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The Cost of BraveryAuthor Allan SparkesPrice 2999'I was Humpty Dumpty at the bottom of the wall my heart and the very soul of me shattered into a thousand pieces I knew that my life was never going to be the same again I also knew that if I did not get professional help I'd soon be dead'Allan Sparkes didn't think twice about rescuing an 11 year old boy from a flooded storm water drain – the courageous policeman put his life on the line and saved the kid He became one of only five people to be awarded Australia's highest decoration for bravery the Cross of Valour but the rescue would signal a downward spiral into post traumatic stress disorder and depressionHere was a man with many professional accolades who had thrived on never knowing what his next call would involve – murder bombings junkies and robberies were often part of a day's work for this detective yet he suddenly lost his 20 year career and all sense of self worthAllan's recovery from debilitating mental illness was a rollercoaster ride of personal challenges that tested his courage and resolve over than a decade With the unwavering support of his wife he faced his demons and rebuilt his mind body and soul Today Allan is back to being his adventurous self prepared to face whatever comes his way This is his inspiring story

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    I really enjoyed this book Like Exit Wounds by John Cantwell The Cost of Bravery is a vivid and disturbing insight into the life of an incredibly courageous individual It seems to me that bravery isn't so much about risking your life but living it when every part of you wants to end it I am very grateful to Allan for sharing his story with us My opinion of men and women in uniform has been radically revised as a result It should be compulsory reading in schools As for the writing itself it is than adeuate Allan writes from the heart; what he lacks in finesse he makes up for in honesty and sincerity The only complaint I would make is that he or most likely the Penguin editor used M dashes to write f—k This is completely unnecessary and distracting For example you are a useless f—king idiot Just get it over with and f—king kill yourself I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks the f bombs are the least disturbing parts of these sentences Apart from this and his over use of the term mate I couldn't fault Allan's writing And let's face it when reading such a powerful and honest story these things are super trivial The Cost of Bravery is high indeed A must read

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    Listening to a radio interview with the author he sounds like a brave and courageous man Looking forward to reading it

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    The Cost of BraveryAllan SparkesEveryone should read this book; it’s an amazing story It’s gripping from the beginning and once you start you can’t put it down And once you’ve finishedyou’ll never be the same again It made me laugh and cry and at times although I felt paralysed with fear I was driven to keep turning the pages and read on There were times throughout the journey I was painfully aware at how humbling and brutally honest Allan Sparkes was in retelling this part of his life and grateful that he shared it I feel enriched and enlightened for having read itIt’s a truly powerful and inspirational read and I’d love to see the Education Department take this on for all High School students as a must read

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    This memoir grew on me Written in the distinctive collouial voice of ex cop Sparkes it explores his journey back from PTSD and depression Initially I felt it was too much a series of events rather than a coherent narrative but Sparkes managed to tie his recollections together into a moving portrait of a man fighting for his life

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    This book is an amazing read and an open and honest account from a person who clearly struggled with accumulated trauma's in life It does take you on a roller coaster of emotions and you actually feel this through out the book As a partner of a person affected with this I related both ways Al's recount of what he has gone through really does show how well he has come along in his recovery and to be able to share his life story and in turn I believe this will help people understand people who also suffer with brain injuries He is now a great ambassador for those suffering similar issues well done For Deb I can only say how amazingly strong she must have been and I also admire that You love them you need to support them no matter what I have learned this a lot lately and if you struggle in this area seek help also Thank you so much Al for giving us this part of your life and the good it will be not only for your self but for others as well Agree on Karin's comment above get it on the read list for teenagers

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    A true story that inspires hope Highly recommendedMy husband and I read The cost of bravery to each other in bed at nightand it was uality time togetherWe felt as if we were on a journey with Allan and his family as the account unfolded to us its pages It was both heart wrenching and heart warming to learn of Allan's traumatic journey into emotional decline and see his immense courage and ability to draw his family around him despite tremendous obstaclesThe cost of bravery is a touching story of a family's great love and endurance with a happy endingCherina Gray Author

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    A great book that should be read by everyone what Allan went through and came out of is northing short of amazing I am sure his story will be an inspiration and help to a lot of people Well done

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    I am in awe of this man's courage Not just for what he accomplished in his work but for his courage to reveal his mental illness and just what that was like An amazing story

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    I found this book very interesting a real insight into PTSD and resultant depression I'm so glad he got help and got himself back together again shame that his superiors weren't there for him

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    The Cost of Bravery by Allan Sparkes is a must read for Law Enforcement their families and anyone interested in policing It is honest powerful and has brought me tears of sadness and joy PTSD as with other psychological conditions are understated battles people face made even worse if you are a police officer His courage throughout his ordeal should be commended His resilience and strength to overcome it should be celebrated It gives you hope and even though I’m a civilian it was the first time I truly did not feel alone as I battle my own demons He has inspired me to keep fighting and to strive to achieve my goals and dreams I cannot recommend his book enough