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If you believe your life is the sum total of your choices what do you do when things just don’t add up? You are about to find out It won’t be pretty It won’t be dull And surely it won’t be safe In fact making just one wrong choice could put evil at your bedside watching you sleepAnd so it is with Kate Simmons a young woman who by choosing to regain her life actually puts it at risk by the very choices she makes After unimaginable heartbreak stops her world on a dime Kate falls into a three year blackness of self blame that brings her to the edge of life itself As time finally brings light back through tiny cracks of renewed desire Kate moves out of the prison she made for herself in her mother’s home to find a new reality rooming with her best girlfriend Charlie Yet to be free is to be vulnerable and Kate’s choices than ever mark a splattered line between being happy and being dead Care to choose? Here’s your menu A strangely alluring building manager so possessed with wanting you for his own he’ll bury than the fact he has a girlfriend; a buff college student for whom you are clearly hot as are all the other girls on campus; a pushy lawyer who is as handsome as he is intoxicated with conuest who doesn’t take no for an answer who gets what he wants — alwaysSometimes it’s whom you choose Sometimes it’s who chooses you If you’re Kate it’s both and it puts you on a perilous road where good looks and humor are the thin masks of jealous delusion and utter violenceYou’re in trouble when the sum total of your choices is written in blood red

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    25 The Guy Next Door is a Creeper Stars The title alone on this book had me starting off on the 1st page like this The blurb had this book sounding goodSo I was game onelets get some killing going onAs I read I kept anticipating and anticipating but I got nothing As I was becoming bored with the mundane talk about how smoking hot Kate is and she deserves happy over and over I thought to myselfit's ok Jamie this will get good Don't get me wrong this book had potential for chaos and mayhem to start I just knew deep down inside something good was going to happen I mean come on we got ourselves a creepy good looking neighbor that is obsessed with Kate But his creepiness hit a WHAT THE level when he offered to give her a foot rub Um what????? Who does that? You don't know her Maybe I shouldn't ask that uestion since I have not been schooled in Creepy Stalker 101 I keep reading because I have to this has to get better Overall the story has a little angst a little creepy a little sexiness a little well then and a lot of you are sexy you deserve the best please be mine tell me you will never be with another man do you want some wine let's eat this is delicious But I guess the author got me with the ending because now I have to read book 2 to see what the creepy killer next door does with Kate his one and only

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    The book is part of a set called the Killer Next Door series but no kind of thrilling suspense has actually happened Im thinking maybe they should just rename this the Creepy Peeper series cause that's all that's happening here Also the men in this book could someone please gag me???• Neil corporate attorney humanitarian greek sex god• Mark Baxter the younger guy flirty playboy all American man candy• Apartment Manager Roger aka Creepster ex Army man who may or may not be a killer likes to creep in his tenants apartments watch them sleep The romance in this book is so cheesy I hate that Neil is constantly wanting to feed Kate maybe it's just cause I've never had someone feed me but damn can the girl not hold her own fork?This was a pretty lame book I don't even know what else to say Crappy characters boring storyline with zero action or suspence the romance is uite laughable This book was part of my Rainbow Challenge January Red

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    Loved this debut novel from Carlie Sexton Kate and her best friend Charlie are moving in together Everything seems to be great Kate is trying to move on from a tragic event that put her life on hold and now she seems to be on the right track That is until the manager of her new apartment starts doing some weird stuff He seems to have a crush on her and is a little over protective This mystery romance had me on the edge of my seat by the end of book 1 Can't wait to read of this seriesSee my trailer for Fallen For You here

