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Sophie Morgan is a problem or at least her parents think so She is beyond the normal coming of age problems other eighteen year olds have and her parents are tired of dealing with her issues When they decide to send her to stay with her aunt and uncle on a ranch in Texas she is fuming mad and sure that she can't and won't learn a thing from being around horses and manure all the timeThat is until she meets tasty Miller Rhodes Straight laced but immensely hot Miller rubs Sophie the wrong way from the start But when he helps to save her from herself a friendship starts to bloom As the years pass Miller changes and it will soon be Sophie's turn to save him right back

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    3 stars “Hi I’m Miller I can be a self righteous ass I think your angst will complement my self righteousness very well We’re bound to get along like a house on fire” Sophie was dealing with some issues at home and rebelling against anything and everything just to get some attention what she didn’t realize was that she did such a good job at getting her parents attention that they gave her a vacation away from them at her Uncle and Aunts ranch out in the middle of nowhere All she has to do is survive two weeks away from her life and then she can get back to her plan that is until she meets the young cowboy with a stick up his ass they are polar opposites from each other where one is drifting the other has his feet firmly in place Sophie is wild and free and Miller carries the weight of the world on his shoulders but fate has a way of bringing people together and although it is all purely friendship there is no denying the connection “After all the drama we’ve been through together? That stuff’s like superglue; we’re bonded for life” Miller and Sophie both follow through on their plans knowing that whatever it is between them can’t grow so they agree to stay as friends but that call changes when Miller comes home from the army Sophie’s hope is that Miller let’s her help him the way he helped her all those years ago “He was living in some kind of dark prison of his own making and she had to do her part to help release him whether he wanted her help or not” It took me awhile to get into this story I was excited to be reading a book about a sexy cowboy and I totally built it up in my mind as something different than what I read Once I got over that fact the book I enjoyed it for what it was It was a good read the beginning was a little too YA for me and I do read YA so that wasn't the problem maybe Sophie’s character was just too young not really sure but something was a bit off I rated the book based on how it ended because Miller did make the effort at the end to change my mind ; Reviewed on July 14th

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    35 StarsTo be completely honest I'm a little disappointed with this one I'm not sure what I was expecting but it's not what I read But at the same time it was a good book I know I don't make any sense ; The story just needed something maybe? The characters were well developed and the story line was good but it just didn't seem to flow well for me The first half kinda dragged a little but the second half seemed to fly by I liked Miller as a teenager a lot but as an adult he was definitely the tortured hero Sophie was a bratty teenager but with good reason She grew up to be a very mature and great heroine I think I just wanted them to be together longer than what I got I get why but still All that being said I would still love to check out books by this author

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    Read of my reviews at didn't know exactly what the genre New Adult was until I finished Unbreakable Apparently it is that dangerous chasm between adolescence and adulthood Now that I know that I now know why I felt the way I felt about Unbroken In the beginning the writing felt elementary and the read was smooth all though Soph's life was anything but I found myself annoyed with her character the I had to read it Only driving home the fact that I'm now uncool Ugh what is with kids today? On the opposite end of the spectrum we had Miller and a complete little community of perfect people who live on the ranch where most of this story takes place Clearly this book had a rough start for meI am so thankful I stuck with Ms Hanna's story though the book redeemed itself in its final uarter The characters aged 6 years and settled into roles that felt realistic and relatable Sophie's bratty adolescent attitude was gone and Miller was a little rougher around the edges Not to mention every bit man featured on this books cover I could only wish that the book was evenly split into two parts and we got to read from this section of their storyWhen I turned the last page I had an ah ha moment I really enjoyed how the author almost wrote two different books As her characters changedaged so did her writing her descriptions of events the naughty ones the dialogue everything I saw that I needed the teen angst that I didn't enjoy in the first part of the book to fall in love and really appreciate the secondOverall this is a nice New Adult read It went by uickly satisfied most all of my personal tastes and I thought long and hard about its message after I was done I'd call that a success for Rachel Hanna I will read of her offerings

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    I wasn't particularly fond of this book I found it boring and mundane However I enjoyed the fact it was realistic in the sense of the relationship

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    Posted on What I'm ReadingA few days ago I finished a New Adult book by Rachel Hanna named Unbreakable First off the story was a fairly uick read I must say I happen to enjoyed the storyline which feature a trouble making girl and a goodie toe shoe boy All right that's not completely fair to say Sophie Morgan hadn't always been a trouble maker However life threw some curveballs that she couldn't handle so the best way was to lash out Which cause her parents to send her to Texas to spend Christmas with her aunt and uncle While she's there she meets Miller Rhodes Talk about a rough start between these two Of course it all stems from a misunderstanding Yes I enjoyed the story I really liked how Miller started to come to understand Sophie and help her through her rough patch Plus as they got older they maintained the friendship which was nice to see I loved how Sophie was able to return the favor to Miller when he needed helpOverall a nice New Adult read The story had me smiling and crying Plus it gives hope that friendship can withstand a lot trials So if you love New Adult and looking for something read I would suggest giving Unbreakable a try Copy provided by author

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    It took me a while to warm up to this book The beginning was boring but now that I'm finished I'm glad I hung in thereSophie was uite the teenager and I'm glad she had the chance to get away from her family problems and visit her aunt n uncle on their ranch in Texas It was here she met Miller Miller was one of ranchers who worked and helped out He was the same age as Sophie but far mature and pretty much knew what he wanted in lifethe total opposite of Sophie But it was through their friendship these two formed a special bond I enjoyed the story of Sophie and Miller It took a while before I got into it but once it caught my interest it was all good from there

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    Oh Sophie you sure are a smooth talker hey just because you're wonder boy at shoveling horses doesn't mean I have to like it I can get on just fine without your criticism I like Miller and Sophie's relationship I'm under no illusions here Miller You and I both know you're leaving That doesn't mean I have to keep feelings out of it We can share feelings of trust and respect We'd be going into this with both eyes open It takes a lot for a person to help another person find themselves again that's what Miller and Sophie do to each other

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    I enjoyed this book but it was missing something it needed The beginning I feel could've been shorter and explained rather than played out so we could've seen of the endingI really liked how Sophia started to relax with her aunt and uncle and how she started to change by not even realizing it Sometimes a different atmosphere can really help and I like how that was portrayed I fell for Miller immediately and was pained for him in the end while hearing about his army time

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    35 starsThe story line was good but I felt the book was rushed 120 pages just wasn't enough I feel like there wasn't enough time to really get to know the characters I do think though that the issues the book touches on are real life issues that many people will be able to relate to how's that for vague? I don't want to give away any spoilers

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    This was a very pleasant and predictable read HEA standalone What is significant about this book is the fact that it calls attention to our wounded warriors who return home with emotional as well as physical scars PTSD is a difficult and powerful enemy to health and any attention we can generate to get out PTSD soldiers help is always welcomed