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Editorial ReviewEthan Shaw is a demon hunter working for a mysterious organization simply dubbed The Company His neighbor Cady accidentally comes between the hunter and his uarry a demon stalking women in San Francisco This isn't the scaly fire and brimstone type demon but the seductive stalker type that can jump into any body feeding off of fear or sexual energy He can tap into your psyche to become the perfect man and he's set his sights on Cady Gutsy vivacious if a little pushy heroine with curiosity than sense sometimes check Sexy demon who can seduce with a single look check Secretive neighbor who pushes Cady away with one hand while pulling her into his mess with the other check Put together creates a recipe for one thrilling read I especially enjoyed Ethan's brand of polite rejection and his sometimes bewildered responses when Cady insinuates herself into his life Her ties to the demon were an interesting twist as well and I can't help but wonder what lies in store for them in the futureProduct DescriptionCady Garrett can't help but be shaken when next door neighbor Ethan shows up in the nick of time to save her from a ruthless killer spouting mumbo jumbo Even disturbed when the killer slits his own throat to escape Ethan after a vicious struggle Curiously Ethan insists on leaving before the dead killer returns even though he can barely stand on his feet Nursing him back to health Cady is drawn into a world of half truths and mysteries where shadows hide than the seedy underbelly of San Francisco's Tenderloin district She has become the obsession of a darker power and no one not even Ethan can keep her safe from his twisted desires

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    Despite how uickly I went through this book I find myself regretting picking it up I approached it with 0 knowledge of the author and much less of the series; still I hoped the whole demon hunting premise would lead up to something close to Monster hunter international; or at least have that deep a plot regarding the demon hunting side of the novel; I was disappointedThe writing is not bad in any sense and the characters aren't precisely boring it all has its entertaining part but its all cheapThe premise is that of a man working for an organization known only as the company; their job is to hunt demons and up to here thats all just effing awesome; at one point in the story another character comes in that also belongs in the demon hunting world and you think this is starting to get exciting; but just like that he comes in he goes out and you don't see him until the epilogue; and you re left thinking Well maybe we can get our party started with only one hunter and it starts to look that way with deep enough explanations and great links to the demons they are hunting; but then this girl comes into picture and the demon hunting goes to hellIt turns romantic and the characters forget life long statements they live by suddenly having the whole book spin around her; and unless you are a fan of teenage ish romance I would recommend piccking up this book only when you are feeling girly and in need of a comforting story otheriwse steer away

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    I saw this book on a friend's list and I thought I would give a shot given that paranormal romance is a fun genre to spend a few hours with At the outset the book is well edited one or two minor formatting issues ie at the beginning of one chapter the first paragraph is centered instead of left justified but nothing that gets in the way of reading The plot moves along at a fast pace and the characters are likable and not too perfect There is believable chemistry between the two leads and a fun cast of supporting characters There is suspense action and a little humor mixed in—a perfect blendSo why the three stars? For two reasons both of which are personal to me If they are something that a reader doesn't mind then they can be safely ignoredFirst there is a part where a minor character is described as Hispanic This character's speech is then written out phonetically and laid on with a heavy brush—as in every word of the dialogue was written to phonetically indicate an accent ie jou for you This left me with a bad taste in my mouth It was so heavy as to appear a caricature I much prefer to just have the description Speaking in a heavy accent and leave the rest to my imaginationSecond the antagonist starts out a little rape y and gradually gets rape ier until there is a full on rape scene Not my cup of tea Again if the two points about don't bother you then I recommend the book If they are something you would stumble over I suggest passing

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    Cady Garrett isn't your typical 19 year old woman She is feisty strong willed and hard headed to boot When a frightening chance encounter with a mysterious stranger has her next door neighbor trying to save her Cady is pulled into a world she never knew existed When Ethan Shaw saw Cady being hunted by a demon he had no choice but to act even a witness When the demon narrowly escapes Cady realizes her next door neighbor is who saved her and realizes he is hurtbad She takes him back to his apartment and patches him up As the demon continues to hunt Cady is inserted sometimes of her own doing into a world she never knew existed and Ethan is finding it hard to keep Cady at arms length and just a neighbor in troubleLisa Olsen ROCKS This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last The book starts out simple enoughthree friends in a bar looking for a hookup When Cady and one of her friends leave trouble finds them and Ethan swoops in Cady only knows he is her neighbor across the hall She has no idea what he does and the impact his job has on the world As the story progresses we learn about Cady's and Ethan's past In the end they are not as different as they first appear The book is a page turner The last few chapters had me up well past my bedtime to see how the story ended The author did not disappoint Now I can't wait to read the next book and see where the story goes

