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They're Back and They want to End usThe Ca'cadasan Empire is at the gates and they mean to destroy the human race But we will not go uietly into the nightThe saga continues as Sean Ogden Lee Romanov finds himself the uncrowned leader of the New Terran Empire After two thousand years the old enemy has found them but the humans are no longer the technologically inferior species they once were A thousand years of Empire has forged a mighty military that has never lost a war The Ca'cadasans are still slightly ahead in tech are much larger and have never failed in a conuest There is dissension within as Parliament wants to put their own man in charge and Sean is woefully unprepared for the task that awaits him Time is running out and if the Empire and the species are to survive the new man must be installed and humanity must rally behind him New technologies are on the horizon the technologies on which the course of the war could turn for better or worse War rages across the stars on a Galactic scale The third book of a series that will span over a century of time and tens of thousands of light years of space

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    This is a great book With few exceptions this is very much my style of book Two empires are hurling themselves against each other in war and the battles are plentiful both on the ground and in space The scale of things is sufficiently grandiose without going all overboard as some books do The physics are believable for a science fiction book that is It is a relatively long book which I uite like 528 pages according to the Calibre page count plugin Adobe Digital Editions algorithm Sure this one is often a bit generous with the pages but it still means it is a book on the longer side compared to many Sci Fi novelsThe plot and the action is well written and very enjoyable to read uite a bit of the book is centered on one of the frontier colonies which the Ca’cadasans have recently invaded and naturally a lot of focus is on getting the uncrowned emperor back home to be crowned A task that for various reasons seems to be a very difficult proposal indeed When it is not thwarted by the Ca’cadasan’s then the author throws in a little romance just for good measureOther parts of the book deals with the situation on the “home front” which is one of espionage sabotage as well as plain old political treachery for personal gain A lot of this I do not like as usual but luckily it is far from a dominant part of the book The plotting and scheming of the politicians and their attempt to put this dimwit cousin on the thrown still frustrates me enormously though There are other parts telling the story of the new technological advances which not everyone are happy with it seems and their potential impact on the war with the Ca’cadasans These parts are interesting and I hope this part of the story will need to some nasty surprises for the Ca’cadasans in future booksI am certainly looking forward to the next book in the series though I hope that this book will resolve the matter of the Emperor in the first few chapters though After three fairly long books I am a wee bit tired of reading about various reasons for him not getting back on the throne I am especially annoyed by the do not want to go back because there is a war to fight nonsense Just get him back and kick the political assholes and well as the dimwit cousin in the behind be done with it and get in with the warpleaseBottom line this was a very enjoyable book for me

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    Still reading lowered expectations Dr Jennifer is interesting She follows her boyfriend Marine captain from system to system as he's redeployed and is on planet during a horrific battle in which her boyfriend dies She is described as the captain's woman? Very 1910 ish Within days she is thinking to herself how sexy the prince is She wants to just be friends for the moment while she gives him come hither and comfort me looks Is she 30 plus or 13? Shallow portrayal or typical female reaction? You be the judgeThe Prince is a sensitive guy hitting on her before her boyfriend's body has cooled He's OK with waiting for her to drop panties for at least a week or two In the meantime let's have staff served dinners etc and did he mention that he's the emperor now with a palace and everything What's with the writer's view or understanding of women She's scary immature and social climbing while he's entitled and full of himself It's a match made in heavenIt jumps out at you when every woman in uniform is a normal person As leaders they lead As soldiers they fight As scientists they explore It's just that in the romantic area they get stupid The shame is that these normal women are written well They are what I imagine a politician commander captain scientist admiral or lieutenant would be They are admirable scared and tough thinkers and doers The battle descriptions unit organization and operational doctrine are sensible feel very realistic and fall in line with modern doctrine You won't find much better anywhere I think There's no teenage bravado except for the emperor just doing what emperors do? The scientific explanation for the technology is logical it may not line up perfectly with modern theory but who cares and who knows how far off true it really is The writer has a good imagination and gives a good underpinning to the euipment available to all sides and the tactical and operational necessities limiting the characters' choices It makes it much easy to follow both the battles and the charactersOn the non battle front some characters make uestionable decisions The shape shifters aren't treated as threat number one or maybe two Security is so loose it made me wonder whether the writer intends for the humans to go extinct from stupidityThe good parts are fun The romantic relationships are just badly sexist

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    Sigh Why does every damned author think they have to do romantic plot lines? My only hope is the stupid Emperor and the Doctor get together fast so we can not have this stupid plot line going for too long Other than that still enjoyable series

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    Better than the first 2

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    Good series maybe underdeveloped in some aspects

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    The story continues the pattern set before