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One warm summer night a frog jumped into Lucy's room with an invitation for her to a birthday party and a magic paper party hat Lucy put it on and out in the garden when a moonbeam touched the hat Lucy was as little as a leaf So begins Lucy's wonderful adventure A taxi driven by Baby Bird who is afraid to fly picks Lucy up to take her to the party On the way they stop for Madame Mouse wearing a brand new hat she's made; an inch worm determined to get to the party in time to have some birthday cake; and a tiny tattered old doll whose owner for whom he still longs had lost him in the shadows of moonlight long ago But suddenly a huge owl blocks their way and he wants them all for his supper Will they escape? Will they get to the party? Will the tiny doll ever be reunited with his beloved owner? In a lovely lyrical text the story unfolds to its happy ending The magical pictures painted with intricate detail and subtle colors bring the moonlit garden world to life This is an extraordinary book of great beauty and vivid imagination that small children and adults will look at again and again discovering new wonders and surprises as they look It is a treasure by the widely known and loved authorartist of The Maggie B

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    The kids loved it The illustrations are delightful

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    Lucy puts on the magic hat that the frog gave her and she's shrunk down to a size not much bigger than an insect On the way to the party in a air taxi driven by Baby Bird who's scared to try flying she meets Madame and Mr Mouse Inchworm a Japanese doll and Owl for whom the party's for She didn't know it but the doll she found is the one her grandmother lost as a child The book's title comes from a song her grandmother sings at the end There are a couple words in here no young child and some adults would have ever heard of chapeau and fete so I don't think they should have been used Though there's no moral it's a very cute and innocent story The illustrations are so beautiful Some have a 1970s feel which I love My favorite is below

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    A very uniue picture book The illustrations are like art in a museum We had fun looking through them after we read the story but they were a little too obscure to look at while actually reading The pages are too darkif the pictures were lightened some they would be easier to see This is a story with magical realism which was fun In our summer wrap up this one did not make the cut of favorites for my 5 and 3 year olds

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    Lucy receives an invitation to a birthday party and a magical hat She puts on the hat and she shrinks to the size off a big On the way to the party Lucy meets many creatures and finds her Grandmas long lost dollThis was a weird little story that reminded me of a Midsummer night's dream and Alice in Wonderland Not oin the same level as those two but still nice

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    Beautiful illustrations

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    “One warm summer nightLucy opened her windowAnd in jumped a frogThe frog gave Lucy an invitation to a birthday partyAnd a magic paper party hat to wear Then he jumped out againInto the garden” This poetic story takes you on an adventure to dreamland where your creativity and imagination may truly thrive as you experience a magical and mysterious world Lucy’s journey to the garden entails talking animals such as Baby Bird Madame Mouse Inchworm and even a living doll Lucy is suddenly their size and can see the world around them from their perspective The creatures of the garden throw a birthday party full of dancing and instrument playing frogs and beautiful flowers all around “Now the moon was highThe party was overOwl asleep in a flower pot Snored like faraway thunder Lucy bowed to the doll and told him‘It’s time for a happy ending’” Evident in this snippet alone the text in this story is written with a enchanting tone I would highly recommend this book for upper elementary grades 3 5 As children age and near the end of elementary school I fear that some of their imaginations slowly begin to fade as they become in touch with reality This book is a perfect way to capture your students’ attention and truly expand their creative and imaginative instincts It takes me back to the days when I believed my stuffed animals and barbies could talk and play while I was asleep It almost bombards you with a sense of nostalgia as you travel to the unknown world of the garden with Lucy The illustrations are captivating and beautiful they almost seem magical and could tell the story without any words In fact I want these pictures hung around my apartment Not only does this story contain poetic writing but there is art to be appreciated here too I think this story could be best utilized as an examplementor text for writing with literary elements such as similes metaphors personification imagery and It also goes to show how illustrations can enhance one’s writing Although I believe the illustrations and the text could function wonderfully on their own together they make “A Summertime Song” one of the most fascinating and amazing books I have ever read “and down in the gardenAll night longCrickets sangA summertime song”

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    A Summertime Song by Irene Haas is about a little named Lucy who embarks on an imaginary journey to attend a party The journey begins as Lucy's greeted by a frog that jumps in her window She frog gives Lucy an invitation and a birthday hat Lucy puts on the hat shrinks down to bug size and is in the garden She meets numerous friend on her journey to the party including a China doll that once had belonged to her grandmother a beetle and a baby bird driving a taxi Facing many obstacles along the way they make it to the party and celebrate with an owl for his birthday Lucy then decides it is time for a happy ending returning the China doll to her grandmother I love the book a Summertime song; it was my favorite book as a child The book would be an entertaining way to introduce poetry to a first or second grade class In my first lesson plan incorporating poetry I could use this book to introduce different elements of poetry The book is a narrative story but integrates poetry through dialog in the story The dialog has wonderful rhyme and sound such as this alliteration in the poem I Inch while I sleep I inch while I wake I inch until my little feet ache The story is also full of onomatopoeias such as Foof zut boom and crash The book also incorporates figurative language using similes such as Lucy was as little as a leaf and grandmas lighted window seemed as high up as the sky Finally the story has multiple examples of personification ranging from talking beetle talking China doll and talking baby bird that is driving a taxiThe illustrations are also amazing throughout the book and help the author understand what the little girl is imaging The illustrations are soft but the darkness enhances the white presented throughout the illustrations The illustrations are busy and capture the reader's attention and this helps them grasp what the little girl is imaging on her journey to the party The illustrations are also very intricate and abstract which is new and refreshing

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    If you can't say anything nicetype it instead? Okay? This book long weird and boring Picture are odd but odd isn't the right wordcome on thesaurus a bizarre abstract peculiar art that is suppose to look realistic and then it looks like water has been spilled on it Water wasn't it just looks like it? They are dark not sinister just lost of blacks and not very pleasing obscure color combos the story was weak long and BORING Racked over the coalsand I am sorrybut I don't have a positive on this one

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    This charming book turned up in my Little Free Library yesterday on the first truly warm day after a particularly fierce winter just when I began to see the summer light at the end of the tunnel of school and spring And what a perfect reminder of warm nights filled with cricket songs bare feet and fairy houses not to mention birthday parties The story is sweet and while some of the illustrations verge on chaos there is much to encourage extended time spent investigating all of the details and imagining stories for all of the creatures in attendance

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    I was searching the library for another Irene Haas book that I remember reading to my children 30 years ago The Maggie B alas either lost or discontinued; it's not tucked away on the shelves or in the computer files when I came across A Summertime Song Beautifully illustrated charming a sweet ending Maggie B is still my favorite but A Summertime Song is eually as beautiful