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Drake Gibson was a movie star with a bright future and a very dark past When he attends a movie premiere he meets Gabriela Slone a reporter who hates her job She’s supposed to get an interview for her magazine but Drake doesn't make it easy for her and she lets her frustration get the best of her She is soon thrown into his world and in over her head

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    35 Naughty StarsGabriella is a journalist for Epic Mag writing puff pieces about celebrities and hating that she can't be writing her romance novel Her current assignment is to go to a movie premier for the new Drake Gibson movie Being a tell it like it is kind of girl she has no problem telling Drake that he is an asshole while there Until he focuses his intense stare onto her that is Thinking she is going to lose the job she does as her boss wants and goes to the after party to find Drake and apologize What she finds once she gets there though isn't a guy who wants an apology but a guy who wants her She wanted to hate me but her body gave way to her real feelings If she had any idea of the things I wanted to do to her she’d run Drake Something Wicked is hot hot hot I loved Drake's intensity in and out of the bedroom and wanted From the beginning you can tell that he has darkness in him that is just clawing to get out and from the first second you see it the story drags you in and makes you want to see of it His character definitely had flaws and there were times I just wanted to smack him silly but for the most part I just wanted him Gabby wasn't the type of person that bowed down to others and I loved seeing that She definitely wasn't going to fall at Drake's feet and worship him like so many others do and that's what intrigued both Drake and me as a reader It made the story so interesting to see what else she would say to him that would be a shock Especially after she called him an asshole haha She loved reading romance and daydreaming that her life was like one of her books which made me love her so much because it was so relatable I just wish that we could have seen what happened with her book The only problem I had with the story was the ending It was too neatly wrapped up and ended very uickly I also would have liked to see of Drake and Gabby after all of the drama We see a fierce love affair between the two characters at first but it seemed to dwindle down and I kept waiting for it to get scorching againOverall this was a very smexy story with great characters and a great story of how they got together This was my first book by Teresa Mummert but it will definitely not be my last

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    Only 3 stars for this one although I do love Teresa's work I couldn't overlook some grammar issuesGabriella or Gabby to her friends works for a showbiz magazine The Editor is a friend of her aunts so Liz overlooks Gabby's head in the clouds attitude to her work She is sent on an assignment to cover a movie premiere that the very hot bad boy actor Drake Gibson stars inBut their first meeting ends up with confrontation and Gabby worries that she will lose her job The thing is that she has made uite an impression on Drake and the next time they meet sparks begin to fly verbal spats and strong chemistry pull these two togetherProblem is Drake has a very demanding actress girlfriend Julia and Gabby has Well Tyler not a relationship made in heavenI really wanted to love this book but a few plot scenes got on my nerves and frustrated me for example Gabby's relationship with Tyler I would have just kicked him into touch I did love the steamy scenes between Drake and Gabby that was just spot on and I really liked both character's If you like books about movie stars with a bit of angst and a fiery snarky heroine then this is the book for you

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    Can´t wait I have no doubt this will be H O T as hellI hope it is so twisted that when I finish I look like this

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    I adore this author and this book was another fantastic storyline that I loved The characters were amazing I am a sucker for this type of story actorrock star with a secret past falls for sweet naive girl This is the best Drake and Gabby swoon what a story Buy the book and enjoy as I did you will not be disappointed Sweet hot and captivating What do you need?

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    I love this story As always Ms Mummert twists the plot on its head and gives us plenty of funny and sexy Gabby has a smart mouth that I love and a ton of sass Drake is dreamy I highly recommend this one

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    There is just something about a prideful dark brooding man who has a filthy filthy mouth and Drake Gibson ladies and gentlemen has exactly that One word can sum up Drake Gibson and that word is alpha You know from page one that he likes control and he’s capable of making any woman willing to give it up “She wanted to hate me but her body gave way to her real feelings If she had any idea of the things I wanted to do to her she’d run” SOMETHING WICKED is a page turner hands down You can’t help but want of the story with each passing chapter I finished it within a few hours and upon closing the book I had to restrain myself from social media stalking Mrs Mummert and demanding of this captivating story Seriously Teresa help a girl out and give us Seriously though I honestly believe a seuel could be made and I’m going to hold my breath for it Once you start you’re hooked into this world of cat and mousetug of war like relationship Drake and Gabby have“Wait you have my” she stuttered as she pointed toward my pocket but couldn’t bring herself to say out loud that she wanted her panties back “Come see me tonight and I might give them back” Gabby isn’t a pushover and I love that about her She also isn’t some damsel in distress begging Drake to save her either She speaks her mind with brutal honesty at times She gives as good as she gets with Drake and he seems to find that uality endearing because it’s what pull him to her Everyone else seems to bow down to him while she sits there and calls him an asshole literally Hahahaha It doesn’t get any better than Gabby Together Gabby and Drake are hot hot hot Teresa Mummert did NOT disappoint in the sex department Not At All I believe it is a dire necessity for me to mention how filthy hawt Drake Gibson’s mouth is These particular scenes will live up to any Teresa Mummert fan and you will be begging for “You better hold still little girl or you won’t get what you want” Torturing her this way would be enough to feed my demons Overall the story flowed pretty well and the characters’ personalities were well developed There were some instances where I just wanted from the story and from the characters in general but that’s because I seriously did not want this book to end Teresa Mummert sweeps you away and leaves you breathless with every book she writes and Something Wicked is no different In fact it has uickly become one of my all time favorites from this author

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    I'm sorry to say that this story didn't work for me at all I wasn't able to gain any attachment to either of the MC's and found the race to the first sex scene like a 50m sprint lacking in forethought as well as foreplayThere were uite a few errors which I would usually not even comment on but I think in this instance it just added to the lacklustre narrative I have read and enjoyed previous books by this author but this just didn't work for me this time

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    I give this book 45 Wowfantastic book

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    ummmmmmmmi didn't feel it uite predictable and not in a good way better luck next time?

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    Dear Drakeyou are a cocky bastard but I love youLove HeatherOne smart comment in a moment of frustration changes Gabby's life It puts the hot movie star Drake in her path and she can't go backDrake can't get the girl out of his mind She isn't fake like the rest of the women he knowsThis is a fast paced and hot read Add in a little dirty talking and it is Teresa at her bestIf you are a fan of any of Teresa's books then you will enjoy this one Safe Word is still my favorite Teresa Mummert book That one or this one is a good place to start if you haven't read her booksARC in exchange for an honest review