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She shuttered her heart and walked awayHeading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun Twelve years ago she left for graduate school broken hearted She's found professional success but positive personal relationships have proved elusive Running into her ex boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished and causes a renewed interest in love Not with Kyle of course Never again But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear she scrambles to keep her emotions in checkNow he has a second chance to get it rightKyle Nixon let Laney slip away once Their chemistry together is undeniable but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart Even if she did trust him again her medical career is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves and the life that he once chose over herCome home to Wardham Come home to loveThis is the first in a series of sexy modern standalone HEA love stories

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    This book is really called Carmen reads something that she has no idea how it got on her Kindle or when Seriously I have no idea how this got on thereANYWAY This book is so full of feelings If you are one of those readers who loves having their heart stomped into a bloody pulp underneath an author's heel this is for youAlmost everyone has one THE EX Not just any ex but The Ex who you don't know what you would do if you saw himher again Cry? Fall into bed with him? Not say anything looking at the ground with a beet red face? You pray that you never see him again because if you saw him again your heart might explode You know THE EX The one you still have feelings for on some level the one ex you never fully got overWhat happens when that person comes back into your life?Laney hasn't allowed herself to have a real relationship in 12 years ever since her one true love Kyle dumped her in college She has sex only relationships but has never allowed anyone in her heart He fucked her up and he fucked her up but GOOD She has a hard time even saying the word boyfriendNow home in Canada for Christmas she has to face Kyle who lives just down the road He's still hot for her she's still hot for him That's typical with THE EX You know sex with him would be SO GOODBut I don't have to tell you having sex with your ex not just any ex mind you THE EX is a really really bad idea and this insanely bad idea leads to all sorts of things Tearful conversations people's hearts being ripped out old hurts new hurts the book is fucking brutalI know this looks like a happy little Christmas story or something but don't be fooled by the sweet coverI have NO IDEA how Laney holds it together for most of the book I would NOT be able to handle having sex with THE EX I would just be sobbing and having sex with him knowing it's just a weekend fling after once being Boyfriend would just KILL ME At one point he gives her as a present his old swim team T shirt that she liked to sleep inOh low blow man I mean are you TRYING to tear her heart out and feed it to her for breakfast? I mean who the fuck would think this is a good idea??? I would have started bawling But then again I would never allow myself to have sex with THE EX I'm not that stupid Laney is very stupid to open up this can of worms again especially considering that he did a real number on her and basically fucked up any chance at her having a normal relationship in the last 12 yearsHow's the sex Carmen?The sex is good and well described but I couldn't enjoy any of it because I was too anxious about the characters and too emotionally distraughtTl;dr Anyway if you want a book that's going to slam you into the ground with feelings and that's what you're looking for in a romance this is a perfect little Christmas novel for you It's all shades of fucked up the kind of fucked up that can only be reached by decided to start becoming physically and romantically involved with THE EX againI don't know if my heart can take another book like this OMG Too anxiety producing Hopefully my other what's in the jungles of Carmen's Kindle discoveries will be a little less emotionally devastatingTHREE REAL STARS FOUR ROMANCE STARSPS Although this is self published it is very smooth No spelling or grammatical errors that I could see

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    FREE on US today 3102015BLURB She shuttered her heart and walked away Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun Twelve years ago she left for graduate school broken hearted She's found professional success but positive personal relationships have proved elusive Running into her ex boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished and causes a renewed interest in love Not with Kyle of course Never again But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear she scrambles to keep her emotions in check Now he has a second chance to get it right Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once Their chemistry together is undeniable but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart Even if she did trust him again her career as a paediatric surgeon is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves and the life he once chose over her Come home to Wardham Come home to love are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 370 books

