joss to run from them and what they could have together I enjoyed this story and looked forward to reading from Ms Kincaid in the future Five Shooting Stars

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    I loved this from start to end I love story with a twist I love it I'm going to admit this now but Cameron was my favourite OK so we have three yes three people who at first I thought this is something they all made up thought it was a dream thought it was all in their head And by the way I loved the dreams anyway you got to see the couples grow you get to see when things click and then when they finally get to meet that's when the heat turned up And I mean way up these three heat up the pages for me Joss Cameron and Reed Joss she's a very going to say easily teased almost trying away but also will stand up for the one she lives and she is wicked wicked photographyReed well read when I first read about him I thought wow he smooth he's an Alpha but in his own little ways and just the things he does makes you want And Cameron know I did say he was my favourite because he special in a way but what he does and has to deal with he is strong but Innoway stubborn and doesn't want to see the ones he loves or cares about her anything see them hurt in anyway possible he is also very alphaI think for me the moment I fell in love with these three characters was on the cruiseship the personalities and the heat between the three just worked for me and I could not put the book down I needed to know I needed to find out the next move what was going to happen So again I loved this read from start to finish

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    Sueeeee Freaking HOT Another steamy read by Elena Kincaid FLOVE her stuff Hot men sexy women and incredible storiesCameron and Reed and Jocelyn have been connected since they were kids They've been dreaming together for years Cameron experiences glimpses into the future and when he can't do anything about what's coming he takes it hard His cousin Reed tries to get Cameron to share the load of the visions but isn't overly successful Anyway tragedy strikes and Jocelyn pulls away from the boys and their dreams believing she has made them upThings get interesting when they meet on a cruise years later This story is so fun A great getaway with some hunky fellas hey a girl can 'get into character'

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    35 stars

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    For meno where near as good was the 1stTo me the theme of the book should have been wasted timeand no I don't mean mine for reading this I mean theirs Soo much time when they couldashoulda been together but they weren't and honestly there wasn't s good reason for it Now here unlike the 1st story where for a good while ALL 3 thought it was just a dream for a while and maybe it wasn't real but here right from the beginning the guys knew it was real Now I can give them the 1st time Joss disappeared for 6 years maybe but the 2nd time she came back and disappeared ? They should have know enough to be able to go looking for herand definitely vice versaJoss's behavior where she honestly never even wanted to try and see once even once ?? See if there were realthat was just a point I couldn't get past it just didn't make sense no once in all the years of coming and going or chatting none could or would shared even one phone number ? Did one internet search one the other ? Or even tried to plan to meet with the other ? The guy knew for certain it was all very very real why on earth don't they try to prove it to her ? Why when she KNEW she was moving to New York in part to be closer to the guys who are from New Jersey even if she's too chicken to believe why does she NEVER go looking for even one sign that the exist ? She knows soo soo much about them especially their last names and such all she had to do was pick up a phone bookEasy peasy But She Does Nothing And neither does the guysWTH?? Seriously?? WTH? Everyone is miserable and as far as we know their all in our modern era with the internet and all it's trappings but No No one even tried til fate but them together on a cruise shipI'll sorry but it made no sense what soo ever to me and was a huge stumbling block no wanting give anything away but Joss waits almost 12 her life between meeting the guys and finally meeting them with her denial and running wing their main and at times seemingly ONLY obstacle to being together sooo it just didn't work like it could or maybe should for meThen when they finally do get together it's mainly just sex and sexSeriously soo much sex I was getting bored with it and skimming and skipping pages I like sex in my romances you don't have a romance without at least a little sex but there's to a relationship and a menage than just sexNot a bad readbut too much wasted time that honesty doesn't make senseif nothing else they could have exchanged phone numbers at any time and just called each other then too much sexAwesome idea but too I hope had to be overlooked to be enjoyedThanks anyway

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    I enjoyed the concept of Ocean's Three and I did enjoy the three main characters Jocelyn Reed and Cameron However I felt it needed to be a bit longer as there was too much tell instead of show and it glanced over a lot of the content

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    review reuest submitted by the author for an honest critiue Once upon a time Paul Walker actor spoke these words I used to believe in one true soul mate but not any I believe you can have a few In Jocelyn's case she was lucky to have found two However whereas most other people discover their loves through casual dating school work or an online dating site Joss' soul mates were found in the moments she was traversing through dreamlandShe stumbled up Cameron then Reed A connectionfriendship was established when they were merely teenagers A bond that kept bringing them back together through the years Location for the meet wasn't ideal the idea of dream walking seemed far fetch but you can't deny these three were absolutely fated to meetCameron the man with the psychic touch could see events unfold some clear as day some not He saw the accident which took Joss' mom away but was unable to prevent it That powerless feeling was a undoubtedly heavy weight to bear His gift made him make a tough choice later on in the story towards end of the book In the end everything worked out for the best because we all want that HEA Of course not all of us are ending the day with two men warming our bedsOh the wonderful joys of books It can take you places you've never been before With Elena she took us to a in between state where dreams are real and the possibilities are endlessSpeaking us endless possibilities When the trio conjured up the food and wine was it calorie free? I sure hope so I know the men were real Joss was real but calories No in my mind that was the only fake part of their time togetherTheir love might've started out in another plane but it didn't make their feelings any less real They actually proved love truly knows no bounds Find reviewsratings at wwwsuperkambrookcom