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    He wanted to be calm when he found Kate He had to convince her that they belonged together He had to make her listen I will find her no matter what it takesAfter suffering from a tragic loss that sends her world crashing down Kate Simmons is trying to let go of the guilt and taking the first step in moving on with her life Escaping from the strained relationship she has with her mother Kate and her best friend Charlie Andrews get an apartment together Kate re enrolls at San Diego State University to finish getting her degree After taking some time off she is ready to get her life back and move onWith her best friend Charlie at her side and still loving her job at Nordstrom Kate is ready to become an independent woman What she wasn’t expecting was attracting the attention of three separate men The choices Mark the handsome college student who seems to be the ladies man a womanizer; Roger the very nice and decent looking apartment manager and her new neighbor and finally Neil the gorgeous determined and successful lawyer What Kate doesn’t realize is just how dangerous one of those men really is and that her choices could mean life and deathShe saw that Roger’s door was open He came to the threshold to talk to her all smiles as usualHey Kate Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee? I’m currently brewing a fresh pot” He asked enthusiastically“I would love to but it’s the first day of school and I want to get to class early to get a good seat Plus I heard that parking at SDSU is a nightmare Can I take a rain check?”“Sure Some other time” he said sounding than a little deflated“How about after I’m done with my classes” My second class ends about ten I should be home by ten thirty”“That would be great I’ll be waiting Do you like anything special in your coffee?” “Well I’m a fan of hazelnut but I don’t want you to go to any trouble I am a coffee fiend so really anything will be great” she said“Well it’s a date then” he said a glimmer in his eyes “See you later” “See you then Roger”As Kate adjusts to being a student again She finds herself attracted to a fellow student Mark Baxter but keeps her distance He constantly surrounded by women It has been awhile since she has had these feelings but her gut is telling her that there is something to him he maybe gorgeous but he is definitely a player Trying to fight her attraction to him and after talking with him she agrees and gives him her number Still unsure if he is being honest or just being a guy“I don’t want any of the other girls on campus” he said a frown on his gorgeous face A face with chiseled fine features and big green eyes that had already seared their way into her heart Then his face relaxed “I want the beautiful intelligent woman standing here before me now It’s not only your beauty that I find intriguing but your intelligence is extremely sexy to me as well Every time you talk in class I am mesmerized by what you are saying I want to know everything about you I want to figure out what makes you tick I want hours to go by with you and have it seem like minutes I want to make you feel things that you have never felt before”What Kate wasn’t expecting was the persistance and persuasiveness of Neil Statton Neil is everything she would want in a man he is gorgeous successful sexyl and determined He has been nothing but a gentleman with her He is so intense and the attraction she feels towards him scares her than anything How can she be this attracted to two completely opposite men? Coming to terms that she isn’t tied down to anyone she agrees to go on a date with Neil a date that will change her life in ways than one“I know I said I would be a perfect gentleman But the truth of the matter is you make me absolutely wild” His breathing was heavy “I want you so badly I want to be your man” “You are so beautiful I want to make love to you Please let me” he pleaded “I want you so much I just can’t wait”Roger Wilkins I love how Roger appears to be this normal guy In the beginning I was like ok his military training has him in tune with things and with people but then hearing his thoughts about Kate after only having a phone conversation with her That is when I realized that there is a little to Roger than I thought He is that character you love to hate He is good looking but creepy gets too involved asks weird uestions makes you uncomfortable I was intrigued yet mortified and shocked at some of his actions The man absolutely has no remorse WHOA He is a creeptasticly fubard character Brilliantly written Kate is friendly with him but also uncomfortable around him she can’t explain it but she remains friendly with him He is her neighbor after all and has been nothing but nice to herThen you have Mark He is this gorgeous college guy who is genuinely interested in Kate He is swoon worthy for sure Kate knows guys like him the player He does his best to prove to Kate that she is wrong about him Kate wants to give him a chance but is reluctant When Kate over hears gossip from another classmate she realizes her gut was rightLast but not least is Neil Statton A widowed gorgeous young lawyer The moment he saw Kate he knew he had to have her and used to getting what he wants he does everything he can to get her He is smart sexy and very determined Their attraction for each other is off the freaking charts With their commom bond of suffering a loss they can easily relate to each other This man will melt your panties right off of you fans self off You can’t help but fall in love with himKate is so out of the dating loop and so distraught from her past that she has no idea what to do She see’s that Roger has shown some interest He is nice but he also has a girlfriend Her two toughest decisions are between Mark and Neil She is really torn up about it until she discovers the truth about one of them What’s a girl to do? The one thing she doesn’t do is string them alongWhen Kate finally makes her choice you are left with two very unhappy men One of them will do everything he can to make what he thinks is his competition disappear for goodWhen one of the men start acting strange facts start to surface and Kate realizes her life is in danger as are those around her When Kate and Charlie suddenly move out one man will do everything to get her back and won’t give up until she is hisCarlie Sexton has the perfect formula in this book mystery suspense the shock factor romance loss steamy sex humor heartache love This book had me pulled in from chapter one The character are fantasticThis book leaves you hanging and I am so looking forward to seeing what happens in book #2A job well done by Carlie Sexton Bravo

