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It's only book one and the bodies are already piling up Paul Walden is a recently discharged combat veteran who agrees to leave the army uietly after a scam he was part of is exposed In return for keeping his mouth shut he is promised handsome rewards and a cushy job Sadly this turns out to not be the case He is given a job working the night shift in a factory performing manual labor During this time he is fed only scraps from the table where he formally sat His brother is in jail his girlfriend is becoming increasingly distant and his former boss is not keeping his word Paul's life parodies a country and western song Paul struggles to readjust to the civilian world and experiences one letdown after another With the bills piling up and fate playing her hand Paul soon utilizes his skills as a trained killer He begins to believe that becoming a hit man could be the answer to his problems It offers a new start and the opportunity for unparalleled wealth but will he live to regret his decisions? Even worse will he end up dead in a gutter? Or will his best friend a former soldier turned police officer catch him in the act? The killer from Manilla is the first book in The soldier turns hit man series Graphic and somewhat gory in nature this book contains violence Not recommended for persons under 15 years of age

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    This is the first book in the Paul Walden 'soldier turned hit man' series and the debut novel of author LR Currell I loved how easy it was to become invested in Paul's character He's a soldier who took the fall for something not entirely his doing which ended his military career In return the soldier he helped was supposed to take care of him Not so much Paul finds himself working at a bread factory and busting his rear for next to nothing while his live in girlfriend continues to spend money and act like they didn't have a care in the worldIn a twist of events Paul is introduced to the world of a hit man Money power and kicking ass And seriously who could resist the promise of all that especially when your back is against a wall? I know I couldn'tThe Killer from Manilla did start off on the slower side but got better and better as it went along Paul Walden it seems is just getting started A wonderful debut novel I look forward to reading many by Mr Currell

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    I received a kindle for my birthday and this was the first book I downloaded and read off It was free at the time and I liked the sound of the story line so I thought that I would read itI was surprised that this was the author's debut For a debut it struck me as well written I think that the author writes with a maturity and skill that is beyond his years The journey that the main character Paul has started to undertake it is the first book in a series is one that could be easily predicted but as of this moment in time still has the future hanging in the air I like the idea of an ex soldier been there done that trying to fit into society it is a hard road to undertake and one that presents many challenges It did not surprise me when I read the author's biography that he is also an ex soldierYou can tell this by the real world experiences he lays out in this book There was one major twist in this book that I absolutely loved the end and there was also a lot of other surprises that kept you guessing Currell definitely wrote a book for the thinking man he writes in a way that has you considering all the different possibilities while at the same time enjoying yourself I will definitely be reading the other stories this young author has to offer

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    I received a free ebook copy of this book from the authorThe bookPaul is an ex military man who took the fall for his Major He's trying to get his life as a civilian together He also receives money from the Major as compensation He has a job at a bread factory which he hatesAfter killing a convicted paedophile things turn upside down for him What I ThinkI was terribly disappointed There were a lot of typos too much repetition the story wasn't easy to follow and sentence construction could have been a lot betterNothing happened for like the first half of the book It was a bit too slow I just kept on waiting for something to happenThe book is short but it took me a very long tee to read it because I wasn't drawn into the book

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    A thumpingly exciting rollercoaster of a read as ex soldier Paul Walden through a series of misadventures is drawn into the world of the hit man Life is cheap thrilling unpredictable and often short and the story with its succession of dramatic bloody incidents will keep you on the edge of your seat Does Paul get away with his recourse to a life of cold blooded murder or does he find he has propelled himself into a world of senseless violence where he is powerless to avoid the retribution he deserves? Check it out Violence blood and guts and killings Could you want for ? The Killer from Manilla is a real thriller

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    Fantastic debut novel from a very promising Australian author Paul Walden has some challenges thrown his way work his personal life and money to name a few Things escalate and there are some simply outstanding twists and turns that you will not see coming I'm really excited about the seuel to Killer which should see Paul thrown into a very different world compared to the one we see him in the firstKeep writing LR Currell your style and methods of character development are exciting to read

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    Terrible honestly save yourself the pennies that it cost to download the worst writing i have ever come across a plot so feeble as beggars belief Mr Currell must think his readers as just stupid