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    35 stars I'm a freebie whore so I thought I'd grab this one as a trial fluffy filler in between my heavier reads I honestly thought I'd read enough just to sample it before discarding and moving onto my next fluffy filler sample but I guess I didn't stop reading till the end and actually enjoyed myself From looking at the feel good cover and blurb received via Australia I admittedly expected a chick lit worthy fluffy bubble of wholesomeness where the sex scenes are faded to black I am happy to report that this was not the case with this story and I was excitedly surprised to get me some sexy nookie for my greedy mind It's probably also the reason why I kept reading this book but I digressTold in dual third person POV there were times when I felt that the writing wasn't very clear on whether to be angsty or lighthearted thus confusing the pace of some scenes at crucial times Other than that; it was still a pretty easy light contemporary 2nd chance love story with some surprisingly hot smut Standalone story and book #1 in a continuing series with HEA

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    What Once Was Perfectby Zoe YorkGenre Adult RomanceThe author gave an ARC in exchange for an honest review This could be our every night This could be our forever This is perfect I'd like to stay in this moment forever It's not such a big risk when you know it's the real deal H Kyle was determined to get the girl of his dreams back for them to share forever He didnt let his past mistake ruin their futureh Laney was sure of herself but guarded She doesnt want to get hurt again but she over came her hang ups to get her happily ever afterThere are oodles and oodles of hot sexy steamy scenes in this book You'll surely have your fixThis is a short read but I wish the transition between their fears and doubts to moving on and conuering their uncertainty should've been smoother like a defining moment or something that they were better together than apartAn awesome debut by Zoe York

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    45 mildly smutty starsThis was my first Zoe York novel and it fulfilled exactly what I want from escapist romance steamy sex scenes a convincing likeability for and between the H and h and some bang up writing and by that I mean some of the best structured writing I've found in a romance novel in a very long timeA little Harleuin esue nothing wrong with that Harleuin wrote the book LOL on romance the story is small town turned big city girl Laney is still heartbroken over her first and lost love Kyle Maybe she should be a little over it all but Ms York manages to convey Laney's stalled emotions authentically and the situation underscores just how much Laney loves Kyle still Of course everything works out in a well executed HEA just as every romance should My edition featured excerpts from others in the Wardham series giving me a taste that I imagine I will spend some lazy winter days sampling

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    Originally posted at Bedroom Bookworms book blogWhat Once was Perfect is a book that has been on my Kindle for ages For once in my life I was caught up on ARCs and I needed a palate cleanser after Lick because nothing was going to compete with it and I thought I’d give it a try I enjoyed it but it was just a little bit slow paced for me It reads a lot like a traditional harleuin romance but with slightly steamier smut It worked well as the palate cleanser I needed but I wouldn’t call it “appointment reading”Overall Rating 35 Stars Worth a few minutes before bedtime He was her first loveHeading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun Twelve years ago she left for graduate school broken hearted Now she's determined to step outside her comfort zone right after a week in Wardham for the Christmas holidays But running into her first love puts the plan into overdrive and as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear she scrambles to keep her emotions in checkand she's always owned a piece of his heartKyle Nixon let Laney slip away once Their chemistry together is undeniable but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart Even if she did trust him again her medical career is five hundred miles away from the hometown that he loves and the life that he once chose over her But giving her up again just isn't an optionCome home to Wardham Come home to love Laney and Kyle were college sweethearts who didn’t survive a long distance relationship We meet them again as Laney comes back home for the holidays It’s a completely believable tale It’s sweet it’s romantic it’s even pretty hot But something about it just didn’t grab me by the Feels and draw me inLaney sweetheart that's not a good idea It's brilliant asshole shut upI liked Laney She’s a doctor and a good person I liked her bull by the horns attitude I respect any woman who pretty much says “screw the rules I want him” She’s also a good aunt sister and daughter She’s completely likeableKyle is a nice guy too An idiot occasionally aren’t they all? but a nice guy I appreciated his ability to admit his mistakes and his willingness to risk it all for Laney Plus he has a great dog Who can resist?You've got fifteen seconds to come on my hand sweetheart The store is also sweet I think what the story lacks is any great conflict Sure Laney is a little scarred from being hurt But she doesn’t do anything angsty or dramatic And sure Kyle does give us a grand gesture in the end But none of it made me chew at my fingernails or really worry They were just good people meant to be together What Once was Perfect is a well written uick read that leaves you smiling But it’s like ice cream than a great steak; sweet but not all that fulfillingHe was lost forever in a sea of LaneySmut Factor 3 stars Not BadCharacter likability 4 stars I wish we were friendsStorytelling 4 stars Totally bought itWriting and editing uality 5 stars Excellent

