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In his latest adventure Alex Wright a 32 year old real estateappraiser in Laguna Beach California finds himself involved in themurder investigation of a computer geek Eric Thompson who hasdeveloped a means to steal identities in an undetectable manner Hissurfing buddy Detective Zackery Potrero of the Newport Beach PoliceDepartment is amazed at how Alex can analyze situations and discoverleads that were missed by the police and the FBI With the help of FBISpecial Investigator Louis Faulkner the trio peels away severallayers of crime in their effort to solve the mystery

13 thoughts on “The Geek Murder

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    Trite and uninterestingNot a stimulating story or presentation Sorry I wasted my timeWould not recommend this book to anyone even if I didn't like them

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    The story was interesting the characters likeable; however the flow of the conversations never seemed uite natural and real Still I rate it 4 stars