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Kip Balmain a young Australian boy taken to a small town in Africa finds himself caught up in the violence of colonial Kenya As the country struggles towards independence Kip also struggles to understand his mother′s vindictive hatred of the father he has never met and resolves to uncover the mystery of his parentageIn Uganda Rose Nasonga a girl at risk after her idyllic village life becomes a nightmare of civil war uses her beauty to escape into the world of fashion but learns that her new life can be eually destructiveOut of the horrors of war across the boundaries of time and race Kip and Rose discover that their lives are mysteriously linked And that the paths they travel alone and ultimately together lead them inexorably to their greatest discovery

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    A story that spans about 40 years of two completely unconnected people bought together by circumstance and fate It is not a book for the faint hearted as it contains a lot of violence which sadly was part of the history of the two nations involved The story line though kept me wanting to pick the book up and keep reading I preferred softly calls the Serengeti to this book but this book was well written and I love learning about different cultures and countries histories

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    40 years of a story following two unconnected individuals and how their lives intersect across two countries living in Tanzania at the momentand having just visited the national museum yesterday the historical background of the colonial period has had me hooked for some time nowand this book somehow has helped fan the need to know and devour information about the colonial times and Africa

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    A wonderful story brought back very happy and not so happy memories of growing up in Kenya between 1953 1963 I could picture the places I knew I felt the story was a fair picture of how things really were in those days Well done

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    This was the first book I ever read that took place in Africa and it was no disappointment For such a thick book it really stayed captivating all the way through Usually when I read a book with as many story lines as this one I have a few I like and a few I don't But in this case I really enjoyed reading every single one of them The characters felt really realistic and I felt sympathy towards many of them Sadly enough I had to leave one star for a few reasons I felt the book was a little too fast paced Some pieces felt like they were written a bit sloppily and should have been edited a bit betterAlso I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending but that's just taste and not something that's the fault of the book I think I might pick up books by Frank Coates in the future as I found it really interesting to learn a little about a culture and history I didn't know anything about and his books all surround the theme of East African history I believe

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    In Search of Africa earns 35 stars from me I cannot fault Frank Coates on grammar plot line descriptions or character building but there was just something missing In certain scenes that should have been nail biting the excitement was absent I even re read paragraphs thinking it was just me but the build up was simply lacking The last part of the novel was decidedly excitinga pity the author didn't manage to convey that emotion throughout the book

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    Wonderful read

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    An easy read

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    His characters come alive