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    I am happy to announce that I am officially out of my reading slump After finishing Leap of Faith I was somewhat vary about reading this book because I really did not want to go back to the dark place so I started this book with a heavy dose of skepticism and a tiny fledgling of hope I was not disappointed There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong with this book but the author pulled through While there were some things that didn’t work for me I was rather happy with the outcome Like their relationship It could have gone so absolutely wrong I mean they broke up 12 years ago and the last time they saw each other was 2 years ago at her father’s funeral Think about the amount of angst that could have ensued or the fictional amount of time they could have spent avoiding each other? Thankfully they acted like the adults they were and even though things were slightly awkward they actually sat down to talk about it And let me just say this because I personally believe it’s a big deal it was the chic Laney who took initiative NOT THE GUY Do you know how big of a deal this is? You know what’s even bigger a deal? They actually talked through what went wrong the first time around kind of and came to peace with the actual break up it’s about time anyway 12 years is a long long time We also had someone take the blame while I usually hate it when one person takes the blame for a relationship gone south I must agree that Kyle really did make it a whole lot worse They don’t exactly agree to give it another shot but they decide to enjoy their short time together They realize that they have grown up and matured since the last time they were together so while the chances of them having a real relationship are next to impossible the live in different countries they can still enjoy the time they do have The relationship was the strong point of the book for me the characters not so much I liked them but they could have been a whole lot better Laney had me vary right off the bat She hasn’t been in a real relationship since her breakup and doesn’t believe in love The only real relationship she had had was with Kyle which was over 12 years ago when she was still young and somewhat naïve That tells me that she never matured emotionally which is rather important in a character isn’t it? How do I like a character that defines all relationships by a failed one? If Kyle really had been the center of her universe she should have stayed instead of going off to Harvard right? Kyle was still better than Laney because at least he attempted other relationships What I didn’t like about him this contradicts what I said earlier when I was talking about their relationship but I am trying to separate the relationship and the characters here because it makes sense to me was the fact that he took all the blame He spent years blaming Laney for the break up which was obviously the wrong thing to do and then he suddenly decides that it was his fault? He also goes as far as taking blame for Laney’s ruined idea about loverelationships NO It’s not your fault She should be smart enough to realize otherwise because I am uoting what she said here “Not that young Too young to make it work maybe but not too young to know what it was” If she realizes that and has made peace with it so should you dammit I am not going to dwell into the actual cause of the breakup because it would be wrong for me to judge these characters on their past mistakes when they have obviously grown since then and realized what went wrong All in all this was a pretty fun read It was light and had good romance You cannot ask for much This review has also been posted on my blog

