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Would you survive a day where killing was legal?Do you know someone that for whatever reason you wouldn't be particularly bothered if they were no longer with us? Welcome to Curve DayIn the near future desperate times call for desperate measuresThe Earth's population is now so out of control that the Government has enforced one day of the year where murder acts as a form of population control Sure it wasn't always that easy to get people to accept this idea and in truth there is still an element of resistance to it As time ticks on though with each passing Curve Day the American people gradually accept and adapt to the notion of citizen on citizen killing Our story takes us to the eve of the eleventh Curve Day following an eclectic bunch of individuals as they each prepare and execute the fight of their lives Characters include a German ex paratrooper a French foreign exchange student a homeless academic who suffered a midlife crisis a woman who is a victim of spousal abuse a female police officer and a marine who has lost faith in his Government Who will survive the annual slaughter?Approx 63000 words in length

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    In a not so distant future the world's population is out of control This causes all manner of social issues with unemployment crime rates and food shortages at epidemic proportions One country suffering greatly is The United States who after trying numerous failed solutions introduces legislation so ghastly it seems almost unbelievable On one day per year that would be called Curve Day anyone can kill other individuals without fear of prosecutionDespite huge opposition at both home and abroad after over a decade the people have gotten used to the whole madness and have their own ways of seeing out the day Some relish the thought of getting even others try to ride out the carnage at home some try to profit from the spectacle and others try to protect the citizens Counting down to the day of armageddon we follow numerous characters with their own ways of trying to survive knowing full well there is a good chance that they may not see out the dayAs you may tell from the premise if you are put off by intense violence then this book will not be for you This is an involving read that moves at a breakneck speed and puts the microscope on us as humans and how we may behave in such catastrophic situations The sheer pace of the read though meant I found it very difficult to properly invest in some of the characters Other than that if you have a craving for an intense apocalyptic read then Curve Day may be just what you looking for

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    Ugh I hate having to give negative reviews Okay I will start with the positives because there definitely are some First off when I saw this book the premise seemed pretty interesting to me and it turned out that it really was an interesting story I definitely wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters during Curve Day which is what kept me reading until the end Now the negative I just cannot overlook the myriad of errors I am not talking a few here or there which I certainly could have been able to overlook but I am talking about constant errors in spelling grammar punctuation usage and even messing up characters' names There were a few times that I had to re read a section because I did not understand why the character had randomly been switched only to realize that it must have been some kind of error Another issue was that there was not a lot of character development I kind of became indifferent to a few of them because I felt like we knew nothing about them nothing behind their motivations so why should I even bother to care what happened to them?My last gripe would have to be the abruptness of the ending There was so much suspenseful buildup to the Curve Day events and then when the time came it felt very very rushed especially the last few pages

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    I was offered a copy of this book in exchange for a review Let me just start by saying WOW FIRST of all the premise of the book is unbelievable It was definitely unlike any other book I had ever heard of I was immediately curious and a little appalled I read this book in literally a few hrs and that was even while pausing to eat and do other things so having finished it that fast I am certain that it was a good read I love how the author took time to get me invested in each character and to teach me about them and their lives Once Curve day actually arrived I was so nervous and was wondering if they all would survive I found myself picturing myself in this situation where would I hide? Would I make it? Such a shocking thought that one a day year is set aside for legalized killings I really liked Mike I was soooooo upset at what happened to him I really liked Mary and I liked how Mike's son and old Mr Wilkinson helped to save her There was so much involved I mean people actually went out killing whoever like it was nothing and yet there was still humanity and caring in the book This one was surely different than my regular reads but I REALLY liked it I liked all of the thoughts and feelings it gave me I want to say it is just so hard to give away things and I think everyone should read this I am also a little in shock admittedlyThanks so much

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    I received this book from the author around Christmas but I didn't get to read it until now I have mixed feelings about the book although I enjoyed it so I will go with a mix of good and badThis story can leave you thinking for a while What if our government would actually go for something like that would you survive? What would you do? Could you kill to defend yourself? I bet some would have a field trip during that day certainly not me So yes when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about all of thisThere are many different groups of people and individuals involved in the story Mr Currell presents them to us group by group starting a month before the dreaded day until 'the' day The stories were meant for the readers to bind with the characters It didn’t uite work for me It didn’t help that the version I received didn't have the space separations between stories promised in the foreword It got me lost many times That said I still cringed for most of the characters during curve day and hoped they would make it out alive In my opinion maybe because I missed something somewhere the story could have benefit without the huge army that protected a residential area we know nothing about or do we? Every time the story returned to that group I felt like skipping the part Last the ending seemed a bit rushed No cliffhanger yet I still tried to turn the page to see what was next only to realize that THIS was it I'd recommend the book for its originality alone If you can get past a few glitches in the execution you should enjoy this storyA 35 star on GR but a 4 on This book was than just OK I enjoyed reading it