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    YikesI went into this story blind not knowing what I was getting into Boy I was literally glued to my kindle This book was freaking creepy I can't wait to dive into the next book to find out what happens to Late and Neil Roger is one creepy dude

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    I really had a hard time deciding whether or not to give Fallen For You four stars or five but I was so speechless when I finished reading Fallen For You I realized I had to give it all five stars With that said the only reason there was ever a uestion in my mind about how many stars it deserved was because of the ending of this book Without giving anything away it was NOT a bad ending at all just left me wanting so much This book was amazing I am not sure I can even find the right adjectives to useKate is a college student who is trying to put her life back together after a tragic loss in her life that left her hanging on by a thread Her and her girlfriend Charlie find a great apartment and are eager to start their lives on their own But what Kate didn’t bargain for was the landlord RogerYes Roger is good looking He knows from phone conversations that his new tenant has to be beautiful and just what he has been waiting for At first it seems endearing but then the girls move in suddenly what was endearing is now strange He always seems to be right there when Kate gets home from work or school He is trying to win Kate over with his charmThen there’s Mark Mark is the hottie on campus that every girl seems to want which makes Kate want to stay away He has enough girls swooning over him; surely he doesn’t need her too But what Mark wants is exactly thatThrow into the mix the amazingly hot lawyer Neil Neil is supposed to be Kate’s mentor at school but when he fails to show up for their first meeting Kate decides she can figure it out on her own But Neil is persistent and charms his way into her lifeThree amazingly hot guys all going after one woman whew this doesn’t just spell trouble this creates troubleI loved the characters in this book Kate was a smart girl who was just struggling to move beyond her past Charlie is the awesome supporting friend Charlie’s boyfriend is the big brother that Kate always needed Mark was the ladies man Neil knew exactly what he wanted and wouldn’t stop the chase until he got it Roger was the creepy landlord who knew what he wanted and was willing to do many things to get exactly what he wantedThis book kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting and There was plenty of steam in this book and than enough suspense for my heartWhen I finished this book my mouth was left gaping wide open searching for words There were none It took steamy and scary to a whole new level for me and I just didn’t want to stop reading it Carlie Sexton wrote fabulous characters and a gripping story that just left me in shock I cannot wait for the next book in this series by her and now I know I will be sleeping with one eye open for a whileI recieved a copy of Fallen For You in exchange for an honest review