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    45 Sweetest Stars EverReturning to her hometown for the holidays after years of avoidance isn't an easy task for Laney Laney left and didn't return for a good reason ex boyfriend Kyle Kyle was her first and only love After he broke her heart she had sworn herself to never get hurt again and to lock her heart down Now being in her hometown it is inevitable to not come across Kyle When he suddenly thanks to her mom knocks on her door she's dumbfounded and doesn't know right away what to do say react or think Laney is still heart broken after all those years because both left things unspoken and it literally tore them apartAfter Kyle made the first step and invited her to his new home for some coffee Laney finds herself shortly knocking at his door Kyle was facing the same struggle as Laney; he never loved someone as much as he did her and regretted his stupid decision 12 years ago He wanted to explain so much make things right with Laney but will she let him? Will she open up to him again risking to get hurt again? Or is this just going to be a vacation fling with him? Kyle knows he hurt her so deeply it will be a hard task to win her over Is he even ready to invest again in this once cherished young love with Laney? Find out for yourself ;Both fully enjoy Laney's short vacation back home but are those 10 days enough? Enough for her to let him in in her heart to consume her with his love as he used to do?She couldn't give him forever but she could give him an unforgettable right now10 days fly by very fast and Laney has to head back to work and into her real world without a Kyle in it On their last night realization hit her as she was recalling there time together while watching a naked sleeping KyleTime stood still as he loved her with his mouth then his hands and finally with his whole body hip to hip chest to chest mouth to mouth He held his gaze as he thrust into her again and again sure and steady as if to say this could be our every night This should be our forever Matching tremours wrecked through their bodies as if his orgasm triggered hers and vice versa As if they were oneThis love story was by far the sweetest and most real story I've read in a very long time; if I even read such a story ever It wasn't too long or too short I loved this story and only put it down because I had to sleep As you might know I'm not such a big fan of romance stories if it isn't mixed into a paranormalfantasy etc story but this your story my dear Zoe was pure bliss to read I was smiling and in constant awe Why I loved this story so much here is why The story and characters felt real I could totally relate to them and understood every action and thought There was no unnecessary drama bitching around or awkwardness It felt real all the time and that's what I like in a story Even the side characters felt real no super perfect people only perfect in the eye who loved them and no extreme twists and turns; exactly how this story should beKyle is a dream for real I was smiling and yeah even giggling he is perfect and normal to the same time Laney a woman standing with both feet in life was joy to read Another plus was that you could read from both Kyle as well as Laney's perspective I really enjoyed itAll I say is that there is no cliffhanger and yes I loved the end If I would recommend this story? Of course It's pure joy to read their love story I was given a copy by the author for an honest reviewFor reviews visit our blog

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    5 STARSABSOLUTELY LOVED Love is OverratedLaney didn't do emotional entanglements they were banned from her life a long time ago She barely did physical relationships only agreeing into a sexual arrangement if interested party understood several criteria which many men ran once they heard these terms Twelve years ago she was left broken hearted by her first and only love Kyle When deciding to go to graduate school 12 years ago Kyle decided he could not do a long distance relationship and broke up with Laney Left totally devasted she decided to put all her energy into school and work toward her career as a doctor This has been her life for 12 years Returning home for the holidays Laney runs into Kyle Every emotion and feeling she has buried for 12 years are suddenly in front of her She has never forgotten or forgiven him for breaking her heart This is why Laney makes no attempts for romantic relationships because she never wants to feel what she felt the day Kyle walked away When Kyle shows up at her doorstep both are speechless but Kyle attempts to make small talk and invites her to visit his house which is next door to her mom's farm Evie Laney's sister trying to convince Laney to talk with Kyle in order to move on with her life You've got stuff there you need to work through and it's not happening if you pretend he doesn't existLaney refuses to believe there is anything to work through but does admit it's awkward because it didn't end amicably and it wasn't healthy to be tense about a college boyfriend a decade later Then she decides maybe it would be good for them to talk about what happened and clear the air Kyle has continued to live his life and follow his dreams of being a teacher after Laney went away to grad school He knows the mistake of his life was letting her go and has tried everything possible to forget her But every relationship he encounters falls apart because no one will ever be the one but Laney After he takes a break from dating for two years Laney is backand OMG This is where all the fun steamy hot sex comes inBoth of them agree to enjoy the holidays with no strings attachedbut can they do that knowing how strong their feelings are for one anothereven if she wanted something it would be impossible because after the holidays she will return to her life in Chicago as a plastic surgeon Kyle once gave her up for his career and life in Wardham will he make this mistake again?There weren't any promises of a future life together either but he didn't need to live like a monk any Two years was than enough time for soul searching and penance As long as Laney was close enough to touch to breath in to taste like his gdamn last meal he would take whatever she offered and not ask any uestions about what it might cost him when she inevitably leftI truly fell in love with Laney's family Claire Laney's mom and Evie Laney's sister Leave it to family to tell you like it isI hate to suggest that you just have a fling but you're a grown up Just because Kyle lives here doesn't mean he can't make the drive to Chicago And I'd love it if you visit even if your primary reason was a booty callClaireThis is one of those good ole' love storiesbut of course with lots of hot yummy sex So entertaining with all the small town gossip family issues and of course love hate relationship between Laney and Kyle Awesome Job Zoe YorkKeep up the good workReview by Kim