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    This was a very good bookIt occurs in the future where there are not many jobs population overgrowth death and disease as well as crime on the rise and what the government has come up with is Curve Day On this day you are allowed to kill whoever you want with no penalties no uestions asked Any other day you can of course kill someone but you pay a severe penalty No one gets away with crimes like they used to You sit no longer than 6 months if that on death row So the book starts off explaining this and the fact that Curve day has been working out there has been for example a decrease in population and less crime If you have a beef with someone why kill them and be punished for that crime and die? Why not wait until Curve Day But watch you back if someone is mad at you on curve day But this book starts at the preparations for the 10th Curve DayWe learn first about each individual that will be affected by Curve Day later on in the book One Month before Curve Day a boy named Leonard and his uncles are preparing for Curve Day They do not have a lot of money so they do what they canMike Tasco is in the Military and he has to work they get paid a handsome sum to work on Curve day to protect the barrios The barrio he has to protect is not bad His son Chip is not fighting overseas this year so will be in charge of a crew protecting a different barrio Sebastian and his friend Bruno just want to be someplace safe with their girlfriendsThen there is Mary the police officer and her sickly mother Mary does not have to work Curve Day so she can stay home Or can she?And Mr Wilkonson You will just have to read about him he is too much of a character and to smart to give anything away here He was one of my favorite charactersAnd there is Carrie who's husband beats here Will her brother be able to get his kill in because he would like nothing better Or will he get killed first?Then we have Leonard Goldstein who has created a company capitalizing on Curve Day The past three years they have asked for tapes of the bloodiest and deadliest kills A man or woman by the name Decimator 360 has won each year They want this year to be brilliant and Leonard and his bodyguard Clive come up with a great idea to draw the viewers in The book in awesome form counts down 3 weeks until Curve day and all the preparations each family is making 2 weeks 1 week 1 day the morning of and throughout the day It is so suspenseful it drives you crazy The author goes back and forth between all of the major people involvedThe best thing is finding out who Decimator 360 is At least it was for me This is a uick paced cannot put it down book I do not give spoilers away but there are twists and turns that you will hit your head and say WOW I did not see that coming There are people you will root for and against And the end of the book my jaw was on the groundGet this book ASAP for a bit of a social commentary and just a great read action packed book

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    The second novel from LR Currell doesn't disappoint very different to his debut This story focuses on bigger scale story set in the future in a time where population has spiralled out of control The premise for the book is about controlling that increase and maintaining order for 364 days of the year an letting anything go for 1 day The way that Currell draws you into each of the characters lives and their personal situation is expertly executed and I truly found myself worried for some and wishing others an unfortunate demise Balancing a complicated topic which plays to people's morals such as endorsed murder is not an easy task but this Indy author puts perspective and creates reasoning behind the premise ultimately ensuring the ready accepts the concept of curve day The book counts down toward the inevitable painting a vivid picture of how different people approach a day of legalised killing some prepare to defend and survive others are on the offensive All of the work that is put in during the first half of the book pays off really enabling the reader to bond and understand the nuances of each character Honestly cannot praise this novel enough Stella read and well worth the money

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    Makes you thinkI love the premise of this book it's both fascinating and scary at the same timeAt first glance or thought one would think that a Curve day would go a long way to making our world a better place to live in Think again Right in the beginning of the book the author asks the uestion Would you survive? Of the bat my answer was Sure why not? I've got nothing to fearAs the story progressed I was suddenly not so sure The descriptions of how different people react to this uniue day are very believable and that's the rub No matter what the circumstances it will always bring out the best in some and the worst in others Irrespective of the camp you fall in there is no guarantee you'll surviveMaybe it's time to head for the hills before the next Curve day

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    This is a dystopian novel that depicts a future earth grappling with population explosion The United States mandates that one day every year citizens would be free to kill legitimately those they wanted with the hope that it would curb population effectively as well as crime on other days The rest of the days however it was a crime carrying a death penalty effective immediatelyWe see different characters in different parallel story lines preparing for Curve day the day designated for lawful killing The story starts one month prior to the day culminating into the scene of the day itself when their fates cross in the uest for survivalThis is a plot that can easily go awry But it is written very well the plot brings out the goodness in people as well as the vile insensitive side of many people It is interesting to see how the day has different implications for different people how new social codes of conduct new symbols new means of communication arise in new situationsCredit must be given adeuately to the fact that nowhere does the work lapse into shallow sentimentality or melodrama the author very efficiently shows the reader rather than telling himher The dialogues are crisp and brisk the situation well navigated the implications well explored from the perspectives of various peopleThere is a significant similarity between the author's style of writing and Orwell's prose It is uite similar to 1984 in tone the cold non judgmental tone of narration the in built satire the dystopian vein and an efficient tying up of all threadsThere are only a few shortcomings of the work the descriptions are long though not tedious Hence though it is pleasant to read there is a yearning to read faster the plot not advancing as uickly as needed Many scenes seem a bit stretched out in terms of detail perhaps it is better as a movie script than a book This is a story that builds up excitement on account of its plot and good writing but progresses slowly in order to describe everythingThe climax is an action scene and an impressive one though again uite long to sustain the tension built up so far Perhaps all this book needs is a bit tighter editing Otherwise it is an absolute delight to read

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    LR Currell takes on a difficult challenge with this action horror book He sets up a dystopia where the United States land of owners and lovers of guns and other assorted arms and weapons has reached such an out of control condition that it reuires a draconian remedy called Curve Day He then takes you into this world by following several different characters as they evolve towards and through Curve Day The perspective on the action changes freuently as a result but to his credit the author succeeds in keeping the interest up and the confusion down as the intrigues unfolds The characters are also well thought out and developed and avoid being archetypes or stereotypes They are and remain human throughout the book with their successes and their failingsThis approach results in a cinematic novel Details and descriptions are provided to keep the plots moving at a good pace It is a challenge to achieve a satisfying climax on all the open fronts in this book but once again at least as far as I am concerned the author delivers and leaves a lot of room for many stories dealing with those who live the horror of Curve Day I hope we will be getting these for LR in the future

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    As soon as I read the description of what the book was about I had to read it I was not disappointed From beginning to finish this book held my attention and kept me turning the page to see what happened next I really liked that we were able to see several different character perspectives and a glimpse into their world I enjoyed reading their different thoughts on Curve Day and their individual preparations Just when I thought I had a character figured out or their future figured out a twist was thrown in there and it was so exciting The book was well written and I felt that the character development was enough to get me to care about them and I often found myself hoping one way or another Without giving anything awayI really liked how the author developed the character Decimator360 and you will find out why when you read the book