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Hide and Seek is a book about games Reckless dangerous games Games you might even want to play yourself if you're with the right people But shouldn't Not ever In a small Maine town a group of thrill seeking college kids finds a game of hide and seek in an abandoned house turning into a reality of stark terror

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    This was a very good book by Jack Kechum The story starts off slowly and it feels like a good drama rather than a horror or even a mystery until the 2nd half of the book This is where the suspense really begins and and the tingles start creeping up on youme The book is very well written and has a nice and easy flow to it until the suspense falls in place and then many tense and scary moments I found this story well balanced and it was an emotional read as well The writer really gave great descriptions of all the characters and the town and by the end of the book almost all my uestions were answered I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to readers who enjoy a very good story along with being a horror story I given this book 4🌟🌟🌟🌟stars

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    This hardcove is one of 1000 copies printed and is signed by Jack KetchumHide and Seek takes place during the crazy days of summer in the Maine coast town of Dead River the book divides into two partsIn the first part the narrator local guy Dan meets some visiting college kids Casey Kim and Steven They do some drinking and goofing around together Dan happens to fall for the good looking and wild child Casey As fate wold have it they manage to have sex in a graveyard and Dan learns what motivates her to take risks It seems that years ago she was sexually abused by her father abuse that led to the death of her younger brotherThe second part provides the payoff to that meandering yet fun filled setup In it the uartet agrees to play hide and seek in a local haunted house The game by turns gets frightening then deadly as the four encounter the house's horrid inhabitantsThe book is not as wild and crazy as some other Ketchum books but is well written

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    Ketchum transforms his passion for an independent self destructive woman explicitly depicted and analyzed in a personal narrative postscript into an interesting little tale about the fate of the Girl with Death in Her Eyes and the poor sap who loves her the first three uarters of the novel efficiently and expertly details the small town dead end life of the sympathetic young narrator as he widens his horizons courtesy of a few sometimes tragic always swingin' rich kids enjoying their summer holiday the writing is strong poetic very clear very straightforward then in the end things get dark uite dark which will only surprise those readers unfamiliar with Ketchum's novels the final uarter is pure bad house with a bad history horror a uick descent from eerie to genuinely scary and then into bloodily viscerally graphic the sudden move from elegiac erotic coming of age tale into stomach turning grotesuerie worked perfectly for me but would doubtless prove upsetting to many a minor work but often surprisingly powerful Ketchum is a ghettoized but not exactly unsung author; this novel proves that he has the skills to pay the bills if he ever chose to work outside of horror but why should he? he's a modern classic and a leader in the genre

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    Jack Ketchum That's all I need to say

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    This is a typical Jack Ketchum novel 85% of it is a narrator droning on about youngish people being youngish people raising Cain having sex drinking andor doping telling stories The last 15% is horrific to the point you think you might be sick It's the Ketchum formula You either like it or you don't Me? I have to be in a certain mood for it I read this one right after The Girl Next Door and I shouldn't have Would have enjoyed myself had I spaced these two book out I love a good dark read but I can't do them back to back Fucks with my mood The audiobook read by Wayne June is good No complaints there If you have Kindle Unlimited you can listen to it for free In summation Mostly boring with a kicker of an ending Not Ketchum's best but far from his worst Final Judgment Better than dog foodKindle Unlimited money saved 2794uality of books 299In case you're curious how my process of uality versus money saved is calculated here's a break downIf a book is one I would've bought no matter if it was on KU or not and I enjoyed it it goes in the uality columnIf a book is one I would not have read without KU and I enjoy it it goes in the uality columnIf a book is one I would've read and I disliked it it goes in both columns because I would have paid money for it anyway so the uality comes from not having to pay for it by itselfIf a book is not something I would've read without KU and a terrible read it goes into money saved but not uality

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    This was a very intriguing read for me The story revolved around four college age friends of different backgrounds who came together for the summer and three of the four were bored with their vacation and yearned for some new experiences and this is where the games came in to playThe story slowly unfolds as a very good drama that I forgot this was a horror book The suspense really starts to pick up at the last 25 percent of the story and it did not disappoint This is a very well written book and I really enjoyed the flawed characters who made the story realistic and relatable to that time in all of lives where we may have made some poor choices when faced with peer pressure or good old fashioned boredomI highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good storyline and have given a rating of 4 Hiding and Seeking 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars

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    Four stars for the story Five for the author's afterword which was mind blowingly similar to a personal experience I'm going with the full five stars based on that alone Ketchum consistently has an emotional impact on me but this was the creepiest one yet I think Jack and I dated the same girl Different time different place different name but I'm still pretty sure it was the same girlThe first 90% was a great Ketchum story; as I expect it should be The last 10% floored my ass It was like reading my own biography Freaked me right the fuck outRead it

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    Great bookI love Ketchum’s stories and this one does not disappoint Starts like a spooky ghost story told by teens in a sleepy vacation town and ends up a horrifying tale I always love a good horror story so this is highly recommended by meRIP to one of the greatest horror writers ever

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    I really enjoyed this read in which the tension builds slowly then boils over in a perfectly plausible finaleA group of rich college kids arrive in town and adopt a local lumber worker into their groupIntroduce a house with an interesting history a little holiday boredom that needs relieving a local legend or two a little liuor and you have an electric mixone that can easily turn deadlyI will be seeking of Jack Ketchum's work

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    Waaaaay back in the early 80's Stephen King pronounced Who's the scariest guy in America? Probably Jack Ketchum It was to say the very least a generous compliment that drew attention to a relatively unknown entity in horror publishing Even to this day Ketchum remains on the margins of an already ghettoized genre He doesn't publish lots and what he does produce tends to be graphic propulsive stories filled with violence sex and grim outcomes He is most notoriously known amongst horror fans for his The Girl Next Door and Off Season Neither are fit for the faint of heart but it was the latter Ketchum's debut which a panicked censorious publisher cut to pieces in 1980 It would be almost 20 years before an unexpurgated version was made available When Ketchum is writing at his absolute best I would be hard pressed to think of anyone scarier His prose is sharp and tight; he doesn't waste words and he will use them to haunt you and hurt you His book of short stories Peaceable Kingdom contains some of the best writing I have read by anybody and received the 2003 Bram Stoker Award for Best Fiction CollectionThis early novel 1984 is not Ketchum writing at his best but there is still a lot to recommend it It's a coming of age horror story set in a small town It features an abandoned house with a gruesome history and a beautiful fucked up girl with a gruesome history of her own Ketchum sets up the tension and the dread perfectly You know something bad is going to happen really bad but with no idea exactly what and the not knowing is always the best part The climax is graphically realized and electric if a little derivative As an audiobook the novel excels The reader has a deep baritone voice that whispers at the exact right moments to provide the desired shivery effect