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    Shey‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review45 STARSNew indie author Carlie Sexton shows her skills in her debut novel Fallen For You the first book in her The Killer Next Door series I love a good spicy romance with a little suspense but let me tell you Ms Sexton puts that and in to this bookKate has had a difficult several years and as she tries to put her life back together her and her best friend Charlie move into the perfect apartment Little do they know perfect comes with a price The minute you meet landlord Roger you feel the creep factor and you are not disappointed through the book as the meter only risesAt 24 Kate starts her junior year of college she is overwhelmed when she noticed the good looking guy that seems to be in all of her classes beginning to feel things her body hasn’t felt in years for a man She is excited and scared by these feelings Mark has watched and listen to Kate in class she is beautiful sexy and smart and he wants her When Kate goes to meet her SDSU mentor Neil Statton and he doesn’t show she’s put out when he calls her at work and ask her to dinner she tells him No Neil Statton is used to getting what he wants and even though he tried to explain to Kate why he didn’t show up she wouldn’t listen to him one thing about Neil he loves a challenge Kate can’t believe it when Neil shows up at her work Just meeting him for the first time and her body reacts to him but she isn’t about to give in to the charming sexy arrogant attorney too uickly Kate doesn’t know what to do going from nothing to having two men capturing her attentionOh but we can’t leave out Roger he wants Kate in the worst way and will stop at nothing to have her and will let no one get in his way As Roger does all he can to get Kate’s attention her attention is elsewhere and well Roger can’t have thatAs Neil and Kate get close and as Roger closes in bodies start to disappear Kate knows the life she was struggling to put back together just took a dramatic turn Not only her life but those of her around her as wellThis is a three book series and thank goodness that the next book won’t be long in coming out because I can tell you although the end doesn’t leave you hanging off the cliff if definitely leaves you looking over that edge wanting the next oneI believe Ms Sexton has done well for her first time she has what’s needed steamy sex romance relatable characters that are trying hard to overcome some difficult times and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat

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    35 of 5 StarsFallen For You is Carlie Sexton's debut romance novel Kate is a woman who is recovering from a traumatic life experience and trying to put her life back together She moves into a new apartment with her best friend Charlie and begins taking college classes again With her new move comes new opportunities and new relationship interests There are suddenly 3 men who have taken an interest with Kate but one of these men is dangerous and his interest in Kate morphs into a dangerous obsessionFallen For You had a slow start for me It takes awhile to get to know the characters to connect with them and to figure out where the story is going The writing style is not very smooth especially in the beginning of the book The sentences are fairly blunt and there is a focus on detail that is not fully necessary and slows the story down The story could be fluid and the transitions smoother However after the foundations for the story are set and the action starts unfolding the pacing picks up and I found myself really into the bookThe 3 men who show an interest in Kate are each intriguing characters; the neighbor next door the cute guy from school and the determined sexy man Kate has been out of the relationship loop for awhile so the sudden attention is unfamiliar to her When the romance kicks in it heats up uickly into a hot steamy read Kate does not always make the best decisions she was naive to the danger that was closing in on her and I wanted to yell at her a few times Despite the slow start I eventually connected with the characters and became invested in the storyFallen For You is clearly part one of the series It is a complete story but there is definitely to come and situations are far from resolved at the close of the book Carlie Sexton hooked me in by the end of the story and I know that I will absolutely be reading the next book in the series This suspenseful steamy read is a promising debut for Carlie SextonI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Review posted at brings a whole new meaning to romancesuspensethriller Freaking Hell My heart was racing hands were sweating and I would've been pacing could I read and walk at the same time All of these were reactions to my fear and anxiety Carlie's words provoked through her writing to truly experience the emotions of the characters Don't get me wrong the heat from this book elicited the same reactions The main character is Kate and she's closed off to love due to guilt from her past Working through this has taken years and she may be ready to find happiness again In this sweet torture of a novel we also get another new book boyfriend Neil He's sweet sexy protective commanding and delicious Yet we also get to meet Mark who's also gorgeous caring sweet and wants Kate as his own So 0 to 2 smexy boys very uicklyheat begins The steam is enough to burn you and the angst is enough to make you not be able to sit still therefore making you need freezing cold water either way I can't even count how many mini breaks I had to take throughout this book because I never knew what was going to happen next By the 1st chapter I was telling Karen this is creepy and reading I was thinking oh but thats hot so thats just a glimpse of the extremes you'll go from with this book I'm so anxious for the next installment because who knows what Carlie will through our way next I hope I can handle it Jump on this angst filled lust filled thriller of a ride if you want a blown mind I'll be sure to buy 1st class tickets for the next Give it a try