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    This book is a great read There are some pretty dark concepts in this book but then you're dealing with demons and the people who battle them on a daily basis The story is solid and it draws you in from the beginning The characters are well developed and to me very believable There are some pretty dark things that happen and that was perfectly okay with me I expect that when dealing with demonsCady is a young vibrant character with a lot of spunk and even though she makes mistakes you know she's smart as a whip and will take whatever comes at herEthan is a sexy demon hunter who would make me swoon I see Jeremy Renner being the perfect EthanThe story moves at a great pace you know there is way to the Company than they let on and you can feel the secrets building and lurking through the bookEthan is a hero you really want to learn about and you feel a connection to Cady is a heroine that I enjoy seeing someone coming into their own and in a paranormal book someone learning the world is NOT what they thoughtThis was a top notch readCan't wait to read the follow up

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    This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest ReviewWhat happens when your next door neighbor is a demon hunter? Well Cady is going to find out when the demon that Ethan is tracking becomes obsessed with her As Cady and Ethan grow closer the demon does everything in his power to possess Cady The romance in this story played out slowly The focus was on finding and banishing Ash the demon I loved that Cady and Ethan didn't fall into bed right after meeting each other It was also interesting that book focused on one demon and the hunt for himThe characters are well developed in this story All though we don't find out much about Ethan's past and The company it actually worked for this book Ms Olsen also did a great job of keeping the story flowing smoothly A great paranormal story that doesn't end in a cliffhanger but leaves the option of many stories of Cady Ethan and The Company Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl OfficialFor information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlng

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    Olsen has created a uniue world of demons at least to me as a reader She carefully constructed a plot and deep character's I both connected to and enjoyedCady the leading lady is a strong willed feisty woman set to see to it the demon tormenting people and obsessed with her is locked awayEthan leading magic man is shy but confident man set out by the company protecting the civilized world He must never get attached but meeting Cady has twisted his priorities and now he and the demon have fallen for herWhat I enjoyed about this book was the way the author managed to surprise me when I thought I knew what would happen The twists in the story were plausible and uniue which made me enjoy it I'm looking forward to reading and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and demons

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    Although their is hardly any information on the Company or on how Ethan came to be involved with them This is a great bookCady is a feisty 19 year old who first meets Ethan in a bar When Asherik attacks her as she is walking home she ends up with a cut full of demon blood Ethan has several stab wounds and she takes him home and bandages him up It is amazing to see how Lisa Olsen develops the love story between Cady and Ethan I would have liked to learn about Ethan's past along with Rikard as he seems to be deeply entrenched into the full plot of this series I am hoping that Mrs Olsen will delve deeper into both of these characters and the Company as the series continues

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    Very Captivating and Compelling NovelI wasn't too sure when reading the synopsis but I found I loved reading Ms Olsens work so I gave it a go and found it captivated me The storyline is a very compelling one You find you love Ethan Even when he's being broody and moody and secretive You also feel for Asherik Come on now you'll understand when you read the novel The heroine Cady is also very likeable She's strong witty compassionate and not the typical scared girl who tries to be strong If you haven't tried this novel out give it a shot You'll find it to be enjoyable

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    Ethan is a different type of demon hunter absorbing demons into himself in order to take on their skills to fight other demons Cady stumbles upon the demon Ash as she is out with her friends and her defiance of the creature causes it to have an unusual fixation on her Ethan and Cady make a cute couple and the demon Ash made me want to root for him for a minute or two as well I would read from this author

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    Great start to a interesting new seriesI was hooked after 3 4 chapters into the company of shadows Ethan and Cady are great characters although she seems to young for my Ethan she best not break his heart Another thing to name a villain Ash is just wrong Speaking of my Philemon and dark hunters worlds it's just not right But not enough to get me starting on the next book now highly recommended